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1-May-2012 / quantumsniper1

You thought SOPA was bad?

Welcome to CISPA – Internet EyeSpy and Kill-Switch Version II

(Article, 511 words. Est. 2 mins reading time excluding videos)

There is so much happening at the moment that I propose to keep my commentary to a minimum.

Let the YouTube by Alex Jones say a thousand words for me.  (7 min video)

By way of historical background, you may want to see my previous article  SOPA Backlash – Solidarity by the faceless many.

Buckle up, kids. This new legislation is serious. Its big. Its dangerous. It affects us all, including those of us living outside the U.S.

Regrettably, it also doesn’t seem to have the large corporate backlash that accompanied the previous SOPA / PIPA legislation.  By giving virtual litigation immunity to large tech corporations like Google and Facebook, it is allowing these companies to share – in real time – your personal data and information with the U.S. government, military, SeeEyeAye, NSA, Homeland Security and anyone else who would care to profile or use your private information data against you. Or sell your data-mined information for their own profit.

How I’ve chosen to Protest

By way of protest, I posted the following entry on my Facebook account today.  After people have had time to read this Facebook entry – I will delete my Facebook Account. We need to send a message. And get our real lives back at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen. Love you all. But I urge you all to BOYCOTT FACEBOOK. It supports the CISPA legislation. See … ….. Delete or deactivate your accounts. I will. You have nothing to lose but your freedom from this anti-life, anti-human, time-wasting, sleazy data-gathering information-collection system for anti-democratic spy-gathering agencies around the world. “Friends” on Facebook are NOT something that you should accumulate like a doll-collection.

Lately Congress has attempted to sneak legislation that could change the face of the Internet as we know it, and all in the name of national security. First ..

(9 min video)

If you are a wuss, then just deactivate your Facebook Account, rather than delete it. This gives you the option to re-start it later if you conclude you cannot live without being’s be-yatch.  Click here to find out your deletion / deactivation options, and how to do it.

Internet Censorship position in Australia

Just so you are aware, recent legislation threatening to be enacted in Australia can actually soon make QuantumSniper, my ‘Blog of Protest’ essentially illegal. You can see a synopsis and commentary by Menzies House (an Australian online community think-tank of conservative, centre-right libertarians) in relation to that proposed legislation. Click here to see

Yep. Apparently, if I dare to get more than 15,000 hits per year (thats 40 hits per day) on this – my humble little journalistic indulgence I call a blog – then the Australian government could choose to shut me up and shut me down simply because my free speech might present an opposing view.

Does anybody else out there appreciate how this damages freedom in our so-called democracy?

These are the facts as I see them.  –  QuantumSniper



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  1. Max Power / May 6 2012 12:54 PM

    Hopefully no such law will pass in Australia, but the ongoing collapse of the ‘Rule of Law’ in the US is not helping. If Australia’s laws end up too much resembling the US’s — money will flee. Encouraging money flight is not a good thing during a global depression, as the money may not return for years.


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