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26-February-2012 / quantumsniper1

Keeping up with the (Alex) Jones’es

(Article 4,243 words. Est. 16 mins reading time excluding videos)

Blue Pill or Red Pill – CHOOSE Dammit!

Character Morpheus offers Neo the Pills of Choice

Okay Neo. Are you ready? If you choose the Blue Pill you’ll just wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. But if you choose the Red Pill, I will show you just how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

(Note: If you haven’t seen the 1999 movie “The Matrix” yet, then do yourself a favour and rent it.

Like those who – before me – braved and swallowed the Red Pill and have ‘woken up’ from the confines of the the corporate-globalist matrix, I now openly embrace the painful truth and the darker realities of this modern society. I literally cannot see things naively and innocently as I once saw them. Even if I wanted to.

… or click on the image below for a 4 min. video snippet).

I am now instinctively conscious of the shadowy presence of these sinister truths. But it was not until I saw enough pieces of the jigsaw to see a “grand plan” that I formed the courage to break the shackles of my pedestrian programming / conditioning. Only then could I speak with a secure conviction. Only then could I embrace the word “conspiracy” (there’s that darn word again), using it with shameless confidence whilst others mentally scurry like mice into the corners carrying their shiny shields of shame, anger, intolerance, false indifference or some flimsy semantic fallacy to protect them.

Naturally, not everything needs to be seen as a conspiracy, but if most of our population overlooks, placidly accepts, or even blindly defends the poisoning and the accumulating “toxicity” in their food, air, water, pharmaceuticals, laws, global banking, media, politicians, or governments, then that is either a conspiracy by information providers, or an endemic ignorance in society that needs to be remedied.

In truth, a major inspiration in my publishing the QuantumSniper Blog is to shed light on the different flavours of conspiracy theory. Another modest little goal is no less than “global population de-programming”. But … you already knew that.

By speaking up, I hope to inspire you to do the same. Then we can all bravely work together to protect the innocent, to chastise the old and jaded, to goad the arrogant, to give courage to the fearful, to expose the lazy, and to give conviction to the enlightened.  So which, Dear Reader, are you?

Who the heck is Alex Jones?

Although I do my own internet research, on blog sites, and Youtube, and subscribe to the New Zealand magazine “Uncensored”, I’ve found these aren’t enough to sustain the fire in one’s belly from week to week.

So I listen to lots of Alex Jones. I also regularly visit his websites and .  It is my STRONG recommendation that you do the same.

I audio podcast the ‘Alex Jones Show’ and listen to it ten minutes here and there. In the car, stop and start, whilst jogging, in the shower or the toilet. In with the good, out with the bad. Jones broadcasts to the world six days a week, three to four hours of transmissions per day. His output is, to say the least, prolific.

Jones is passionate, informed, and his message is easy to digest. Amazingly, he is even entertaining (even if it is by accident). His world view refuses to be drawn in by trivialities. He only looks at the Big Picture.

Listening to his broadcasts in the background is like a re-education. Why don’t you try it, Dear Reader? Switch off the mind-numbing Top-40, or local pea-brained Talk Radio for a month, and see what beneficial changes it makes to your critical mind.

His arguments are compelling, intense and relentless. They are founded on a deceptively simple premise. I.e. that there are shadowy groups within the wealthy elite  ‘ruling’ class, who wield power and influence (beyond the law) and who manipulate global banks, oil cartels, political systems, military regimes, mass media, pharmaceutical and food production. His claim is that these groups effectively enslave, control and indeed seek to reduce the world’s population based on an agenda of Eugenics. If you don’t know what this is, Look it up!.

Jones’ arguments retain a wide-angle objectivity that does not exist anywhere in the manipulated mainstream media. For instance, in news, he doesn’t ask if the next Euro Bailout will cost $1 Trillion, he asks instead “why are they using illegal credit swaps to fund the Euro Bailout“. He doesn’t ask “does global warming exist”, instead he delves into reports by the Wall Street Journal “why do eminent scientists formally say there is no threat from global warming (27-Jan-2012)“.

Alex Jones presents a gruff, emotional, and confrontational style. He favours personal attacks against those whom he views as ‘bullies’ or ‘globalist elite technocrats’. So if you think he is being unjust in these attacks, then I strongly advise you to listen carefully to the words of daily guests. Despite their often differing views, they still serve to back up the overall message.

By the way, Jones’ show is completely unscripted. He doesn’t screen calls from his world-wide listeners and welcomes any criticism.

Jones is the big dog of conspiracy theorists. How big is this dog? Well, claims to be home of the #1 Internet News show worldwide.

His show goes out to an estimated audience of around 15 million listeners per week worldwide, and a further 5 million video viewers using streamed or syndicated radio, podcast, Youtube, Shoutcast etc. Would it surprise you to know that his viewers are MANY times multiple (in any 24-hour period) than each of ANY of the mainstream U.S. news services like FOX News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and CBS? These main-streamers actually only get around 300K to 500K viewers each per night. (Click here or here to verify this for yourself, or for U.S. Nielsen Ratings).

The various rationales Jones offers for a “conspiracy” view of the world attract great controversy. The mainstream absolutely hates him because he exposes their vested interests. In fact, within the logical framework and parameters of Jones’ arguments, popular conspiracies don’t actually sound so ‘whacko’ any more.

Incidentally, it is a valid question to ask why – as an informed member of society – You haven’t heard much about this fellow. Might the answer relate to media manipulation? Or perhaps – if you’ve already heard of him – you might recognize your own programmed fear or inertia at facing certain facts that your mainstream conditioning resists you from acknowledging. Moreover, it is also valid to ask “If he is such a danger to globalist elites, why hasn’t he been assassinated. (Answer: possibly because his millions of listeners would suddenly get the ultimate validation of the truths he claims). But in any event, Jones himself often darkly jokes “I guarantee you, I’ll never commit suicide!

To those of my readers who are already converts I say, ‘keep listening often and don’t slack off’. You must continue to learn at your own steady pace. Don’t try to change the world yet, change yourself instead. Learn more until you become de-sensitized to the outrage you feel. Only then will you be a proper soldier ready to help the resistance fight the apathy of others. Become a model in your own special way.  Meanwhile, continue to LET those intellectual feathers be ruffled. Keep clicking on those internet links one after the other. Stop researching for the day ONLY if the disgust at your own past ignorance becomes too much to bear for that day. Don’t worry, all the dirty facts will still be there when you come back to learn more tomorrow.

How to spot the Globalist Agenda

Let’s be objective. Giving equal time, and listening quietly and considerately to someone elses reasoning will never win you the “Local Dumbass” prize.

Whilst most people might hold a secret little un-cohesive poorly-informed piecemeal conspiracy theory about, maybe, Fluoride, or 9/11, or Oil or Banking Cartels, or secret military projects, or mass media mind control, Alex Jones has the gumption to “stitch it all together” in a way that finally makes sense.

Here is the key to unlocking the pandora’s box of Jones’s Conspiracy Theory: The only real premise needed for you to accept the validity of his conspiracy conclusions, is that there exists an ‘outside-the-spotlight’ class of wealthy elite who, (as b/trillionaires), “think differently from you“. They don’t owe allegiance to any one ‘side’. They transcend the “us versus them” paradigm. Instead, these elites hover above it all. They distract their opponents by creating and financing new enemies so that their opponents are always suffering distraction. For example, the CIA financing Bin Laden and Al’Qaeda so as to create false “Terrorist Threats” and thereby promote public fear so as to not oppose wars in the Middle East.

That’s not such a stretch, is it?  For example, in just the same way as YOU might look upon individual organisms in your Ant Farm, these elites don’t really give a crap about YOU, or your personal daily pre-occupations, or your particular tribe. YOU are, in fact, a mere commodity at their disposal.

From this not-so-outlandish logical premise about humans interacting with corporate systems, Jones’ argument flows logically.  So, if you want to verify your own hypothesis about a Globalist/Conspiracy by elites, all you must do is think a bit more deeply about societal TRENDS. Or identify a global situation where it appears that large sections of the population are being systematically SUBORDINATED in terms of their civil rights, their liberties, their entitlements to clean air food and water, or to the quality of information or knowledge they are supplied.

Forcing ‘mainstream’ onto a truer path

Alex Jones’ influence on the public zeitgeist has been profound. He has been an instrumental figure in defining, inspiring and organizing the “Anti-Globalist” and “Occupy Wall Street” campaigns and movements in recent months and years.

Click here for HQ full length Obama Deception Movie – (Take time later to watch the whole movie)

He is also a film-maker with many important and extraordinary documentaries to his credit including “The Obama Deception” and

Click here for HQ full length ENDGAME movie

Endgame – The Blueprint for Global Enslavement“. (Come back to this article later and click on either of the pictures left or right to watch both full movies).

He is also a hugely influential supporter of Libertarian presidential candidate and constitutional champion Ron Paul for the 2008, and upcoming 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections.

To folks not familiar with Alex Jones’ work, their initial reaction to him is a strong ‘love or hate’. There really are no “in-betweens” here. But if you are looking for subtlety, just forget your twinkle-toes and your political correctness at the door Nelly! There’s no room for rose-coloured glasses here.  Jones will wipe that “I know better” smirk off your face faster than you can come up with (seemingly valid) excuses not to listen to him.

A useful feature of the “Alex Jones Show” is that Jones rigorously offers documentary evidence and citations of even the most seemingly “over-the-top” assertions. Each time he tells you something new he will, almost mechanically, give his citation by saying something like e.g. “Go look it up for yourself, right now! … Just Youtube ‘Codex Alimentarius & Monsanto Vs NHF depopulation‘.” Each time you take up his challenge, mere words will transform into an incredulous new reality for you.

His reference sources seem quite reliable, and he conscientiously prefers direct primary sources including Federal or U.N. departmental publications, or direct quotations from official government spokespersons, or excerpts from top scientific journals, or expert opinion evidence from renown high level academics.

For heavens sake, don’t shoot the messenger!

Don’t shoot the messenger

Notwithstanding my endorsement, however, here’s an IMPORTANT tip for the un-initiated listener; it can be hard to watch when Alex rants (and he will literally seethe with an almost embarrassing fury at times), apply all your logic to the message, and NOT the messenger.

Even if one decries his occasional lapse into the lexicology of the “god fearing middle-america baptist”, I get the strong impression he is just being strategic with a large segment of his audience demographic (which is, after all, so-called Redneck Middle-America). Don’t worry though, he speaks way above the presumed IQ level of such an audience.

Similarly, one should not fixate merely on his “mannerisms”, be put off by his ‘gravelly voice’, or choose to switch off because he sports a Texan drawl.  Jones is no mere dead-eyed TV news anchor. His daily message is as important as the future of humanity. It’s because he IS so passionate about the subjects he presents that he exhibits this rage. His message shouldn’t come pre-digested nor sanitized like some spoon-fed pap into the maws of mental infants. Its got to be real, its got to be raw. So, let’s just admit that Alex might have a bit of an anger-management problem, and then move on, okay?

True wisdom only comes from having an open mind. Therefore, anyone claiming to have intelligent opinion must per force not have a closed mind. Let’s say you have been diagnosed with cancer. If your ultimate decision is that you will only use mainstream medical remedies suggested by your Family Doctor, then this will automatically preclude you from learning / researching a whole range of medical possibilities that could otherwise save your life. Ergo, dare I say it, many so-called respectable doctors sporting closed minds are actually just dangerous fools.

In relation to Alex Jones, and to those firmly in the “I hate him” category no matter what I say, well that’s just too bad for you.  I recommend you just shoo! right now.  Maybe come back later when you feel less threatened by someone who simply presents challenging ideas. Maybe after the next GFC, or when your boss gives you a raise, or when your house mortgage is paid off. Maybe.

Argumentum Ad Ignorantium – For people who don’t like actual thinking

Often times, you will hear skeptics assert that “you can’t trust information from the internet”.  In terms of logical semantics this  argument is known as the fallacy of the “Argument Appealing to Ignorance”. It assumes a thing is true if it cannot be proven to be false. People who ‘don’t trust the internet’ are often the type of personality who prefer ‘not to know’ stuff. So they fearfully stick their head in the sand lest they hear something uncomfortable.  To believe that internet news is less balanced than TV or radio news is truly flawed at its logical core. If you’re unsure – as Jones would say – ‘Look up ‘Argumentum Ad Ignorantium‘ for yourself’.

On the other hand, if you dislike the discipline of Semantics and Pure Reason, then here’s a simple lay argument: The internet is big. There’s plenty of truth everywhere, found as both opinion and fact. Since every person has a vested interest, your goal as a news consumer is to be aware of what and whose vested interest you are being fed. Are you doing that now? Can you decipher their underlying agenda?

Independent Media -vs- Globalist Mainstream Media

Alex Jones’ agenda is clear and apparent. Yes, he is biased; he wants you to stop being a drone and think for yourself. Contrast that to the mainstream world news media, which almost exclusively sources all news from Reuters. What? You can’t see any hidden agenda?   Do you know who actually OWNS Reuters, and Associated Press (AAP) ? If possible, see if you can find the answer by clicking this Google search. (Hint: Roths;-/child since the 1800’s).  Ask yourself; does that revelation sting a bit, Dear Reader?

For example, Global news service Reuters, like Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry during Nazi Germany, and George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” in his book “1984”  covertly plays a similar sinister role on behalf of the true governing elite in the modern era. The skill of the modern corporate news media like Reuters is to captivate the audience in a way that best befits the interest of the captors.

So what are some of the techniques mainstream media uses to pull the wool over your eyes?

1.  Dis-information  – False information (such as the planting of rumours) intending to deliberately mislead or deceive or influence public opinion. Such as irresponsibly reporting that the early radiation levels at the Fukushima Nuclear plant were safe, ‘according to the Japanese Government’ rather than erring on the side of caution and evacuating everyone … or

2.  Mis-direction – (forcing you to look elsewhere whilst they institute actual plans). E.g. Obama enacting the NDAA laws on New Years Eve 2011, … or mainstream news promoting stories of alleged sexual misconduct by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange) … or Australia’s Gillard government talking about alleged global warming, whilst deftly installing a “Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme which ultimately sends its money to Global Bankers and to the U.N as a defacto  “World Tax” …. or

3.   False Blame – (A sub-category of mis-direction). For example, blaming Wall Street Bankers for the recent Sub-Prime and Global Financial Crises’. Yes. Let’s be clear. Wall street are a bunch of materialistic scumbags. But, the Global Financial Crisis was caused by the U.S. permitting Banks to trade in speculative derivative instruments which essentially creates money based on NO real equity/security, and allows money to flow to bankers whilst simultaneously destroying the wealth and savings of ordinary middle class people. Here’s a quick little exercise: Take a look for yourself at I won’t give you any particular web page. Just take a long look at the types of headlines on their “news” service and see how much of their effort goes to picking on someone to blame for this or that, or demonizing any establishment opponents, whilst absolving and propping up the existing government or corporate world order. Who the hell could call that “balanced” or “objective” journalism.

4.   Selective omission (e.g. News services focusing on the handful of U.S. casualties in the Iraq war, whilst ignoring the million+ Iraqi civilian casualties during the same period).

When “thinking adults” prefer to slavishly trust information and conclusions drawn by someone else, be it Reuters, or a press-titute mainstream media bought and paid for by powerful corporate vested interest groups, then those “thinking adults” are effectively undergoing a kind of brain-washing and ‘waking mind-control’.  They’ve swallowed the Blue Pill and remain trapped by the Matrix. Personally, I prefer to draw conclusions from my own judgement and research. If I end up being wrong, at least I go down better-informed than some intellectual parrot who regurgitates whatever dogma they were fed on the 6-O’clock news around the water-cooler.

In order to transcend the media “bubble” we live in, you can use the internet to find independent news sources. It’s as easy as pie. Just do a Google search for “independent internet news” or “independent news services” or similar search, and pick almost ANY website other than a Network TV affiliated internet news sites like Yahoo7, or See for yourself how many serious news services are out there that don’t try to waste your time with celebrity drivel, or fill your mind with self-consuming paranoias about your ‘body image’. A big giveaway is when you see ‘news’ stories promoting intellectual tribalism. E.g. “Scandal” this, or “Rhetoric” that.  They just seem to ‘try too hard’ to convince you to “conform to a mainstream view” rather than allowing you to celebrate independent thinking.

“Hey Mr. Big Shot” – The faces on the protesters says it all.

Unfortunately, today, being an Anti-Globalist is a complex issue.  Even so-called mainstream “intellectuals” have little idea how to resist their own ingrained programming. They fear being marginalized or being labelled a crack-pot. This, in itself, is a form of tyranny. Worse still, the anti-globalist movement, is made up of diverse peoples from different backgrounds. All of whom have a common bond of “anti-establishment thinking”. (e.g. hippies, angry war veterans, outcasts, new age thinkers, anarchists).

This unfortunately makes them easily vulnerable to pot-shots by a mainstream media that is conditioned to reject independent thinkers.  The globalist media then employs selective omission, subliminal fear, tribalism, and often outright lies to “stupidize” members of the Anti-Globalist Movement whilst serving up the story to a listening, but otherwise apathetic homogenous public who dumbly watch Coca-Cola(tm) commercials occasionally interrupted by “American Idol”(tm) whilst mistakenly believing its the other way round.

OK, OK. Fair enough. But I’m small and weak. What can *I* do?

Uncensored – Magazine Cover

So, if you look at these things and come to the oh-so-subtle conclusion that these theories are not THAT far-fetched, OR at least that they bear further brave analysis.  Does this mean you are now ready to swallow the Red Pill? If so, here’s what you do:

Firstly, commit to being “woken up”. To be frank, even though you might agree that you’re being “played” by elite global powers, the hard truth is that – as an ignorant zealot – you are still next-to-useless to the cause of resisting Globalist corruption.

Secondly; Until you devise your own master plan, your only sensible objective should be to educate yourself properly, and inform others who haven’t yet got the courage to see behind their own bourgeois programming. For you, this might take many courageous months, it might even take a couple of years. It all depends on how much “de-programming” You, personally will need in order to waken properly so that you’re no longer a spineless pin-head who believes its better to stick with the devil you know, even IF that devil is killing you and your family by stealth.

Thirdly; Have a thick skin. Just remember. Methinks those who vociferously accuse you of “paranoid ranting” are the kind who – as Shakespeare once said – “doth protest too much”. They are sure to have a couple of hidden little mental quirks or paranoias they wont admit to.

Fourthly; most people just wanna be left alone. They would rather die in their own poo than yours. And certainly, they don’t like their neighbour, friend or workmate to appear smarter or better-informed than themselves. Its embarrassing to them if you point out their ignorance. So be judicious when selecting the time and place you choose to inform someone that they are just being a “dumbass zombie”.

Lastly; Fire up the PODCAST APP in your Android, Symbian, or iPhone Smartphone, then type the address into the URL request. (And no, there isn’t a spelling mistake in the above web address)

Semi-Randomly, I’ve selected the Alex Jones Show of 22-Jan-2012 for your edification. Easing into it, the second hour, in particular, is a cracker.

 Click above on the Arrow gadget to play Audio 

Otherwise, for your PC, I recommend you use Internet Explorer, and then do a Google search of “INFOWARS PODCAST”. You can also (in your favourite browser) just click on the links below and select your chosen Episode / Show.  ANY show will do. Each episode download is about 40MB per 3-hours of audio.

Listen now Listen Now (use Google Chrome. Download stream.pls and run/play with VLC or Winamp) or

Windows Media Windows Media (use Internet Explorer)  or

Podcast Podcast  (use Mozilla Firefox)  

The Inconvenient Truth

Dear Reader. I started this blog article by forcing you to choose which colour bitter pill you want to swallow. Unfortunately, I promise you, the inconvenience is ALL YOURS whichever colour you choose.

You may consider this article, and my suggestion that you start listening to Alex Jones to be YOUR personal Red Pill.

You could do a lot worse, of course, you could do nothing at all and wake up tomorrow believing whatever helps you get through the day. Or, perhaps, you will begin madly rationalizing your hidden fears and whining that you are “too busy” or “can’t afford the distraction” or your work program is “too important”.  Or, here’s a gem, since you “only have X number of years to live a quality lifestyle anyway, so why bother with all this reactionary conspiracist drivel”.

Hey, Dude. I get it! It’s good to be oblivious. It’s great to be mercifully free from the ravages of intelligence. After all, isn’t that what all the TV commercials are programming you for? i.e. that YOU are all that’s important in the world?

But if Alex Jones is “all too up in your face” for the time being, then just run along and continue ‘barely coping’ with your so-called “duties”, pledging allegiance to your notion of god, or to your soulless profit-driven corporate screw, or to your ego, your government, your bank, your (radioactive) nuclear family, or maybe just escape into your own little prison of dependency, addiction, or some personal flavour of self-indulgence.  Sooner or later, the irony of the phrase “there are none so blind, as those who WILL not see” will become manifest to you.

A symbolic picture of You, the reader (at left) and me QuantumSniper (at right)

On the other hand, if you take my advice, then when the next manufactured crisis hits the fan, whether it be in the form of a preposterous G.F.C (coming soon to a Bank near you), or Swine-Flu pandemic, or undeclared Iran War, or next Carbon Tax, or US Dollar / Euro currency collapse, you wont just shrug your shoulders like some civilian ‘victim of circumstance’ and say “Meh! Whaddya gonna do?”

These are the facts as I see them.

–          QuantumSniper



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  1. / Mar 4 2012 1:18 PM

    It looks as if the US will strip all non-multigenerational “Americans” of citizenship so that the remainder of the population can be ruled over with an Iron jackboot.

    There has been no press coverage of this in the USA, just like with SOPA.

    The Enemy Expatriation Act is a short amendment to USC 8 §1481, the law which spells out criteria for the revocation of US citizenship. Already listed are naturalization in or serving in the armed forces of another country, formally renouncing US citizenship, or being convicted of treason against the US. These are, arguably, perfectly understandable. But the EEA adds this new reason to revoke citizenship:

    [E]ngaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.…For purposes of this section, the term ‘hostilities’ means any conflict subject to the laws of war.
    One would think that would constitute treason, and thus such a section wouldn’t be necessary. But look at paragraph 7 of §1481, which describes treason:

    (7) committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States, violating or conspiring to violate any of the provisions of section 2383 of title 18, or willfully performing any act in violation of section 2385 of title 18, or violating section 2384 of title 18 by engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, if and when he is convicted thereof by a court martial or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

    There’s your problem. Under the current law, one has to be convicted of treason in order to be stripped of citizenship. This new section, added by the EEA, requires no such thing.

    Now, the premise of the bill on its own gives me pause: does giving five bucks to Wikileaks count as “materially supporting hostilities”, or is that not a “conflict subject to the laws of war” yet? That’s ambiguous, though; the complete lack of a due process requirement — in contrast to the already-existing section regarding treason — is something else entirely.

    The possibility of having one’s citizenship revoked without a trial is bad enough, but in concert with the recently-passed 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, it’s terrifying. The latest NDAA, of course, requires anyone accused of “terrorism” to be indefinitely detained by the executive branch of the government.

    In response to public outrage, an amendment was added which made US citizens exempt to this requirement (which doesn’t make them exempt to the possibility, but in practice, perhaps the law will be enforced in such a way). If, under the EEA, someone is stripped of their citizenship without a trial, then there is no longer any semantic ambiguity to keep them safe from the NDAA’s indefinite detention.

  2. / Mar 19 2012 11:33 AM

    The FBI’s Cookie Caper and the VPN Imperative

    From August of 2011 to November of 2011, the FBI secretly redirected the web traffic of more than 10% of SurvivalBlog’s US visitors through CJIS, their sprawling data center situated on 900 acres, 10 miles from Clarksburg, West Virginia.

    There, the Feebees surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of my site visitors. In all, 4,906 of 35,494 selected connections ended up going to or through the FBI servers. (Note that this happened several months before we moved our primary server to Sweden.)

    Furthermore, we discovered that the FBI attached a long-lived cookie that allowed them to track the sites that readers subsequently visited. I suspect that the FBI has done the same to hundreds of other web sites. I find this situation totally abhorrent, and contrary to the letter of 4th Amendment as well as the intent of our Founding Fathers.

    I recognize that I am making this announcement at the risk of losing some readers. So be it. But I felt compelled to tell my readers immediately, because it was the honorable and forthright course of action.

    Working on my behalf, some volunteer web forensics experts dissected some cached version histories. (Just about everything is available on the Internet, and the footprints and cookie crumb trails that you leave are essentially there for a lifetime.)

    The volunteers found that the bulk of the FBI redirects were selected because of a reader’s association with “Intellectual Property” infringing sites like the now defunct Megaupload. But once redirected, you were assigned a cookie.

    However, some of these were direct connections to the SurvivalBlog site (around 4% of the total.) So if they had kept this practice up long enough and if you visited us enough times then the FBI’s computers would have given you a cookie. This has been verified with sniffer software.


    For those who are web software savvy, I had originally planned to post the latest version of the actual “foresee-alive.js” Javascript code that the FBI used to attach the cookies. But then it was pointed out to me that ironically, revealing this might constitute copyright infringement, opening me up to a intellectual property lawsuit.

    That has an odd sort of irony that got me thinking. This predicament somehow dovetails with two bits of history. The first instance is from the First World War: I have read that the U.S. Government paid patent license fees to Mauser before and during the hostilities of the Great War with Imperial Germany.

    This was because the M1903 Springfield rifle was correctly adjudged a patent infringement on the Mauser Model 1898. During the war, the patent payments continued, conveniently handled by Swiss bankers, acting as middlemen. The U.S. taxpayers paid Mauser of Germany about $1 per rifle plus additional penalties that would have eventually totaled $250,000 USD, up until the US entered the war. It has also been rumored that some payments continued to arrive even after the U.S. Congress declared war on the Kaiser’s Germany. (We’ll have to wait for the release of Jon Speed’s next Mauser book to read the details.)

    • QuantumSniper / Mar 19 2012 11:46 AM

      Thanks Max.
      Far be it for me to want to frighten my subscribers with the thought that they are being ‘spied upon’ just for visiting a blog site (like mine), but – I suppose – the whole point of this blog is to get people to waken NOW to the truth and existence of these horrendous infringements upon ALL our freedoms (and not just the constitutional rights of citizens of the U.S. such as yourself).

      I applaud and echo the sentiment that people should start using VPN’s, even for casual internet surfing.
      – Quantumsniper

      • Max Power / Mar 30 2012 8:12 AM

        Australia, for internal or external reasons — per ECHELON — is not really rich in high quality website targets with respect to sites possessing content such that the users may be spied on. NZ is not much better, and it is the runt of the whole operation.

        There is not enough content or traffic here to make substantial or substantive intelligence gathering worthwhile.

        Sadly, the site is not rendered in SHTTP — unlike for example the University of Washington (Seattle) Electrical Engineering College website.

        The current internal US spying model probably is quite lazy — it heavy depends on tracking people’s update to see if they are peeing or on the can — via your typical Twitter or Facebook. Yes, web traffic is sliced and diced hundreds of ways — but a vast quantity of the clear traffic (~99.996% lowest estimate) is pure waste.

        Deep packet inspection and 300 Trillion US Dollars will buy you a cup of Coffee at the American Imperialist Starbucks (wherever it is located in the US).

  3. QuantumSniper / May 6 2012 7:08 AM

    Response to his article.


    Hello Mr. JRFibonacci.

    Some self-interested privatizing of data, and selective presentation of ideas are part of a democratic and capitalist process. Agreed.

    And people who live in a democracy must be entitled to their CHOICE as to whether to “zone-out” their brain on American Idol, or choose to be “woken-up” by feeding their minds with selective information that is counter to the mainstream.

    So, although a “right to choose” is a sacrosanct democratic ideal, if a population is corralled by a mainstream media agenda into choosing “futile compliance”, then this is inherently a tainted democracy.

    Your use of the word “censorship” in your article fails to recognize that existence of Agenda’s. You might have acknowledged the various “purposes” for censorship by vested interests, you appear to have capitulated entirely to any agenda that those vested interests might espouse. And you do so by discussing semantic logic which demonstrates no agenda of your own. Effectively making you an intellectual puppet for the status-quo. You might even be slightly conscious of certain nefarious agendas, but brush it off with your favourite phrase which is “So What”.

    Well, I’ll tell you “So What” Mr. Fibonacci : If you don’t take a stand on some point of view, Then you either ‘Stand for Nothing’, or equally weakly, you “Stand for anything”.

    I have matured now, to the point, where it is no longer acceptable for me to have no purpose. And if that means that I acknowledge Alex Jones, and selectively learn things from his ‘biased sensationalism” which wakes me up so I am no longer an “instrument of compliance” for the status quo, then I do humanity and democracy a service by allowing myself to be labelled an eccentric.

    SO, Where do you stand, Sir. Are you pro-democracy? are you in favour of the NDRP?. What about CISPA? Do you think the NDAA is democratic? WIll you roll-over for the Carbon Tax? Or do you think that Global Warming is no interferred with by HAARP? Does it not bother you that Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds? Or that Normal mainstream News is intentionally told to ignore Constitutional Democrat Ron Paul who actually won GOP primaries in early states but had the wins stolen? How about another war manufactured against people you don’t talk to every day? Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius? Do you agree with Agenda21 ? Are you in favour of FEMA Camps, HomeLand Security in conjunction with the TSA. Do you know anything about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)? Do you think they serve no purpose at all? And WTF happened on 911 with WTC7 ?

    No idea? Then go research this stuff. You might yet become a soldier for the right cause if you can find the right focus.

    These are the facts as I see them.

    – QuantumSniper


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