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12-August-2013 / quantumsniper1

Scam to recognize Local Government foiled

Federal Referendum to recognize Local Government Cancelled – A small Victory

(Article, 360 words. Est. 2 mins reading time)


Surrealist Art – “Before the Celebration “- Leonid Afremov

Good news for once. The local government referendum has been abandoned following Kevin Rudd’s decision to call a general election for 7 September!  Here is an excerpt from the website NOPOWERGRAB, (click to learn a bit more) and from the email I received from the campaign.

These snippets say it better than me paraphrasing —


Following the decision by the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to call an election for 7 September the referendum has been cancelled. To be Constitutionally valid voting on the referendum cannot start before two months after the passage of the legislation for the referendum through the Parliament, and no later than 6 months. …

… This referendum was defeated because Kevin Rudd recognised the collapse in support as Australians realised this referendum was about increasing Canberra’s power at the expense of local communities. The first poll showed this referendum had more than 70 per cent support, it quickly declined to 53 per cent and then 47 per cent as a direct consequence of this campaign and your efforts. 

The withdrawal of the referendum is a significant victory for citizen David against Big government Canberra goliath.

I publish this post for two reasons:

Firstly; because – in the fight against New World Order (NWO) dominance – We the woken sometimes feel our efforts are wasted and the odds against us too great. The cancellation of this referendum shows that we CAN have an effect. Even without turning everyone into an activist. All we need is a critical mass of people to raise up and say “NO! Enough is enough!”  The rest will follow.

And Secondly; because one small success must not invite complacency. Be ever vigilant, Dear Reader!. The slithery nature of NWO strategy means that if the direct approach against us has failed, the bureaucrats, the U.N, and their corporate minions looking to implement Agenda 21 may still achieve the same sinister result by ever-more-subtle means. E.g. implementation by stealth, by gradation, by obfuscation, or even by trickery in manufacturing a false crisis. Think laterally. The enemy sure does.

– QuantumSniper


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