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20-November-2011 / quantumsniper1

Neither OF – nor BY – nor FOR – The People

That’s funny! What happened to the Greek Referendum?

Georgos Papandreou – bidding farewell

Georgos Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister up until 11-Nov-2011, was stressed.

He could not find a way to stop the pain of the greek people.

His dilemma:  Should Greece accept another multi-billion Euro bail-out (i.e. loan) from European Banks, coupled with continuing and worseningly harsh austerity measures of higher taxation, job cuts, and reduced government spending expected to last for a minimum of 10 years?

But maybe it wasn’t HIS decision to make. After all, the 11 million people in Greece should have a say, shouldn’t they? Let’s call a referendum! A good old fashioned plebiscite. Let the people decide!

As a dispassionate Australian Born greek, looking on curiously at the “right mess” that has become of my parents’ homeland, I thought to myself :

“Gee!  When the referendum is carried out, the $#!% is really gonna hit the fan! Coz when the Greeks vote, they’re obviously not gonna be happy with another 10 years of austerity measures.

But – I suppose – if they just simply declare Bankruptcy, they can secede from the Euro currency, and then go back to economically fending for themselves in the lazy Balkan sun.

Sure, they will have some economic problems, but at least they will then live (humbly) within their means rather than being forced to pay an already-unpayable (but still increasing) foreign debt.”

Pulling the Bankrupcty Pin – The only sensible option

Ultimately, it’s every individual, and every country’s democratic right to decide if they can “pay their expenses as they fall due”.  By doing so, they will at least voluntarily decide their financial fate. After all, you can’t go on eating from someone else’s trough indefinitely, and not think there will be repercussions.

Any Economics 101 student, or any banker can do the sums for you. The economics of endless debt leads to a bigger mortgage, and THAT in turn leads to complete destruction of the ability to repay from equity. Which then finally leads to eternal poverty with no means of escape.

All right so far?  Do you agree that voluntary bankruptcy is the only real alternative?  It’s a harsh but true reality.

Sure, it won’t be fun for the Greeks, but let the dominoes fall where they may!  Italy has its own economic problems too. But since it is its OWN sovereign country, they can sort out their own problems in their own way.  The scene was therefore set for a referendum.

What happens next is predictable ( … Or IS it ?)

Suddenly: SHAZAM! Like a bolt from the blue, everything goes haywire :

Referendum cancelled !  Prime Minister Papandreou inexplicably resigns.  A whole new cross-party coalition government is convened into power between the three right-wing political parties PASOK (Pan Hellenic Socialists), NEA DEMOKRATIA (New Democrat), and LAOS (Popular Orthodox Rally).   And Lucas Papademos is named new Prime Minister.

Quick pop quiz:  Who is Lucas Papademos ? Is he :

(a) a minister in the Greek Parliament ?

(b) an official elected by the Greek People ? OR

(c) a former parliamentarian.

Answer:  None of the above !

As a matter of fact, the very credentialed and educated Mr Papademos is no less than a former European Central Bank Vice President. Governor of the Bank of Greece (i.e. its Reserve Bank). Moreover, he’s a former Senior economist in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.  Harvard educated. Economics professor. In short, a Bankster. You can click on this link taking you to Wikipedia for the full run down.

So, what does Mr. Papademos declare as his one and only priority in leading the new caretaker government in Greece? It is to ratify the bailout agreed at an EU summit last month, and to implement the policies linked to it. Yep. You and I call these policies “Austerity”.

Can any of the children here today spell the words “p-u-p-p-e-t” and “r-e-g-i-m-e”?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Hmm.  I’m trying to think of a word.

What do you call it, if you are an individual who cannot pay his/her debt, but remains indentured to their creditor and unable to exit their servitude? I’m thinking along the lines of what the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank does when they continue to saddle and bind poor third-world countries like those in Africa and South America with un-payable debts.

What IS that word I’m looking for? Ahh .. That’s it!  The word is “Slavery”

Tsk! Awww ! Come on! Gentle reader. You think my words too strong?  ….. Again?  ……  You think maybe I’ve over-stepped the line of objective journalism?

Well then, perhaps you’ve already forgotten what happened to Silvio Berlesconi less than one week later?

After 17 years in government, Berlesconi is replaced by Mario Monti dubbed “Super Mario” by European Colleagues and the press.  Monti is a founding member of the Spinelli Group, an organization launched in September 2010 to facilitate integration within the European Union.

This is another technocrat. Another bankster who has been instructed to impose austerity over Italy and its peoples in accordance with the European Banks’ agenda.

What do you think will happen in due course to the other P.I.I.G.S countries of Portugal, Ireland, and Spain?

Last words

I leave these to Nigel Farage. I like this guy.  He is the new leader of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party).  He is also a Member of the European Parliament. Maybe you would like to hear HIM defend the European Union and its leadership.

Ok. Take a listen:

So, who else, here, wants beer and skittles whilst western democracy goes to hell in a hand-basket?


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