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15-June-2011 / quantumsniper1

Wanting notification of new articles ?

How often should I check back with quantumsniper?

In short, maybe every week or two. I have a number of draft articles with a wide range of subject materials on the boil at the moment. I’m sure you’ll find them thought-provoking as each is published. Maybe they can  ….be your “new idea for the day”.

New stuff

My capacity to output new articles blogs and posts will depend (like everyone else) on availability of spare time. (Note: I create this blog without the assistance of paid proof readers.)

Frequently, I might add a new picture or video to an existing article. Or, I might realize a typo or a mini word-salad in my own writing after the fact, and just edit/slightly change an existing post/article without warning after its first published. I appreciate your desire to let me know in the Comments Section if you find such error. But please, don’t focus on these if you don’t mind, I’ll find the typo’s myself in due course.

In the meantime

Make sure you’ve read the main MENU pages Curriculum and My Place, My Rules at the top of the page.  Also, perhaps, you can then appreciate that the spirit behind this blog is for people to ADD to the debate themselves. And if you know/find something interesting in connection with the subject of the the article, then click LEAVE A COMMENT … or perhaps REPLY the same way.

(…. Did you get the point that this is meant to be an IDEAS SHARING forum? and that, by commenting or replying, you are actually participating in a social network (a bit like facebook) but instead sharing snippets of your OWN ideas and brainstorms with lots of people ?  No? Didn’t get that the first time ?… then What are you doing?…. go back and read ALL those MENU pages NOW if you havent already done so !!!

Comment / Subscribe

When a new Article or Post is published, you can can be notified by email automatically. Dont miss out.  Click/tick on the “Notify me of new posts by email  radio button (see diagram at right) if you want to be notified.  Include YOUR email address and (nick)name if you wish.

Preserving anonymity

This bit may be important to you, maybe not. It’s up to YOU whether to use your real name. Create an avatar if you want (by clicking on the pic to the left of where you type your email. Of course, as you post a reply, *I* will privately be able to see your email address. But if you use a nickname or ‘mask’ when you provide a comment, then ONLY THAT NICKNAME will be visible in the public Comments section.

Did this post teach you anything new today about what blogs are, or about the concept of social networking, or about new ways to interact with peers in cyberspace ? Hope so!

– Snipe.