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20-May-2012 / quantumsniper1

Does God play a HAARP?

Weather Control

(Article, 1609 words. Est. 6 mins reading time excluding videos)

Click to go to Haarp HomepageIn one of my very early blog articles, I made a somewhat veiled reference to something called HAARP. The “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”.

Before today, you may have had some suspicions about human ability to modify global climate. Well I am here today to give you the proof. I warn you, however, it may not be the proof you expected if you are a climate-change believer.

Perhaps you wondered if technology was being used, and I’m not just talking about crop dusters spraying silver iodide to do cloud-seeding to stimulate rainfall, I am talking about something far more advanced. Something that has serious and dangerous consequences for all of society.

The technology of Weather Manipulation

Weather-modding worldwide has been a fact since at least 1995. It is done through the use of the high-powered Electro-Magnetic Radiation bursts from HAARP facilities placed around the globe.

For those who remain unconvinced, here and now I reveal the facts:

Firstly, click here to see the United States Patent Office … … patent #4686605 for “Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere“.  Note, however, that in all likelihood, Nicola Tesla is likely to have been the original inventor of this type of technology. Click here for a video on Tesla.

Secondly; (and more importantly) I give you the work of Mr. Dutchsinse (or SinceDutch) from his blog ADEPTO ‘er PERFECTUS. I much admire his work and his blog. See also his Youtube Channel.

Almost every day, Mr. DutchSince presents, what some might call a “Weather Report”. But such phrases will soon appear as a farcical grunt made by cave-men given what you are about to learn.

DutchSince uses his blog to evidence to the world the extraordinary and powerful human technology of HAARP. And shows it being used to physically manipulate the atmosphere and the troposphere to create unusual weather. He has found simple patterns in extreme weather events, including storms tornadoes, hurricanes, even earthquakes, that reveal human technological intervention.

Now take 8:50 minutes out of your busy life to watch my star video for the day. Failure to do so will just protect your ignorance.



Go to the HAARP Website and check it out. It’s real. Although its an interesting psychological misdirection – don’t you think – that they have a “research project” worth reputedly only tens of millions of dollars, but their website looks like it was knocked together by an adolescent with a couple hours to spare on a weekend. Note that there are dozens of HAARP facilities worldwide. Not just the one shown here in Alaska. The U.S. has even installed them here in Australia. Heard of Pine Gap?

HAARP – a quick primer

From huge ground-based stations, numerous multi-storey antennae pump gargantuan amounts of raw energy into the atmosphere in the form of different frequencies of Electro-magnetic (EMR) radio waves.

The EMR emissions are beamed into the ionosphere, which acts like a “shell” of ionised particles located between 85 to 600 km in altitude above the earth’s surface. HAARP beams can therefore be bounced like HAM radio waves within the atmospheric cavity around the planet to almost any location.

The assistance of chem-trail aerosols comprised of aluminium and barium salts and particulates help to propagate and bounce the beams more accurately or more distantly as required.

At their destination, the heat or radiation applied in those locations can have different effects on different things depending upon radio frequency and intensity.

HAARP – Its biggest hits

HAARP technology, of course, has many potential uses, clandestine and otherwise. Some of them are quite scary in their effect and their consequences on human beings and modern civilization.

Just think. If You had a piece of technology such as this at your disposal, AND you had malevolent intent, what could you do with it? Let’s give this question some context for the sake of giving examples.

In a Psychological Setting. How do you think flesh and blood people react to high-level bursts of different specific radiation frequencies over time? How do you think bursts of radio or microwaves affect people’s brains, for example? There have been studies conducted that give the answer. Click here to find out more about mental controls using EMR.

HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

In a Tactical/Military Setting. Want to stop a navy flotilla in its tracks? Well with a portable HAARP unit, you’d have a real advantage by whipping up a storm where needed. How about leveling annual food crops that feed a hungry but isolated enemy state?  How about setting off a few tornados or earth tremors in the Gulf to disconcert your enemy troops before an attack.

From a Geologic Perspective With the power to wield extremely highly focussed beams of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radiation, you essentially have the capability of penetrating the earth or the sea to great depths. Also, by applying billions of watts of power to well-known active seismic fault lines, or to dormant but viable volcanoes, or to underground water reservoirs near seismic fault lines, you would find it possible to use HAARP technology to accumulate instability in seismic pressure points. It is in fact possible to create steam heat and pressure underground to nudge a marginally dormant seismic location back into life  I wonder, exactly how much geological pressure does it take to cause a land-slide? Or maybe cause a fault-line to slip? Perhaps you could cause a little earthquake here, or maybe a little tsunami there?

From an Industrial / Mining Perspective. If I wanted to be glib, I’d suggest you could make some quick cash on banana futures in Australia. All you have to do is cause a little cyclone around Queensland, and then rake in the cash as bananas skyrocket in price. Here’s another industrial possibility: There is an oil & gas drilling technique known as “fracking”. When one drills for oil or gas, huge amounts of fossil fuel may be located around the drill hole itself, but are inaccessible due to being like “bubbles” in the rock.  So in order to “shake it loose” from the surrounding rocks, oil companies have been know to use numerous techniques including pumping high pressure water and chemicals, or causing underground explosions.  Dutchsinse, however, suggests another industrial use for HAARP. See it in the next video …

In the Geo-Political Setting.  The use of HAARP as a tool or weapon for geopolitical ends just boggles the mind. Don’t get squeamish at the suggestion of Conspiracy Theories here. After all, with the media remaining completely ignorant or silent on HAARP technology, and with the power of plausible deniability on their side, the tactical use of HAARP by special interest groups means they could do just about anything they liked, and then palm it off as a “natural event” or an “act of god”. I won’t point any crooked fingers here today, but you can click here to discover for yourself some whistle-blower websites that are very direct in their accusations.

The chem-trail connection

Click to enlarge image

I don’t mean to HAARP on about this topic (sic!) since I covered it in my previous article Are Chem-Trails a Con (-Trail)? in July last year. But some of my readers, and other people in the general populace have yet to accept the existence of chem-trails.

In oafish response to any evidence they’re presented, they demand “where’s the scientific proof that chemtrails aren’t just con-trails”, OR “prove to me that they’re harmful”.  At that point the poor sods get irretrievably lost in the minutiae and semantics of arguing whether a persistent cloud might “look” odd. Or whether certain mis-shapen oily-looking colourful rainbows appearing out of an otherwise clear blue sky (after a plane passes) might be just “another bad thing about air-pollution”.

However, once you learn about HAARP, and its potential as a strategic military weapon, or as a tool for shaping the geo-political arena, other topics such as the chemtrail toxicity, or the illegality of spraying across sovereign air-space will soon start to take a back seat to the much larger threat that HAARP technology offers for vested interests and special interest groups.

Even if the technology is still in its infancy after 15 or 20 years since the patent was published, and it’s still being tested, it should certainly make you re-think things like weird scalar cloud layering and formations, tornadoes in Kansas, Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese Tsunami, and volcanoes in Iceland.

Time to do your own “Whether” Report

As you watched the videos above, did you consider why such weather manipulation is apparently being carried out in complete secrecy and without even the merest acknowledgement or recognition by the mainstream media, including your revered ABC or NINEMSN, or FOX News channel, or your other blindly-trusted national and international newspapers.

I’m not going to spoon-feed you here. I find that a self-initiated-discoveries are half the fun when web-surfing these topics. You need to go to your favourite Search Engine ( Search – ‘HAARP’) and read ANY link – I don’t care which – and inform yourself like any thinking person is presumed to do. Carry out your own research. Verify HAARP’s existence, and its power.

If you are brave, you might also think a little deeper about such things as public perception of supposedly basic concepts such as “Climate”. Or even “Climate Change”. E.g. Who stands to gain, and who loses from instituting carbon taxes on the basis of mainstream hysteria riding on the back of the public fears generated by extreme weather events, or seismic activity.  I plan to re-visit this topic more closely in a soon-upcoming blog article.
[For a preview: watch the video from LionelY2K Youtube Channel.]
 – QuantumSniper


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  1. thedailycheesenews / May 20 2012 2:36 PM

    So much is written about this yet, so little is actually known.

  2. thedailycheesenews / May 20 2012 2:37 PM

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    HARRPing on.

  3. jeffwefferson / May 20 2012 7:11 PM

    Dr. Meson…THANKS for this. This meshes perfectly with your earlier ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ work. HAARP is only one example of a huge planetary-wide system of ‘ionospheric heaters’ and antenna/transmitter arrays using huge computers and Tesla-think to create a ‘new generation’ weapons system that’s as huge of a leap from atomic weapons as it was from gunpowder to nukes. HAARP can create, by virtue of its ‘atmospheric heating’, ALL the effects attributed to ‘global warming.’ In terms of explaining the ideology and deployment of HAARP, the writings of Gordon J.F. Macdonald and Zbigniew Brzezinski pre-date Dutchsince by decades. See my blog for more information. Cheers jeff

    • QuantumSniper / May 21 2012 2:04 AM

      Thank you my dear friend Jeff.
      I stumbled upon Dutchsinse about a year ago. I found his work to be critical evidence for the conversion of novices and non-believers to the topic of HAARP.
      When I started writing small tracts for this article about some weeks ago, and as per usual, my research opened broader and broader subjects into the fray. Eventually, when I finally read the astounding depth of information presented in your amazing blog at , I realized I was out of my depth in terms of how much reference material I could bring at any one time to the minds of my existing blog audience, and to a mainstream mindset in general.
      So, in disgust with my inability to coherently reference – in one article – all the available side topics that were kicked up particularly when I read your article …. I made a conscious last week to split my future blogging on this topic into multiple parts.
      Todays first article is merely introductory. Baby-steps – if you will – for my existing audience. It’s main purpose is to break the spell of the non-believers.
      In my next article on HAARP (already written in part with bits of more advanced commentary that I expressly excluded from todays article) I have begun to reference your work heavily.
      Time permitting, I plan to delve into the topics of the Dangers of Fukushima referencing your UNCENSORED Magazine article, HAARP as a secret weapon that manipulates Climate Change proponents, and Artificial Telepathy as described to me by another good friend Max Power. In due course, I hope to be able to deftly reference the historical proofs of technocratic manipulation as evidenced by the decades old writings of Brzezinski which you have now brought to my attention (among other things).
      The perspectives you bring to the table in your blogs are in the field of advanced geo-politics. Indeed, they attract a rarefied audience of intelligencia who need to possess plenty of time, extraordinary analytical and dissemination skills, and academic temperance in order to fully benefit from your wisdom.
      Perhaps as I gain the in-depth confidence you have developed over time, I too, might soon demand and expect more of my audience.
      – Cheers, QuantumSniper

  4. randominternetstuff / May 21 2012 5:46 PM

    In Norway they have EISCAT. SURA is the Russian version…there are more too. It’s disgusting that they have abused this technology and continue to destroy earth.

  5. QuantumSniper / May 26 2012 7:27 AM


      Dear Readers, Herewith a dialogue between myself and good friend Jeff Phillips, author of articles in the UNCENSORED Magazine, and formidable blogger on the subject of geo-terrorism.



      IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: Add to the Anadarko Board list the latest addition as of March of 2012: Charles W. Goodyear…former CEO of guess who…BHP BILLITON. What the f*ck does that tell us about oil, mining and HAARP? Plus, the Brooks Agnew guy I was in touch with and quoted in what I just sent INVENTED ground-probing radar and found oil repeatedly using only 30 watts of power…as opposed to HAARP’s 3 billion watts.
      – cheers jeff



      From JEFF:
      …The Pentagon and military divisions WORK FOR THE BANKING CARTEL. HAARP is at their disposal for whatever reason. It’s a very diverse technology and can do many things at once. It’s services could be ‘contracted’ out to anyone…or to coerce anyone…at the same time. Peter Eyre (investigative journalist from Aus, based in London) has a background both in the navy and in mining, he tells me that a lot of the seismic exploration vessels use ‘minature versions of HAARP’ to conduct electromagnetic surveys.

      Go back and read my Uncensored articles…I MADE IT VERY CLEAR that oil companies, specifically ANADARKO PETROLEUM…are essentially the operators of HAARP. THEY had a rep (US Rep. Kevin Brady) in John Key’s office WHEN THE CHCH QUAKE HAPPENED THEN THEY RECEIVED THEIR PERMIT FOR OFFSHORE EXPLORATION FOUR HOURS LATER.

      Look at who is on the Board of Directors of Anadarko:

      The pernicious presence in New Zealand of Texas petroleum heavy-weight Anadarko alone should be setting off alarm bells. Anadarko is the Texas-based ‘petroleum exploration’ corporation whose ‘research vessel’ Aquila was in the Christchurch area during anomalous quake activity; similar ‘research vessels’ operated by Seabird are believed to have been in the vicinity of more recent anomalous weather and seismic activity in the Philippines and Sumatra.

      The overall scenario in New Zealand is not only that the recent Christchurch quakes were not ‘natural’, but that they are part of what is actually a ‘clandestine war-fighting’ doctrine straight out of a Zbigniew Brzezinski book on ‘geo-strategic imperatives’ whose purpose in essence is to get rid of people who might be in the way of natural resources sought by the ‘power elite’, and in this case to transform New Zealand into a NWO stepping-stone to Antarctica.

      When you consider that the Pentagon works for the banking cartel and the energy extraction corporations, and with the new paradigm of ‘environmental warfare disguised as industrial accidents or natural disasters’, no one would be better placed than Anadarko to facilitate Brzezinskian ‘imperial mobilization.’


      Of particular note are at least five Anadarko board members, all of whom have direct links to the technology and/or ideology of HAARP and other technetronic warfare systems of which it is but one example…technologies which can not only generate all the effects attributed to ‘global warming’ but can also be used to create earth-quakes and volcanic activity, as well for ‘neuro-warfare’ mind-control operations. To paraphrase researcher Dr. Nick Begich, the advent of ‘technetronic’ weapons is a leap just as profound as the transition from gun powder to atomic bombs.

      1) CEO James Hackett, a director of Halliburton (“War, Inc.”, ref. Dick Cheney, 9/11 mastermind & BP-Gulf) and member of Trilateral Commission (= connection to ‘doc tronic’ Brzezinski and Rockefeller) ALSO A BILDERBERG MEMBER

      NOTE: Anadarko publicly accused BP of blowing up their own well; translation: they did it. (redneck aphorism: “The smeller’s the feller!”)

      2) Luke Corbett, director of Kerr-McGee (notorious plutonium reprocessor, owned by Anadarko now, ref. Karen Silkwood who was murdered while attempting to reveal information about radiation poisoning at Kerr-McGee)

      3) Peter Geren, former Sec. of both Army and Air Force (not to be confused with Peter Garrett, former Australian Minister of the Environment and aging rock-star)

      4) Paula Reynolds, director of BAE, a major defense contractor specializing in advanced weapons systems…who just happened to build the HAARP phase 2 upgrade completed in 2006.
      BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

      5) Most interestingly, General Kevin Chilton, who was until joining Anadarko in May of 2011 the head of the U.S. SPACE COMMAND, after having been the commander of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM)…these are HUGE positions. Chilton was or still is the chief commandant of ‘cyber-warfare’ which is the branch of ‘full spectrum dominance’ targeting the internet. When you watch his interviews he comes across as a gentle, soft-spoken ‘pr’ rep for ‘Uncle Sam the global good-guy’, down-playing American ‘might’ and emphasizing their strictly ‘defensive’ posture. He does in fact have that undefined ‘post-hypnotic astronaut’ voice, as well…he piloted three Space Shuttle missions and was involved in many experiments, possibly involving modification of the ionosphere relating to HAARP.


      The Space Command controls the entire “weapons in space” and “missile defense” dimensions, which includes ALL the “star wars” stuff that gave birth to HAARP. It’s never been about ‘defense.’

      With these five people on the board of directors, Anadarko could more accurately be described as a military operation disguised as a corporate enterprise.

      Note that not only the Aquila but also all the other ‘exploration vessels’ operated by Seabird have identical ‘golf ball’ domes on their top decks. These may house SBX phased-array antennas or similar technologies which are small versions of HAARP. Remember, “HAARP” is really just one component of a vast global system of technologies linked by super-computer.

      Clear Channel (now operated by Bain Capital) is the company operating the radio transmitters which are pummeling Christchurch with excessive RF energy that has been implicated not only in major health issues but also in anomalous earth-quake effects.

      Watch for a unique and powerful short documentary comiing soon from Christchurch activist Penny Hargreaves and Contrail founder Rose Paige on this scenario.

      HAARP per se, along with other similar installations, local FM transmitters, and ships equipped with such technologies can all function together as an integrated ‘geo-technetronic’ war-fare system.

      I’ve been in touch with Brooks Agnew lately who said, in response to my sharing the above information,

      “You’re way beyond my knowledge of who did what and how they have proliferated the technology. I just know that ELF and ULF can be laced onto the carrier waves and directed in such a way that it could, and I use those words with caution, trigger unstable geology as a quake.”


      [audio src="" /]

      Here is a link to a History Channel doco on these topics featuring Agnew:!

      NOTE: U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a former owner of Clear Channel; Anadarko CEO James Hackett met personally with NZ prime minister John Key in November 2012.

      With these revelations about Anadarko and about Clear Channel communication, which functioned as a major propaganda army for the Bush administration…well, it’s easy to see who the assassins of Christchurch actually are.

      Add in the presence of several “Ministry of Geo-terrorism” luminaries in Christchurch on the day of the February quake, the presence of several U.S. congressmen in John Key’s office during the quake, the fact that Anadarko received their ‘permit’ to begin exploration activities off the Canterbury only FOUR HOURS after the February Christchurch quake, and began their initial ‘electromagnetic survey’ the very next day, it’s all a bit fushy!

      Present in Christchurch were the following U.S. officials with direct ties to various aspects of the Brzezinskian ‘war on terror’/’technetronic warfare’ scenario:

      Admiral Thad Allen, Coast Guard (ret.), former Deputy Director of FEMA, and “national incident commander” for both Hurricane Katrina and the BP/Gulf disaster, currently Senior Analyst for Rand Corporation and a director of Booz-Allen-Hamilton (both are high-level consultants for government and military enterprise)

      NOTE: Ian Brzezinski, son of Zbig, also works for Booz-Allen-Hamilton.

      Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State, was “official coordinator of America’s response to 9/11; author of PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” calling for a “new Pearl Harbour” to create a revolution in military spending.

      Timothy Manning, Deputy Director of FEMA, a ‘homeland security’ army who shows up at disasters before they happen; they predicted Hurricane Katrina and Fukushima, as well as a catastrophic earth-quake for the San Francisco area. This one hasn’t materialized yet.

      Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for Pacific and East Asian Affairs, was in Japan only days before Fukushima meeting with high-level financial people; believed to be a ‘Rockefeller emissary.’

      NOTE: All four of these people have military backgrounds, and Armitage, Manning and Campbell have Navy backgrounds; the Navy is the prime operator of HAARP.

      With recent revelations about New Zealand’s vast untapped hydrocarbon resources available within their EEZ…”economic exclusion zone”, the fourth largest in the world…and comparisons to Iran, “the North Sea of the southern hemisphere” and the “Texas of the south” can be heard…unleashed by the Key administration’s eagerness to make Aotearoa a ‘more attractive destination’ for trans-national energy corporations…the following list of companies participating in a recent “NZ Energy Strategy” conference in Wellington might complete the roster of the parties directly responsible for the on-going Christchurch earth-quake scenario, which can truly be called “New Zealand’s 9/11.”

      Those who attended the strategy session include big-player Chevron, owner of the Caltex retail chain in New Zealand, ENI from Italy and US outfit Conoco-Philips alongside Anadarko Petroleum, which has deep-water permits in both the Taranaki and Canterbury Basins, Murphy Oil Corporation and Apache Corporation, China’s National Offshore Oil Corp, Korea Gas (KoGas) and the Norwegian state oil company Statol.

      “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” Mark Twain

      “Politics is the entertainment branch of government.” Frank Zappa

      “The only thing that’s faster than light is simultaneity.” J. Paul Serengeti

      “I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s.” William Blake
      “On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers: everyone is crew.” R. Buckminster Fuller


    To: “‘jeff wefferson'”


    Excellent work, Jeff,

    It Really brings to attention the concerns over ongoing toxification of the environment through the use of fluorines in products like 1080.

    Since the use of Fluorine (which is a waste by-product of the aluminium and nuclear industries) seems to be used so prevalently by these chemical companies, we can only assume that

    (a) It is intentionally being used to poison people and the environment globally OR
    (b) The companies using it are criminally negligent in avoiding their responsibilities / costs in otherwise safely getting rid of the by-product.

    Also, the misguided trust (or lack of follow-up accountability) in the use of these chemical products by government departments who usually appear to adopt wholesale the standardized “solutions” of just “spraying corporate-produced chemicals haphazardly in the environment” is also likely criminally negligent.

    So either these government departments that accept the use of 1080 are “on the take” so as to constantly use the Monsanto products, OR they are being manipulated by wholeheartedly accepting global or UN ISO standards and research studies which have been “BOUGHT and PAID FOR” by the Monsanto’s of the world to begin with.

    After all, there must be thousands of ecologically benign solutions available to solve a problem of rats or other “introduced species” / or vermin without constantly using chemicals. But instead, we see the subordination of entire countries and their citizens to the corporate benefit of large corporate interests.

    PERHAPS what is even more scary is the possibility that HAARP technology is apparently being made available to large mining MINING interests, in order for them to optimize their drilling and fracking operations.

    Although this it has not been independently verified, you can see this is also suggested in the youtube video I added to my latest HAARP Article on the Australian use of HAARP at Exmouth.

    – QuantumSniper
    From: jeff wefferson []
    Sent: Saturday, 26 May 2012 1:26 PM
    Subject: CHECK THIS OUT !

    from Jeff.


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