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10-February-2012 / quantumsniper1

Carbon Tax one step away from New World Order

10% of Oz Carbon Tax goes to the U.N.

A quick reminder of a point I make on Page 1 of my article “Why Carbon Tax is Bad – SPECIAL REPORT” wherein I note that with the introduction of a Carbon Tax policy legislated by Gillard, Australians will be paying 10% of ALL / ANY SUCH CARBON TAX DIRECTLY TO THE U.N.

It is the apex of shame. This carbon tax legislation was passed in Australia despite there being no direct link between (a) consumption of fossil fuels and (b) an alleged reduction in alleged global warming of the troposphere. Moreover, I ask, which part of the Australian “informed public”, … … even those who thought carbon tax a good idea, essentially voted in favour of this new 10% “World Government Tax” masquerading as a flimsy promise to fix this alleged global warming?

Note further. That the initial imposition of the Carbon Tax is to be collected from the public by the Energy Cartels and Oil producing corporations themselves. This leaves an enormous opportunity for Cartels and Energy Corporations, large and medium sized, to gain extra profits because there could be a failure to enforce or collect all of the legislated or levied carbon taxes.

Remember. The carbon tax is being imposed on the end user, collected by the Energy Providers, paid back to the government by only the largest 500 such companies, but at the same time the Cartels that pull the stuff out of the ground, (Mining and Petroleum producers) pay nothing to anyone.


Furthermore, we need to be mindful that, in the last 10 year period, we have no proof of any average global surface temperature increase for the planet.


At the same time, now, we have more and more scientists formally indicating their dissent against the concept of Global Warming, and they’re being ignored by governments.


What happens when currency systems collapse

NOW, Let’s consider the current wholesale destruction of our monetary and Economic systems as being a virtual inevitability, in particular through the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the rising use of “funny money” printing credit to bail out sovereign countries, and the continuation of the Zero Percent Fed Interest Rate, … of which it has been said:

” The 0% official Fed Funds rate has been almost three full years in entrenched policy, when originally promised as temporary. No exit strategy here. Greenspan once stated that it should never be held fixed so low for more than six to nine months. He implied the system would be broken otherwise, subjected to pressures that would distort the valuation mechanisms beyond repair.”

See:   (Thanks to Max for this article)

In this equation, we now have a Carbon Tax and Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme ready to take its place as an effective defacto replacement currency for world commerce when the USD and the EURO collapse.

The whole thing is an effective SETUP for the implementation of a New World Order. With a centralized International Government around the U.N. and an engine driven by the vested corporatized interests of large oil and energy cartels.

I suggest we need to continue to keep the pressure on politicians.  IF Abbott intends to roll back the Carbon Tax fully as he has indicated IF and WHEN he takes power, HE HAS TO JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON of dissent and outrage by Australians that our entire country and economy have been sold out by Gillard to this New World Order controlled by corporate cartels.

Remember, that the ultimate premise behind the existence of corporations is anti-humanitarian. The bigger they are, the less accountable or stoppable they are.  Corporations are NOT there to help humanity. Their sole purpose is to make profit. Their only legal constraint in making that profit for their share holders is to do so ‘with care and diligence’.  (See S.180 of the Australian Corporations Law)

…. And in so doing they will relentlessly pursue a policy of subordinating the best interests of human beings whilst driving toward their goal of corporate profits. All the while, they will bulldoze the poor, promote nepotism, infiltrate and manipulate governments, and employ Machiavellian policies to institute censorship and control over citizens in society who dissent.

These are the facts as I see them.

–    QuantumSniper



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  1. Max Power / Feb 10 2012 8:26 AM

    It is sad that during most of the Cold War that the UN was at least substantially and substantively underfunded [and thus rendered toothless] with respect to being able to do what it was set up to do.

    However, having 10% of the funds from any Carbon Tax going to the UN is bad national accounting as Australia is at a state of ‘soft’ Debt Saturation in its economy.

    The hyperdense crushloads of debt will do more to reduce Australia’s Carbon use that a tax ever will.

    Yes, the “bull in the China shop” is that CO2 in the Earth climate system is at least somewhat overrated as a greenhouse gas at least in the past 50 millions of years. There are plenty of modern ‘man made’ carbon gasses that are far worse in the area of ‘Greenhouse Effect’.

  2. Max Power / Feb 10 2012 8:34 AM

    This is only important to how Australia parlays this Carbon Tax arrangement to Asia, but the rest of the world does pay attention to it …

    Files on Australia Network kept secret

    Australia’s federal government has refused to release documents on the abandoned tender for the Australia Network under Freedom of Information laws, citing the integrity of the tender process, despite the responsible minister calling it “compromised”. The tender for the soft diplomacy broadcasting service is believed to have been scuttled by leaks from the government.

    After two failed attempts, the tender was abandoned by the government late last year, and the rights for the Australia Network handed to the ABC, despite well-sourced media reports that both tender processes had recommended the service be awarded to rival bidder Sky News Australia.

  3. Aspadistra at Ashdown Forest / Feb 13 2012 9:31 AM

    Meanwhile, the wogastani regime is nearing total and complete collapse :

    / The Guardian /

    Greek protesters fight with police as parliament agrees cuts deal

    As more than 40 buildings went up in flames, including two historic cinemas and several banks, Athens city centre was left resembling a war zone with cafes and shops smashed and looted as MPs backed the austerity measures by 199 votes to 74 in the single most important ballot in modern Greek history.

    The chaos dominated one of the stormiest debates seen in the Greek parliament as MPs argued over a raft of strict measures demanded in return for international aid. Clashes were also reported in Thessaloniki, Patras, Corfu and Crete.

    The violence erupted as tens of thousands of demonstrators – many clearly from the austerity-hit middle class in designer spectacles and trendy attire – converged on Syntagma square in front of the parliament to denounce the wage, pension and job cuts envisaged in the €130bn loan agreement. Banners proclaiming “Popular uprising!”, “It’s us or them!” and “Don’t gamble away all we have achieved” were prevalent.


    / Spiegel Online /

    ‘Without a New Beginning, Athens Is Lost’

    The European Union is demanding even greater sacrifices from Greece, despite the deal reached by politicians in Athens on Thursday. Facing more painful cuts, Greek citizens are back on the streets as resentment boils over. German commentators say it’s time to finally face the truth.

    resentment against the troika and the imposed austerity measures is reaching the breaking point in Greece, with the Germans being a target for particular scorn. On Friday, trade unions began a two-day general strike and demonstrators took to the streets of central Athens. Television footage showed protesters fighting running battles with police and throwing Molotov cocktails.

    Many observers are losing faith in the idea that Greece can be saved even if the second bailout goes through. With unemployment at 20.9 percent and the economy in its fifth consecutive year of recession, it is unclear how Greece will ever be able to generate growth or begin to pay down its debt.

    • QuantumSniper / Feb 15 2012 12:34 PM

      If you can understand Greek, the Youtube link I give you indicates (… its all greek to me 8-| ) … that – in Crete there has been an absolutely HUGE Natural Gas field has been discovered which claims to have clean free cheap natural gas available for up to 10,000 years. Its inside Greek (not the turkish) international waters. This is claimed by the news / interview segment to be available to solve ALL Greece’s financial problems, at NO expense to the Greek public, within less than 5 years.
      The interviewee also claims that he provided all this information to the Greek government, and no action has yet been taken. The corruption and manipulation of / by / with the Greek government is so rife, that this story has barely made the news. Is THAT a conspiracy or what ?

      • QuantumSniper / Mar 6 2012 12:34 AM

        Here is a great article on the Greek (Mediterranean) Natural Gas situation. The article was advised to me by new subscriber CM.

        The discovery of oil and natural gas in this region has huge ramifications and affects the interests of many countries including US, Russian, EU, Israeli and Turkish, Syrian and the Lebanon.

        Check it out:
        – Quantumsniper

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