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18-March-2012 / quantumsniper1

Dimensions Eleven

(Article, 464 words. Est. 2 mins reading time excluding videos)

The Eleven-Dimensional Omniverse

Ok, Time for a mind expansion:

Many people think in pictures. Pictures are usually two Dimensional objects (or ‘2-D’).

Some can imagine things in Four Dimensions (4-D). This is commonly thought of as taking a 3-D object (or landscape), which object (or scene) changes sequentially along a fourth dimension commonly called “Time” or “Duration”.

So, for example, think of some 3-D object (say a matchbox) at Time Zero (T=0 seconds); i.e. NOW. One second later, you look at the 3-D object again at T=1 (NOW), and a moment later at T=2 seconds (NOW).  OK?. You have just experienced a 3-D object traveling through the 4th dimension of Time.  i.e 4-D.

Is Time Real?

Rob Bryanton in his blog asserts that there are actually ten (10) spatial dimensions and only one extra … … dimension of Time. Thereby making eleven in total.

Can you bend your mind to picture a 5th Dimension? Have a look at this next 37 second video of a hypercube. If it helps, try to imagine how a 3-D cube or box “changes shape” as you move around it.

In the same way, in the hypercube video below, you are essentially “moving around” a static Five-Dimensional hypercube and thereby seeing its “changes in shape” as you move in different directions.

To be more accurate, you have NOT just been looking at a 5-D object. You have been looking a 2-D representation (i.e. a flat video on the screen with only 1-D of length plus another 1-D of breadth … and forgetting the ‘controversially labelled’ Time Dimension for now) which purports to show a 5-D hypercube.

Using 3-D eyes to see higher D’s

Even though it warps the mind to try to picture a 5-D object, there is still a simple way to see some of the higher spatial dimensions all the way up to 10-D.  Take a look now at this next elegant video (11 minutes) created by Rob Bryanton.

The thing to remember is to stop / pause and think. Replay it a couple of times. If you suddenly feel confused then it might be helpful to remember that – if we perceive a 3-D object like a thin straight piece of wire from its very end – you won’t see the wire in 3-D, you will only see the end of the wire as a dot (1-D).

I love this video. It changed my ‘perspective’ on things. Ok, You ready,? Set. Go! ======>>

Viewing with one-eye closed

After you’ve watched the above video, think in particular about what it means when people insist upon looking at things from only one fixed (biased) perspective. Such minds are often one-dimensional.

Folks with a fixed point of view aren’t necessarily wrong in their views.  All they are seeing, perhaps, is only their version of the truth.

For a person to have an open mind and see the big picture in relative terms, they must be prepared to accept and change to different viewpoints, otherwise all they can see will be “shadows” rather than the numerous realities the world has to offer.

–   Quantumsniper


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