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6-August-2012 / quantumsniper1

Death by Codex Alimentarius – Part A

What is the Codex ?

(Article, 1060 words. Est. 4 mins average reading time excluding videos)

Sorry to interrupt your “regularly scheduled (brain) programming“, Dear Reader, but since you eat food like everyone else, it’s a duty to yourself and your children to be properly conversant with the topic of Codex Alimentarius.  As a subject, Codex is one of the most important things I will write about in this blog. So sharpen up !

By the end of this short series of articles, if you are not ‘mad as hell’ (as I was) at being duped over something so fundamental, then maybe you’ll be ready to protest with your democratic vote, or at least brow-beat some apathetic friend who is otherwise too self-absorbed to give consideration to the future of humanity.

We should start with the inspirational video of Dr. Rima Laibow of made in 2005 (5:20 min). Watching the longer (40 minute) version of this video opened many doors of awakening for me. Watch the short excerpt below for now, but please take time later to watch in full to deepen your own research.

Quick Note: On 31-Dec-2009, the Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC was enacted by the EU. This law directly attacks basic dietary ‘nutrients’. Although its not the full roll-out of Codex Alimentarius envisioned by Dr. Laibow in her 2005 video, it is a law nurtured by Codex-affiliated bodies. By exploiting years of public apathy and ignorance, it’s another step in imposing Codex incrementally by stealth.

Of course, the concepts and reasoning involved in this …… topic are slightly more complex than ‘who is leading the American Idol competition’, but if you choose to stay ignorant then you will probably only die maybe 15 to 30 years before your potential due death date.

The issues in bite-sized chunks

I’ve started, and shy-ed away from writing this article a dozen times over previous months.

I could well have called this blog topic Death by corporate greed“, or “Death by UN-sweet treaty”, or “Death by 1000 public services”, or “Death by food neutering”, or “…by prescription”, or “…by pharma management”, or “… by legal apathy”, or “…by genetic cold-war”.

Hopefully these might give you some idea as to how broad the topic is and how difficult it is to put into one small palatable article.

I will tackle the topic in discrete sections. Each will contain a number of compulsory core concepts that everybody must grasp fully to comprehend the jigsaw of Codex Alimentarius. I now break these core concepts down into the following headings  —

– the Connection with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)” and “Why GMO is bad”,

– the “Illegal by-passing of sovereign status of nation states by the U.N.”,

– the “Mainstream control of media”

– the “Root causes of malnutrition in western diets”,

– the “Daisy-chain of corporate integration”,

– the “Reversal of natural law and science”, and

– the “Long-term globalist elites’ agenda of Eugenics”.

Readers who are short on time or attention-span may therefore “zombie-out” on those topics that (their conceit lets them believe) they already have an adequate grasp of. Alternatively, readers should just pay close attention to everything in these articles and by doing so they can double-check the overall reasoning for themselves.

Overview of Codex Alimentarius


On the face of it, Codex Alimentarius (latin for “food book”), is a bunch of ‘food regulations’ created by a U.N. (United Nations) commission in 1963. Its purpose is to control food, farming practices, and pharmaceutical rules globally. The name itself was derived from Codex Alimentarius Austriacus which was a collection of food standards and product descriptions first created in 1891 in the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Tyranny by Over-Regulation

Over the last couple of decades, the U.N. (through its Codex Alimentarius committees) increasingly regulates international food production and food intake. It is my contention that neither the UN nor the Codex committees are benign organizations. They are not designed to beneficially serve humankind.  They operate with ambiguous agendas, and despite the ‘Kumbaya‘ rhetoric employed in UN official documents, hidden in their high-fallutin’ double-speak lurks a frightening eugenicist sub-text.

Philosophy of Corporatism

Codex achieves its aims through the vehicle of corporatization. By this I mean that the UN control of our food is governed by moral values of corporate profiteering, where there is a “greed is good” prevailing attitude and a ‘Lord of the Flies’ lack of accountability towards the world’s populace. As this corporatocracy spread, the basic human right to access, select, find, or even grow our own healthy uncontaminated food is being denied to us.

Human Health under attack

As long as the public remains ignorant and unquestioning of the (pardon me) ‘crap’ they are fed, then global human health continues to be assaulted from every angle. The human diet loses integrity, nutrition levels are undermined, our DNA (and therefore our childrens’ DNA) becomes corrupted, and actual toxic additives in our processed food poison us with every bite.

We have all heard about the epidemics of obesity, of birth defects, autism, cancer , heart disease, deteriorating mental health, and the alarming drops in human fertility. Now you may begin to recognize the reason why it started, and why each new regulatory advance by the Codex makes the situation worse.

Who the Boogey-Men are

Having watched Dr. Laibow in the video above, if you find yourself concurring with her views, then don’t be surprised by the further revelation that there appear to be powerful globalist vested interest groups who are keenly aware of the damage done by Codex, but do nothing to fix it.

Even more scary: at the mercenary corporate end of the spectrum, and in the secret back-room committee meetings of elite globalist eugenicists, it is possible that food is actually being utilized as a weapon to control entire populations who might be unlucky enough to be  designated as ‘poor’, or ‘useless’, or ‘sub-human’.

Crimes of Reckless Indifference

Even if you, Dear Reader, don’t personally believe that the authors of Codex Alimentarius are intentionally causing ‘Nutricide’ (the death of nutrition in our food), I intend to convince you that – legally – there is at least an institutionalized negligence or reckless indifference in the Codex that makes its authors and the UN culpable for massive numbers of dead, diseased, and/or sterilized on a global scale.

——–>  Look out for next article in series coming in a few short days:  

Death by Codex Alimentarius – Part B;  …  The GMO Connection;  “Why GMO is Bad


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