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8-March-2013 / quantumsniper1

Climate Skepticism and Agenda 21

Reading between the lines of public policy

(Article, 430 words. Est. 2 mins average reading time excluding videos (14 mins))

I recently attended a seminar with Lord Christopher Monckton noted climate change skeptic. I found his climate skepticism arguments compelling. (More on him at another time).

Introducing his seminar was MLC (Member of the Legislative Council) Ann Bressington, who passionately read out her speech on Club of Rome, Agenda 21, the United Nations, and the New World Order. Take a listen to her.

YouTube: “Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government”

Hidden agendas in Climate Change debate?

What would you say about government policies over the last 30 years that allow for 90% of Australia’s farmers and food production to be destroyed and or usurped by corporate control.

What would you say about an Australian Government that gives 10% of all our carbon taxes directly to the U.N with its un-sovereign, un-elected and un-representative members on that council effectively collecting those moneys like it were OUR government levying a tax on us?

What would you say about a federal government (left or right), that cannot pay for itself or its policies, destroys a $100 Billion dollar surplus, and then runs up a $200 Billion+ national debt. At the same time, it get its citizens hooked on apathy, social welfare, cash handouts, and blissful ignorance through the propaganda of a deferential mainstream media.

What would you say about western governments in Europe and America that continually buy-in to national financial bailouts that any Economics 101 student can tell you can only lead to a systematic catastrophic financial collapse and bankruptcy of economies world-wide? Soon.

Is all this just an unhappy co-incidence. Did things just ‘accidentally slide’ into this pit of industrial, financial, and political degeneracy? Could people not see all this happening? Is everyone really that ignorant of the warnings?  Maybe!

On the other hand perhaps – through the consensus of small groups of powerful individuals and corporations – there is some plan and intention behind it. Something that the common man sucking down diet coke and munching on Big Macs does not see.

As we know, billionaires and trillionaires do not think the same as we common folk. They have time on their hands. Their agendas are different.

Consider the proposition that wealthy and powerful technocrats in the world who do not act in line with your or  my best interests (because they want profit, power, or political and financial control) seem to continually prevail. You and I? well we have no particular plan beyond living well. But these elite technocrats – individually or in tandem with each other – they usually DO have a plan. They don’t believe in accidents.

– QuantumSniper



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  1. jeffwefferson / Mar 12 2013 7:58 PM

    DEAR PRO OPTIKIS…how the heck are you going? BRILLIANT piece! You have clearly nailed the basic social situation on its shiny little metallic head! The often-misunderstood word ‘conspiracy’ condenses around the edges of your observation; ‘New World Order’ is both an envisioned global outcome sought by these technoligarchs as well as a description for their operational structure, an interlocked web or network of people who are heads of corporations, governments, ngo’s, think tanks, foundations, banks, and other miscellaneous bureaucratic and fictional ‘legal'(as in, ‘existing only because of law’ as opposed to ‘existing in obeyance of law’) and illegal entities whose common goals are ‘looking out for number one.’ I do believe, however, that it goes FAR beyond a mere network of ‘good old boys’ who want to be Number One. The power wielded by those who control money at its source, i.e., the dark side of imagination, and the fact that capitalism IS very much a true global religion…this is not a metaphor but a functional reality…translates into the ability to get done pretty much ANYTHING that armies and legions of people can be paid to do. We are witnessing…and under attack by…a metastasizing ‘revolution in military affairs’ catalyzed to this level by 9/11 which is developing and deploying whole new generations of weapons systems that most people don’t even believe could exist. A true ‘scientific dictatorship’ is injecting and manipulating us at every level of reality. We are targeting ourselves with our most advanced weapons systems, raping the Earth and drinking her blood…look at the mining industry in Australia alone and the effects of ‘big oil’ on global ecologies and marine life…we are simultaneously being killed off and purposively mutated. All this and much much more IS part of ‘the plan.’

  2. Max Power / Jun 13 2013 12:32 AM

    Searching Canada’s constitional texts :

    City ~3 hits

    Municipal, as above ~3 hits

    • quantumsniper1 / Jun 13 2013 11:13 AM

      Hi Max
      The fact is, that having failed to get “local government” recognized in the 1988 federal election referendum, the buggers did a bypass here in Australia by conscripting (paying off?) various state government instrumentalities to recognize the abhorence. What they did was pass the “Local Government Act” in most STATE Parliaments around 1999.

      This ‘partial’ recognition, however, doesn’t give complete recognition because – on my understanding – the power for Councils to RAISE TAXES or to FUND themselves, because the power to tax was given to the FEDERAL by the STATE governments at the original setup of the constitution in 1901.

      Once you get the FEDERAL recognition, it is then a STRAIGHT LINE to set up fully corruptible local officials to legalluy tax and control local areas like warlords. THAT’s why its so important to vote NO NO NO !!

      – QuantumSniper

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