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19-July-2012 / quantumsniper1

Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens

All citizens now presumed suspected terrorists

(Article, 510 words. Est. 3 mins average reading time excluding videos)

I recently received another activist email from a campaign through Australian website.  I strongly agree with their message about the Australian government attempting to impose internet monitoring facilities so as to destroy peoples privacy.

This is an absolute travesty. It has no legal standing. It is a violation of every democratic right you can identify at law.

It destroys the legal presumption of innocence in this country. It has no legal or administrative overview. No right to judicial process or appeal. It violates legal rights to intangible property (your personal information) and it is criminal trespass in the sense that they take the right to enter your computer and tamper with the information. NOT to mention what they do with the information in disseminating it to foreign powers and jurisdictions.

This is far worse – in a single step – than even the outrageous CISPA legislation that was enacted in the U.S. (Following on from the Obama’s failed attempts to enact the SOPA and PIPA Legislation). It is not just big-brother monitoring, it is full blown control of media, information, and private citizens access to free information and communication.

(see the QuantumSniper Article written in January. : )

The Gillard Government HAS NO MANDATE and no legal or Australian Constitutional right to give away our sovereign nation status to the UN or to the USA.

NOR should Australians be subject to the agenda of the Obama Administration in creating a frenzy over so-called t3rrorists who are paid and set up by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and its National Security Agency to further the U.S’s own geo-political and/or imperialist aims.

Did you know that Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter were all originally set up from seed capital provided by the CIA through its front company InQTel in 1999? Dont believe me? Check out this Article. Or this great article and video (10 mins) by James Corbett found in Sibel Edmonds’, or any article generated in this search list page.

This is a destruction of civil liberties. It is neo-feudalism. It is fascism.

By attempting to legislate this, the Australian Government and the Australian People are being used as pawns in a larger geo-political chess game. Whilst the Gillard Government masquerades as a fake “pioneer” with their New World Order Carbon Tax, and now this blatant internet control (not just censorship), other corrupt governments around the globe then use Australia as the precious model for introducing these democracy-destroying policies into the rest of the world.

This makes us all victims of further mainstream media manipulation as other nations standardize the imposition of greater strictures on the population and greater destruction of human rights and civil liberties.

Tyranny is being forced upon us day-by-day by degrees.

I maintain the belief that the people of Australia, if we are all properly informed and STILL RETAIN THE RIGHT AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK-OUT can overwhelmingly vote to reject this abominable legislation.

These are the facts as I see them

–  QuantumSniper



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  1. Max Power / Jul 24 2012 9:11 AM

    It is amazing how redundant a lot of this internet snooping is.

    Just simply by routing web traffic that is deemed in need of surveillance to NZ and back again (making it non-AU traffic) makes it 100% interceptable within the ECHELON network and framework.

    The problem with mass traffic interception (dating back to the Telex era) [and long term data source integration] is there is an infinite supply of all kinds of false positives.

    Needless to say the nepotism, favoritism and incestuous and totally corrupt relationships between government and the private sector are ever so possible as the system for interception exists in near absolute secrecy.

    And, expending all the money for the interception just leads Australia (and NZ) closer to SOVEREIGN DEFAULT.

    It’s a bankruptcy issue, Jeeves…

    : )

    • quantumsniper1 / Jul 25 2012 4:27 AM

      25-Jul-2012 Thank you Max,
      We in Australia dont have a Constitutional First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) enshrined in law. So the process of maintaining a liberal democracy in Australia remains a process of dynamic and ongoing vigilance.

      Whilst in practice govts and clandestine special interest groups are constantly snooping, at least by rejecting this legislation we can still hope to prosecute these espionage criminals under the Letter of the Law under the Listening Devices Act.

      We must remember, of course, Not all these groups are working together for any one particular goal.

      I have received numerous replies to this article from a number of Parliamentary members in recent days. Hopefully we can kill this garbage law.

      These have included –
      Senator Nick Xenophon,
      Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
      Senator Sean Edwards
      Kevin Rudd,
      from the INQUIRY INTO POTENTIAL REFORMS OF NATIONAL SECURITY LEGISLATION itself. Lets hope they dont just have their thumbs stuck up their *sses!

      – QuantumSniper

  2. quantumsniper1 / Aug 31 2012 9:39 AM

    Dear Bruce M.

    Thank you for letting me know about the Internet Tracking article dated 29-Aug-2012 in THE AGE online.

    The more I read it, the more I get the feeling that both the journalist who wrote it, AND Victoria’s Acting Privacy Commissioner have both adopted my premise AND my terminology from my article published in Quantumsniper on 19-July-2012 “Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens”.

    For example, four “co-incidences”; (Five, if you count the order in which the statements occurred).

    – the assertion in the Title of THE AGE article reflecting that “All citizens should be monitored: All citizens now presumed suspected terrorists”

    – Anthony Bendall (See Paragraph 3 of the Article) uses the words ”it is premised on the assumption that all citizens should be monitored”. Same as my Title again.

    – Anthony Bendall also says, in Paragraph 4: ”Not only does this completely remove the presumption of innocence…” which mirrors the 3rd paragraph of my article.

    – Also, the concept of “criminal trespass” which I raise in my Paragraph 3 where I draw the analogy of ‘trespassing on your private property by illegally entering your computer’ is referred to THE AGE’s Article at Paragraph 6.

    Enough for now. I should not turn into a bigger egotist than I already am.

    It seems that no-one but Bruce dares to give a humble blogger some acknowledgement.

    I might add this correspondence to the Comments section of my published article if you don’t mind. Cheers.
    – QuantumSniper


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