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12-June-2013 / quantumsniper1

Australian federal election subverted by Agenda 21

Exercise your TRUE POWER AS A CITIZEN and


(Article, 1136 words. Est. 4.5 mins reading time excluding videos)

At the Australian Federal Election of 14-Sep-2013, there will also be a referendum to recognise – OR NOT RECOGNISE –  Local Government in the Australian Constitution


Firstly, let it be known that this referendum issue was defeated in previous referenda in 1988, and in 1974 for good reason.

Secondly; Local Councils never needed to be a “government” to do their job nor to access any funding. They’ve been highly successful in this regard for hundreds of years as an instrument of local community efforts and initiatives.

Thirdly, as more people become aware of the United Nations’ despicable Agenda21 plan, they come to realize that the destruction of sovereign nations and world economies through banker debt (already happening in Europe), is not some simple accident of social evolution. It is a definite plan for the implementation of globalist control over local issues.

Executing the plan

The UN, and EU have clear specific plans for expansion  expressly described and set out in their endless White Papers, Policy Statements, Committee Minutes, and official press releases. For instance, “Agenda 21” is a real document published by the U.N. in 1992

Unsurprisingly, money and monopoly capital is the primary driver for all this. Organizations like the United Nations, and the European Union were created and controlled by vested multi-national corporate interests like bankers and industrialists with definite philosophical goals in mind.


Julian Huxley was also president of the British Eugenics Society from 1959–1962

If you are under the illusion that organizations like the UN, are just benign ‘namby pamby’ promoters of ‘human rights’, ‘sustainable development’, and “Kumbaya” for all mankind as hinted by the propaganda, Think again.

The founder of UNESCO Julian Huxley (1887-1975) was an evolutionary biologist and believer in the sinister racist philosophy of eugenics.

Sorry to shatter any illusions, but they were not merely some world-wide initiative by good-hearted civic-minded spirits.

Click the (6 min.) video below on Huxley’s legacy and philosophy.

In fact, Julian’s half-brother, Aldous Huxley, who wrote the dystopic book “Brave New World” years later repeatedly admitted that his book, and George Orwell’s “1984”, were not just fiction, but were in fact blueprints for two types of controlled and enslaved societies.  

** [ If you have 40 mins., listen to Aldous Huxley yourself in this audio recording from a 1962 lecture at Berkeley.]  Click the widget below to listen.


How to imprison a planet

The U.N. is the crucial organization designed to set up global systems for – what conspiracy theoriests label as “enslavement”.

The U.N.’s role is to redistribute wealth, monopolize the means of production, control the food supply, undermine legal systems, and use tools like the mainstream media to indoctrinate people’s perceptions into “wilful compliance”. In this way, people will submit to a manufactured artificial collective unconscious.

Social conditioning of the masses is carried out through tried and tested Skinnerian behavioural strategies. (Think Pavlov’s Dogs experiments). It utilizes advertizing, TV, censorship, and control of news and media outlets like Reuters. It kills opposition by limiting access to alternative views, ridiculing dissent, and suppressing open debate and free independent thought.

“Big Brother”, Dear Reader, is as real as your Reality TV, which intentionally or recklessly impairs moral sensibility, dulls and empties the mind of independent thought, and then re-fills it with the ways you’re expected to behave.

Globalist Control via Local Government

The Agenda 21 document itself openly contains the blueprint for globalist control for the 21st Century.

Over the next few decades, the plan is to control human population levels, erode civil liberties, abolish legal rights to private property, and regulate food “safety” by denying people the right to access pure organic foods via the U.N.’s Codex Alimentarius committee. Over the long term, as and when sovereign economies begin to disintegrate, eventually every local human endeavour is to be controlled by introducing, and gradually forcing us to live, in kibbutz-like ‘communes’.

Over time, and with the imposition of mandatory vaccinations for reducing fertility, by reducing population IQ through flouridation, and Aspartame in the food and water, and de-stabilizing health via GMO’s , we are to be returned to a state of subsistence slavery almost identical to the serfs and peasants of 900 years ago. Ignorant, poor, subordinate, and ekeing out an existence on lands owned and controlled by robber barons and warlords like those of the dark ages.

This plan for economic disintegration, in the U.S., and in countries like Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (“PIIGS”) is already well under way.

As global currencies begin to fail, the population becomes entrapped by its own “governments” (who have their strings pulled by the bankers). As is currently happening in riot-torn European countries, and in the U.S. they LITERALLY use the people’s taxes to pay off the nations debt / borrowings.  When a nation gets a (forced) “bail-out”, the interest comes straight from the taxpayer. Even though the bail-out money is used to pay the debts of privately owned banks, its not the taxpayer but the private banker who gets all the benefit.

Now there are new precedents set with the direct “stealing” of money out of peoples bank accounts in Cyprus.  As the public’s outrage tempers, this kind of behaviour  by banks becomes normalized. In due course, as countries slide into bankruptcy, an “economic and martial law crisis” is manufactured, and the Bankers come in, foreclose and acquire REAL ownership over all a nation’s assets. Thereby overriding the powers of the national government.

Later, when all fiat currency and financial assets are destroyed (already well underway with the destruction of the Euro & the U.S. Dollar), the bubble bursts, hyperinflation sets in, and nobody will even be able to afford to even pay rates and taxes on our land.

So. Back on the topic of the Australian Referendum.

Everything you wanted to know about Agenda 21 but were afraid…

It is my opinion that the legal infrastructure to set up Agenda 21 in Australia is hidden in this next referendum, and the decades-long repeated pressing for the Australian people to recognize local “governments”.

NOTE: If, (as you watch the above video) the things you learn seem to be overwhelming, then please, overcome your natural “escape response”. Waking up is painful. Just learn to push your boundaries for a few minutes. And don’t worry – as bad as it seems – I promise you will get over it in a day or two. THEN you can start constructively thinking about what can be done to fight back.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we continue to vote NO in recognizing Local Governments. If not, they will be the instrument that finally taxes us, and regulates our local lives into oblivion. Using corruptible local syndicates, mafiosi, or by appealing to egotistical local power mongers, the New World Order can easily set up commune-like feifdoms via the tool of fully-accredited local governments. Orders would then be taken directly from the U.N. whilst sovereign State and Federal governments will have been completely castrated or destroyed.

Caveat Emptore (Buyer Beware) ye Voters!  The fiasco of turning your local Council into a “Government” would only serve to create MORE CONTROLS OVER US, MORE BUREAUCRACY, MORE TAXES, MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS, and MORE WAYS TO RESTRICT YOUR NATURAL FREEDOM TO LIVE, TRAVEL, BUY FOOD, or RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

We don’t need a bunch of foreign globalist UN-ELECTED pretenders imposing their rules on us. Europe has already fallen. You’re next !

Say NO! to cannibalistic BANKERS, and MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS like Monsanto, Shell-Oil, Nestle, Pzifer, Microsoft.

Exercise your TRUE POWER AS A CITIZEN and  …


These are the facts as I see them.

– QuantumSniper

– Inspiration for this article is from Len Clampett “Go You good thing!



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  1. Max Power / Jun 13 2013 12:23 AM

    What other nations recognize local government at the level of the constituiton?

    Canada for example has

    Act of Settlement (1701)
    Treaty of Paris (1763)
    Royal Proclamation (1763)
    Quebec Act (1774)
    Constitution Act (1791)
    Act of Union (1840)
    Constitution Act (1867)
    British North America Acts (1867-1975)
    Statute of Westminster (1931)
    Succession to the Throne Act (1937)
    Letters Patent (1947)
    Canada Act (1982)
    Constitution Act (1982)

    And I suspect that local government may be recognized in at least some of them already.

  2. Anonymous / Apr 4 2018 5:48 PM

    all local councils have been corrupted by the UN NWO


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