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26-September-2012 / quantumsniper1

GMO’s – History and hard facts

(Article, 605 words. Est. 4 mins average reading time excluding videos)

Primer on GMO’s

I have been wanting to publish Part B of my “Death By Codex Alimentarius” series for some weeks now. That article is 95% complete.

But the main problem in finalizing it is that I detect limited understanding in the wider community about what Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are, and how the corporations who offer us all this whiz-bang bio-technology operate and derive their profits from GM tech.

So I thought to offer some learning on the subject. Check out the following very powerful Youtube segment by Jeffrey M Smith who wrote the book “Seeds of Deception” on GM food, crops and the biotech industry.

The video is over an hour long. So break up your listening sessions into smaller bits. Come back and re-listen to bits. Don’t gloss over it. Don’t only listen to half of his talk and think you understand the problem. Don’t get distracted and go watch American Idol. Put simply, this is too important.

(Thanks to davidellis51 and his “Hidden Agendas” blog for some great reference materials) 

So. Was I right, or was I right?  In the above video, you will (have) learn(ed) more about …

…the company Mons@nto (“Big AgriBiz”) which alone holds patents and controls over 90% of the biotechnology in the AgriBiz sector. This, as you will see, is a very big problem indeed.

Mons@nto is in fact at the spearhead of some seriously dangerous trickery in the food, farming and biotech industry. Their virtual monopolization and corruption of the industry, and even of world governments, is exposing the world population to dangerous poisons, and this is causing cancer and death world wide.

Unfortunately, most people are barely even aware of the problem. Moreover, those who have some inkling do not protest enough to stop the problem, but instead “go along with the crowd” thinking that the problem is already too big and that it is already too late to stop the danger or wind back the damage.

Genetic Genocide

So; why is GM such a big deal?  In short, because GMO’s are essentially being used without any safe objective trustworthy global regulatory system for their creation, genomic identification, health testing, legal patenting rights, and the monopolistic nature of their sale and distribution.

In my opinion, it is not even safe to trust currently proposed GM Food labeling at this stage. It is inadequate. Globally, even where some regulations DO exist, they are incredibly conflicted because often the people writing these ‘rules’, like the F.D.A (Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.) and the United Nations’ Codex Alimentarius Committees are full of current, former, and in some cases even future employees of large biotech and drug companies. It is a revolving door of cronyism.

The overall effect of this endemic corporatist corruption, is that human beings AND the planet are being poisoned. Both slowly and quickly. And this is not some ordinary toxin that would just kill You or Me. No sirree!, these “genetic toxins” are like nuclear radiation.

Genetic contamination remains active in the environment forever, even after the modified organism dies. GM effects are unconstrained. What’s worse, huge levels of contaminants are already to be found in  your DNA, they are seeping into your children’s DNA, and contaminants will remain in their childrens’ DNA forever causing genetic mutations and cancers. This is like a genetic vandalism that ultimately leads to dis-evolution and human-wide genocide.

These are the facts as I see them. Do your own research to see if you can come to a different conclusion. Let me know if you do in the Comments Section below.
–  QuantumSniper



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