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1-October-2012 / quantumsniper1

Open letter to spineless politicians

(Article, 1263 words. Est. 7 mins average reading time)

On 19-Jul-2012, I participated in a blitz email campaign (see sent to all Australian Senators, with the campaign hosted by Australian Taxpayers Alliance.  Please see my previous article on Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens for more background on this topic.

Federal Senate: Constitutional Failsafe or Rubber Stamp?

The thrust of the protest was against proposed new Federal Government ‘Security’ legislation which will be used to curb freedom of speech in Australia, and to assist foreign corporations and spy agencies to destroy our online privacy rights. All this is under the now hackneyed shrill hysteria of ‘regulating the internet against terrorists”. What rubbish!

All-in-all, less than a handful of these politicians took time to reply (to me) during the campaign. These included Senators Don Farrell, Alex Gallagher, David Fawcett, Emma Gorman and Penny Wright. Most of them come across as fearful non-commital panderers towing the party line (except for Penny Wright). But still, I suppose, some response is better than the apathetic NOTHING I received from the hundreds of other federal and state politicians to whom the blitz campaign was sent.

Destroying liberties; Are you Activist, or Spectator?

Anyway, because of this, I thought I might remind you all that being a political ‘activist’ requires … … some follow up. Here is the story so far:

On 19-Jul-2012, I sent this to our Senators:

Dear Sir /Madam,

This is an absolute travesty.

This big-brother monitoring is a US Agenda with the recent US CISPA legislation. (Following on from the Obama’s failed SOPA and PIPA Legislation) (see the QuantumSniper Article written in January. : )

The Gillard Government HAS NO MANDATE and no legal or Australian Constitutional right to give away our sovereign nation status to the UN or to the USA … NOR should Australians be subject to the agenda of the Obama Administration in creating a frenzy over so-called t3rrorists who are paid and set up by their own CIA and NSA to further the U.S\’s own geo-political and/or imperialist aims.

This is a destruction of civil liberties. It is neo-feudalism. It is fascism.

By attempting to legislate this, the Australian Government and the Australian People are being used as PAWNS (masquerading as fake \”pioneers\”) and we are then used as the example by other mainstream media manipulated nations to impose greater strictures on the population and greater destruction of human rights and civil liberties [by the governments of those other nations].

This is the imposition of tyranny by degrees. And we the people of Australia, if we are all properly informed and have the opportunity to reply or speak out would overwhelmingly vote to reject this abominable legislation.

Yours sincerely,  QuantumSniper


Here is a sample of the non-committal drivel I received in reply:

From: Bishop, Mark (Senator) []
Sent: Tuesday, 11 September 2012 4:45 PM
To: 'QuantumSniper'
Subject: Inquiry into National Security Legislation
Thank you for your recent email regarding the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security's review of the National Security Legislation.
I understand there is a great deal of interest in these reforms. But, I also think it's very important that people have the right facts.
It is crucial to make sure that our police and national security agencies can keep up with rapidly evolving technology and new environments.
However, we must also have the right checks and balances in place to ensure that national security powers are not abused and that the privacy of Australians is respected.
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security are considering these reforms right now and is due to provide its report to the Government by the end of this year.
Take the time to see for yourself what the Attorney-General has to say via my Facebook page:
Mark Bishop
Senator Mark Bishop
Labor Senator for Western Australia
08 9472 6177
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And now my latest response

14-Sep-2012  Dear Senator Bishop (and others)

Thank you for responding. I must admit, however, that your reply appears to be —

(a)          a canned response given all the people who contacted you on this issue; and

(b)          hedging your bets either way by not taking a side or forming a real opinion. This issue demands decisive intervention, because acquiescence by degrees creates extremely dangerous legal precedents here.

Whether the internet exists or not, basic principles of free speech and rights to privacy must stay sacrosanct for all Australian Citizens. See:

“Terrorism” in any currently politicized form that is recognizable by the lay public, accounts for an infinitesimal number of deaths (per capita) in both Australia, and globally. If you really need an urgent worthy cause, then spend our tax money to eradicate conflict of interest in the medical fraternity, and you will save countless more lives than those who die in so-called ‘terrorist acts’. The bulk of which – incidentally – are demonstrably “false flag events” manufactured with CIA backing. (see here for an article with a comprehensive rundown on Black-Flag / False-Flag T3rrorism)

On 19-Jul-2012, I participated in a blitz email campaign (see sent to all Australian Senators, with the campaign hosted by Australian Taxpayers Alliance.  Please see my previous article on Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens for background on the topic.

Any danger from this so-called “terrorism”, is in fact virtually imperceptible and certainly negligible to You or Me, or to any other Australian Citizen.

In fact, insofar as the fact that the United States (its C.I.A) NATO and the United Nations are the aggressors in one form or another by declaring and fighting their spurious “Global War on Terror” over the last decade, it is therefore NOT faceless terrorists or tribal Arabs who are the real threat to our lives here in Australia.  The real threat is in the widening definition of what constitutes ‘Terrorism’.

Ultimately, (if you look closely) you will see it is only the special vested corporate interests like Oil, Munitions, Banking, International Construction Contractors, and Pharmaceutical companies that derive any long term benefit from waging and sustaining the angst of the population against the so-called “terrorist” threats domestically or in the Middle East. Everybody else is just a victim, or a patsy.

What IS a danger, is the encroachment of the Nanny State permeating into our everyday lives. Larger governments. Insatiable demand for pointless “security” in every action and transaction. Destruction of civil liberties. Citizenry being made ever-more dependent upon government for everything, thereby conditioning them to become intellectually and motivationally handicapped and incapable of independent thought.

For all the money wasted by sending one Australian Soldier to Afghanistan, we could educate, sustain, provide improved health and infrastructure for dozens if not hundreds of Australians.

Your third paragraph [above] reveals your failure to understand “the facts” about “reform”.

Our Police don’t need greater powers to control “rapidly evolving technologies” like the internet. The internet is a virtual cyberspace. Intrinsic physical Crimes Against The Person, are not possible in this realm. Crimes of fraud or embezzlement may abound, but that is a private or a corporate issue, NOT a “National Security” issue.

All that is being achieved through “Scrutiny and Security” of the internet, is to control the free-flow of information amongst the population.

Lastly, you need to consider that any regulation of the internet ACTUALLY destroys the sovereignty of Australian citizens.

By giving authority to regulate the internet, it is the U.S. and the globalist U.N. “wannabe government” that is being given greater power to access the internal communications of Sovereign Australian Citizens. NOBODY ELSE in Australia derives ANY benefit from these reforms.  Your job as Senator is to NOT capitulate to this threat to Australia’s National Sovereignty.

Virtually everything else you have stated [in your reply to me] is mere piffle or poorly thought-out propaganda churned out in a cowardly fashion in accord with your Party allegiances.

– QuantumSniper (real name withheld for purposes of this blog article)


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  1. anonymous / Oct 11 2012 8:55 AM

    [Dear Quantumsniper], am amazed at your letter ,, could not agree with you more !!!!

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