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26-June-2011 / quantumsniper1

The importance of being earnest – The ‘on being greek’ article (Mark II)

What’s the best policy?

It’s possible that readers may be wondering what happened to the “On Being Greek” article dated 11-Jun-2011. I’ve been reviewing that article on the basis of feedback from one of my kind readers who was honest and straightforward enough to point out to me some shortcomings.

As the first published article in the QuantumSniper blog, I believe the original article is probably too broad in its content scope and ambition. It tests the reader’s patience because it tries to say and accomplish “too much” in one shot, and therefore comes across as being discursive.

Naturally, this bothers me. It actually stopped me in my tracks for …. …. some days whilst I mulled over my goals. And because I promote honesty as being paramount for both me and my readers (pupils), I am not above admitting flaws.

This is, in fact, the exact spirit in which I promote Meson Pro-Optikis to grow and evolve, and for its participants (particularly the older, but also the younger ones) to develop in their humanity as well as their knowledge. To NOT be afraid to admit flaws. To start again. To expect improvement in themselves with every revision and stage of their development. And so shall it be with the things they read in these WebLecture / InBlogUmentary pages.

I will re-publish the original article down below (it all its flawed glory) and label it “DRAFT IN PROGRESS”.

Then, over the coming weeks, I intend to break it into smaller parts. I will re-create and re-publish the primary conceptual “lessons” into shorter more palatable self-contained posts. I will take bits out that are not crucial, and even add new components.

For those of you wanting new stuff, don’t worry, this is also happening. Stay tuned and check back regularly.

NOTE: If you LEAVE A COMMENT (near the title to this article) you can receive email notice when new articles are published. Read the article Wanting Notification of New Articles dated 15-Jun-2011 to find out how.

– QuantumSniper


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