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22-June-2012 / quantumsniper1

Free speech – The safety to disagree

Are you free to be unpopular?

Readers; please check out the video below (12 min.). I particularly like the easy informative way the concept of free speech is discussed in this video.

To Topher; Good work, dude!  Other videos are also available on Topher‘s website.


I originally found the video on the Australian Taxpayers Alliance (ATA) website. The ATA have plenty to say about the Carbon Tax abomination which is about to commence operation in Australia in less than 7 days.  On that topic, click here to see a graphic poster giving a simple explanation on how the new Carbon Tax works. The poster has strong reminiscences to my own article written in June 2011 Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

You may explore issues of censorship in another previous article Welcome to CISPA – Internet EyeSpy and Kill-Switch Version II. Therein, I referred to censorship of free speech as it has been developing in Australia due to the Finkelstein Report, which was a so-called “Independent Report and Inquiry into the Media and Media Regulation in Australia” commissioned by the Gillard Government.

– QuantumSniper


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