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16-May-2013 / quantumsniper1

Depression and Vitamin D3 Deficiency – Cause, Solution, Maintenance

De- Pressing Problem

(Article, 2,454 words. Est. 9 mins reading time excluding videos)

There is an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency prevalent in the western world over the last 10 years. Currently, in Australia alone, one third of the entire country is rated as having this deficiency.


Vitamin Sunshine

Sure; depression has been linked to various health imbalances, malnutrition, poor diet, and a toxic environment. However, I recommend that the first, quickest and simplest solution is fixing your Vitamin D deficiency.

Don’t be fooled by some ‘scientific trials’ that suggest ‘Vitamin D is toxic’. Many of those tests were done with Vitamin D4 (which IS toxic), rather than D3.  Then they generalize to the uninformed by saying “Vitamin D” might be bad for you.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Australian counterpart the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently upped their RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) allowance from 400 to 600 (International Units) (about 10mg to 15mg per day).

Understand that pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural minerals, plants. Only things like gene sequences, inorganic chemical combinations, or designs can attract intellectual property rights. Therefore, Big Pharma cannot exclusively monopolize any natural / herbal medicine or mineral supplements. In order to maintain its profits, it will habitually oppose natural medicine at every opportunity. Tactics Big Pharma regularly uses includes wielding their corporate influence to fund skewed university studies, provide mis-direction in advertising, or promote synthetic pharmaceutical alternatives they’ve spliced together and then flog them off in mainstream media.

Causes for depression – a major suspect

For depression sufferers with low Vitamin D levels, it’s NOT JUST an issue of insufficient sunlight. See this scholarly article to inform yourself on that. Put simply, even people with darker skinned complexions, … … and those who get exposure to some some sunlight can suffer inordinately from Vitamin D deficiency. Sun-light might hit you, but the body only produces Vitamin D indirectly because sunlight shuts down melatonin production. And Melatonin is what triggers Vitamin D production. Our bodies have worked this way for millenia, so why is the Vitamin D deficiency epidemic happening only in the last decade?

I suspect that scientists will find a strong correlation with the current high levels Aluminium, Barium, Strontium and other chemical contamination in our background environment. These chemicals have been identified as increasing in our cities, our countryside, and in our natural water and food supplies. These chemicals likely cause interference with the normal operation of the human metabolism, including endocrinal, and nervous systems. Possibly due to chelation (“clawing out”) of other essential minerals, or otherwise inhibiting the body’s own ability to produce Vitamin D.

<Skip next short section “The Simple Solution” if you have no interest in science or geo-politics> See: (“What in the world are they spraying” Essential viewing)The environmental factors that I suspect to be the cause of this over the last decade is due to the (as yet un-admitted by our government) programs of “Climate Management” or “Solar Radiation Management” or “Atmospheric Geo-Engineering through Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying” under the rubric of managing alleged global warming in the atmosphere.  (Slang description “Chemtrails”).   See the long list of patents for chem-trailing here.

Nano-particulates of Aluminium and Barium etc are dumped into the atmosphere possibly to create a slightly increased haziness in the upper troposphere that supposedly improves solar radiation reflectivity during the day-time. Measurements have been taken that show substantial and alarming increases in levels of these background contaminants in our rainfall, and in otherwise pristine forests, mountain ranges, fresh water supplies, and streams in Australia, USA and Europe over the last 5 – 10 years. I’m talking “orders of magnitude” increases. In some cases up to 50,000% (fifty thousand percent) over what they were 5 years ago.

The Simple Solution

<Smile here now to acknowledge appropriate legal/medical disclaimer> If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, or other manifestation of psychological ‘dis-‘ ease :

Bio-Ceuticals_Vitamin D3_drops_forte_1000IU_20mL_emulsion_sm

Bio-Ceuticals Vitamin D3

Step 1.       Go to your doctor.  Demand a blood test which specifically measures your Vitamin D levels.  (Once you expressly raise the issue with your GP, he is compelled to do the test and is not allowed to ‘talk you out of it’).  Don’t just initially walk in and ask for his opinion. Just say “I want this”.

Step 2.      In the blood test results you will very likely see your Vitamin D levels at BELOW 60 (< 60), which is the threshold for ‘healthy levels’. Most likely it will be half that.

(Over a three year period, mine = 28, my wife = 21, my (at the time) 13 yr old daughter = 24, and my 48yr old sister (who doesnt even live in the same part of town) was as low as = 19. All of us had, at various stages, suffered symptoms of mild to severe depression that was quickly improved by the Vitamin D intake.

Step 3.      Ask for a prescription to go to a Compound Pharmacist for a straw of 100,000 IU (international units) of VITAMIN D3 liquid solution.   You will need to take this ONCE PER MONTH for a period of at least THREE MONTHS.

Step 4.      Separately, go to your health food store, or natural pharmacist, and obtain some capsules or drops of VITAMIN D3 to be taken EVERY DAY.

I prefer this product – little blue bottle from BIO-CEUTICALS “Vitamin D3 Forte drops – 1,000 IU per drop”.  Costs about $28.00.  Even between the 100,000 IU straws, you will now need to take Vitamin D3 doses of 3,000 to 5,000 IU (3 to 5 drops) each day. Also, don’t just stop after 3 months. And don’t just stop because its summer.

Step 5.      Self-Monitor your mood changes over the ensuing weeks. You should clearly see positive changes as early as a couple of days, and definitely within a week or two. Keep a diary of your attitude. Ask someone to help you remember whether they notice you are ‘calmer’, ‘more confident in yourself’, or ‘not as stressed’

Unfortunately, when we are in a good mood, we tend to be less ‘self-conscious’ and so we take good moods for granted, thereby failing to remember them because we now feel better at ‘just getting on with the job’.  Moreover, if we’ve been depressed for a long time, it may take a few weeks or more to simply “get out of the bad habit” of thinking about certain things, problems, or subjects. Of course, certain problems may be very real. But a few weeks is usually enough to allow most people to envision alternative answers / solutions / scenarios to fix or improve such real problems.

Step 6.      Go back to the doctor and have another blood test in three-four months. Check the levels again. High Blood Vitamin D levels – even over 120 – are fine.

Step 7.      Tell others.  If they are depressed, Vitamin D3 should be their first-thought solution. Also, refer them to this, and other articles at

Long Term Maintenance

health-food-2If depression persists, consider investigating other causes which may include hormonal imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal imbalance, toxic poisoning, environmental radiation, diabetes etc, and sedentary lifestyle as being possible causes.

I also STRONGLY urge that (in any event) you should take a harsh look at your diet.  Your food intake may be very HIGH in calories, but very LOW in essential minerals and nutrients such as Selenium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Chromium, Manganese, Zinc etc. The body actually needs a cocktail of 90 vitamins and minerals to function. When you sweat, you loose all 90. So they must be replaced, or your body will wear itself out before its time.

Your body starves and craves food intake – NOT for calories – but for essential bio-available minerals. An obese person is hungry, and eats a big meal of (say) rice or Wheat-Bix, but is soon very hungry again.  Eat protein, lean meats fish and poultry, and LOTS and LOTS of fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll see your hunger cravings reduce significantly. Take dietary supplements.

CAREFULLY research every addition to your diet FOR YOURSELF! I get my 90 essential minerals and vitamins from this product. However, I’m not here to peddle stuff. I’m here to inform. If you are interested in getting it, click here later.

Avoid Genetically Modified foods at all costs ! Find out why GM is banned in many countries. It is incredibly toxic. It is DNA-altering and Cancer Causing. Particularly avoid GM Corn, Canola Oil, Soy products, Wheat, and Meats containing HGF (Human Growth Factor) hormones. Avoid artificial GM Seafood like the huge franken-fish salmon that is easy for aquaculture farming, but bad for your DNA.  Avoid GM Vegetables (Identify how many there are for yourself) and grow your own organic or heirloom varieties in your own garden. OPPOSE / BOYCOTT MONSANTO ! (#Monsanto)


Boycott Obama. Boycott Monsanto.

Get plenty of regular sleep.  Everybody knows, for example, you don’t give sugar to kids before bed. Same goes for adults.  Sleep better, and you’ll have less stress and less depression. It’s simple! Every little bit helps.

This means you should avoid refined foods containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. E.g. Confectionary Bars and sweet biscuits.  HFCS is highly addictive, interferes with DNA, and CAUSES obesity as well as Diabetes. Avoid ‘foods’ containing neurotoxins like MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate), also identified as ‘flavour enhancers’ on the packaging.

Avoid preservatives like Nitrites in our meats, and sulphites in our wines.

Avoid artificial colourings; they cause neurological disorders like ADHD and depression.  Avoid coca-cola and soft-drinks containing caffeine and phosphoric acids that can rot your teeth and artificially induce mood swings. Avoid Fast Food outlets that use Trans-Fats in their cooking process, and Canola Oil to cook their French-Fries. All these damaging products and additives should be clearly labeled on food and drug packaging. DEMAND GMO Labelling via your MP.

And also DEMAND organic at your GREENGROCER and with the manager at your local SUPERMARKET.
All we need is a critical mass of just over 10% of the population to be “awake”, and the corporate suits will have to follow, or else they’ll see declining profits at the supermarket check-out.

Sure (if you must) then eat what you know to be bad foods – but do so ONLY in moderation. And when you do, don’t be surprised (or miserable) when it suddenly interferes with your energy levels, gums up your thinking brain, or ‘suddenly’ messes with your mood or your motivation. Expect it.

Listen, reader. I’m sorry I just shot your existing diet through the heart. But it is folly to automatically now complain that there’s nothing left to eat but “dirt and rabbit food”. Instead, wake up to FRESH FRESH FRESH food. Cook your own vegetables, beans, lentils. Use olive oil. Eat free-range chicken / eggs, duck, wild-caught seafood and animal produce. Eat unrefined rice and ancient grain varieties. Include Nuts and Seeds such as ALMONDS, CHIA or QUINOA in your diet every day or two. Avoid GM peanuts. Support companies like Sanitarium (R) who claim that their products are non-GMO.  Eat ALL fruits. Dried or fresh, fruit contains complex sucroses (instead of refined sugar) and fruits are better for your bowel. Eat only moderate amounts of dairy. Include Sheep or Goats milk products. Drink organic wine. Make your own beer. Buy lean pork, lamb or beef. Try buying or cooking cuisine from a different country each week to broaden your palette.

Attitude Adjustment


Attitude Adjustment with the Pro’s

PLEASE, don’t believe everything I say. You would be a fool to do so without checking it all out for yourself. Please let me know of ANYTHING I’ve said which is wrong. I wouldn’t want to give you a bum steer.

So make sure you get a balance of propaganda FOR and AGAINST what I say. Read studies carefully and DEFINITELY be suspicious of mainstream articles that skew you AGAINST thinking for yourself.  Be particularly cynical about those articles that scream things like “two children fall ill after ingesting a bucket of Vitamin XYZ”. Yes, Sir. I imagine they would feel a bit sick after a whole bucket !

Also be wary of pompous ‘holier-than-thou’-sounding highly technical mainstream articles that eventually come to “inconclusive results” about This, or That research study into ‘alternative medicines’, and are anti vitamins or minerals. After all – if you have to read an entire “scientific” article only to have them conclude “There is no proof that vitamins/minerals are effective”. Sure! But doesn’t that mean they couldn’t prove ineffectiveness as well? Many mainstream articles I’ve read in places such as Science section really bug me. Who on earth funds research to cast doubt on alternative health regimes? The pharmaceutical industry, of course. They lose too much money if people adopt a preventative medicine approach to healing.

DID YOU KNOW that the Placebo Effect – including even such cliched things as “positive mental attitude” and even “sham cures” –  can account for over 30% of spontaneous healing of many cancers. And over 50% in cases of depression?  Well guess what; the pharmaceutical companies know it ! Because when they develop new drugs, they are obliged to or include mathematical / statistical adjustments to actually write-off a huge percentage of the results of their scientific studies because Placebo will give them false-positives.

So don’t now shrilly point at natural medicine and cry “See ! I told you. Placebo accounts for all the statistical anomalies”.  Coz if you do, you will miss the whole point and just chuck yourself in with those 70%+ of people who INTENTIONALLY EXCLUDE the 30% chance of making themselves healthy again. Get it right, and understand THIS: If you believe in something; Anything! the universe will slowly and incredibly bend itself to your will.

Also, don’t just rely on your (one) GP / doctor. Change your GP from time to time.  When you get too friendly with this professional person, you become too inclined to defer to them and limply trust what he/she says when the chips are down. So if you get really sick, you’ll end up relying on their (sometimes erroneous, bored, or ‘overly trained’) opinion rather than doing any double-checking for yourself.

I recommend you avoid vaccinating your children. I know that’s controversial, but just use common sense: If you keep them healthy to begin with, their immunity will be higher. After that, just use common-sense to judiciously keep them away from overt sources of infection like nurseries and kindergartens when epidemics are rife.

In case you didn’t know, vaccines contain MERCURY as a preservative! Check it for yourself! Its on the packaging. NO amount of this material is safe in humans. Much less so in the body of a baby. Moreover, multiple simultaneous vaccines applied to an infant causes excessive fever (again, clearly stated on the label/insert of the packaging). This can cause children’s brains to be fried before they’ve even had a chance to develop. Vaccinate, and you’d never even know if your growing child has suffered some brain damage / growing tooth enamel damage etc. etc.

Lastly, don’t be embarrassed. Get friendly with fit, informed acquaintances and ‘health nuts’ you know and grill them for alternative health regimes, hints and tips.  They’re not stupid or crazy. And don’t worry, they’ve probably already guessed that your health isn’t as good as it could be. Also, they’ll be happy to give you free advice and have a laugh since you’ve finally got the guts to stop pretending you “already know everything you need to know about lifestyle, health and diet.” – QuantumSniper


Intentional slow genocide by Monsanto



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  1. clarke peter / May 20 2013 6:20 AM

    Dear Snipe, Just a quick note to let you know that there will be an anti Monsanto Rally at Parliament House at 11am on this Sat 25th May run by SAGFIN. I loved your article on vit. D3, and the deception of testing toxic D4 instead. I must confess thar I have heard of Vit. D deficiency, but being a happy Sun Lover, I have not really thought much more about it, so thanks for enlightening me on that. I love your awakening articles, and although I have been watching what is going on for years, I do appreciate your enlightening articles, keep up the good work that you are doing for us all. Best wishes Peter.


    • quantumsniper1 / May 21 2013 2:06 PM

      Thanks Peter
      I do this out of a need to inform. So its very gratifying to get positive feedback. Remember, awakening to deeper wisdom is a Process, not an event. It also requires ongoing effort. Whatever is handed to you on a silver platter is too often taken for granted. So remember to CONTINUE to do your own ongoing research indefinitely and earn that wisdom!
      Re; Monsanto. I had already planned to go to a rally. It needs more people to know and get behind it. So keep recruiting !

      Note: I tend to publish articles when I have the time, so its sporadic. (If you dare), you should subscribe so that – when a new article is published – you can receive notice of it in your email. BEWARE if you use a gmail account. Censorship seems to already be coming into place with the “Big G”, they are automatically putting quantumsniper emails in the SPAM list. So when you first subscribe, check in the spam folder, and mark as “NOT SPAM”.

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