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13-June-2011 / quantumsniper1

Russian H.A.A.R.P ?

Russian Secret Weapons

I can tell you what HAARP is, but for now I leave you to look it up privately. I will blog upon it separately in due course.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

He is an ultra-right wing nationalist. Online defines the word ‘Nationalist’ as “noun: a member of a political group advocating or fighting for national independence, a strong national government, etc.”  Hitler, for example, was a member of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party.

Above and to the right is a 2008 photo of the Russian Head of State Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Zhirinovsky. Clearly, the two operate together in the same circles.

Anyway, take a look now at this chilling footage (3 minutes). Note the disdain of the female interviewer. The interview starts off quietly. But then … (Well, you’ll see!)


When I first saw this footage, it terrified me. For many reasons.

1. because of the revelation of powerful new secret weapons, and

2. that whilst we, in the west, are peppered by mainstream media’s pre-occupation with rise and rise of China as an Economic Superpower, we forget that another (allegedly “former”) superpower Russia, remains snarling like a caged lion in the wings, waiting for its day of supremacy in the sun.

3. that all politicians should not be presumed to be sane or reasonable. As a class of people, they are not necessarily always humane, nor compassionate, nor self-less, nor communicable, nor ‘representative of their electorate’, nor professional, nor discrete.

Check out this second example of Zhirinovsky “at his best”.

Zhirinovsky is clearly ‘old school’, and is probably cut from the old Russion Politburo model as were Comrades Putin, Kruschev (Cuban Missile Crisis) and Stalin. They are like cowboys. Except that this guy speaks as though he has his finger on the button, and can lay entire nations and continents to waste in accord with his whims or vested interests.

It goes to beg the question: Why have we not heard about any of this in Australian mainstream media? Why, in our mainstream news, are we being fed a steady diet of AFL Football Scores, Hollywood celebrity indiscretions, Royal Weddings and other drivel ?

I wonder which news editor actually decides what is the ‘relevant story’ to be printed in the papers and be put before us for consumption.



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  1. Snipe / Aug 9 2011 6:11 AM

    Please send me updates when you publish new articles on HAARP


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