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20-October-2013 / quantumsniper1

Terror, Terror Everywhere! and No-One Stops to Think

Civil liberties disappear under U.S. Anti-Terrorism policy

(Article, 2332 words. Est. 10 mins average reading time excluding videos.)

Ever since the 9-11 Attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, the U.S. Administration has eroded and tramelled civil liberties at an ever-accelerating rate.

Jump-started by the horror of 9/11, U.S. Foreign Policy and the mainstream media soonafter commenced a worldwide campaign with the agenda of a “Global War on Terror”. Try not to be squeamish, and see if you can watch the full 2 mins of the video below (you’ll get the message after 30 seconds anyway). That way you’ll recall the full force of that campaign.

“Youtube video: Terrorist propaganda 911- martial state” (2:23 mins)


Its been over decade now since September 2011. I thought I’d just do a little stock-take of exactly how all that’s going for them. Come on, it’ll be fun! You’ll see!

To do this stock-take’, I will –

1.   Sum up the Cost of the ‘War on Terror’, including listing some of the ways that western society and democracy has been changed, affected, and otherwise suffered imposition by these ‘anti-terrorist’ policies.  We’ll see how this theme of scary ‘terrorism’ seems to have insinuated itself into almost every aspect of our lives.  And lastly;

2.   I’ll look at actual statistics of global deaths (of U.S. citizens) over the decade since the ‘War on Terror’ began to see if it’s all been worth it.

1.  The Cost of Terror

According to Time Magazine; The U.S. Administration’s ‘War on Terror’ has (as reported 29-Jun-2011) had a ‘real total cost’ of around $5 Trillion dollars. (That’s with a ‘T’). This equates to about $166,666 for every man woman and child in the U.S if they had to pay reparations for damages.

What does a TRILLION dollars look like? Watch the following video, and remember the 5 Trillion dollar figure is a couple of years old.

What does one TRILLION dollars look like? (1:45 mins)

Also remember that the final image left in your mind by this video should be multiplied by five.

For the average American, or even global citizen, the scope of this waste is beyond fathoming. Psychologically the numbers are too “unreal” to connect with anything in their daily lives.

A Terrible Cost Sinks-In

Many who are presented with this evidence think “Who cares? It’s only money! There’s a banker somewhere who just punches numbers into his computer and creates money out of thin air”. Many others live under the mainstream illusion that “This isn’t a real problem, the U.S. can just raise the Debt Ceiling to fund it all in perpetuity.”  Still others might think: “So what! Leave me alone. I’m too small and insignificant to do or say anything”.

I really wish I was joking, but unfortunately, psychological avoidance and pure human ignorance are all-too-endemic in a world / nation where people are systematically mis-informed by a mainstream media that is (typically) aligned, bullied, cajoled or paid-for by State/ Corporate/ Globalist vested interests.

Adam Kokesh body slammed, choked, police brutality at Jefferson Memorial (11:00 mins)

This cost of 5 Trillion has resulted in some big significant changes to society since 2001. These include the setting up of vast ‘Citizen Control’ networks, Spy-Grids, and pre-emptive Disaster Management Systems. There have been major breaches of the U.S. Federal Constitution and multiple law-changes affecting basic civil rights. Free Speech has been curtailed and whistle-blowers (once treated as heroes), are now being persecuted. At the same time, the U.S. and NATO have found themselves in numerous wars and war-fronts around the globe.

Worldwide, the mainstream broadcast media has become centralized around a handful of rigidly editorialized news outlets led by Thomson-Reuters and AAP.  These agencies provide a carefully shaped narrative which has little to do with promoting worldwide peace, harmony and goodwill. Instead, they cheer-lead the U.S and NATO into new wars in the Middle-East, shield corporate globalist interests from real criticism or scrutiny, and relay dis-information on false flag events (usually funded by the CIA as being the act of “terrorists”) without accountability.

Attendant upon all these physical changes has been a 1984-style social and cultural upheaval. Today, the word “terror” has become so fashionable and arbitrary that merely voicing dissent or exercising civil disobedience opens the activist to charges of “terrorism”, or “hate crime” or opens them to insult and ridicule. Here with the mainstream attracts police brutality (click for video) (11 mins)

Below are more detailed samples of some of the things we have all come to now accept as ‘normal’.

What’s actually changed since 2001

War in Afghanistan
  • U.S. war, and ongoing hostilities in Afghanistan. Note: all of which was originally justified to go there and “hunt down Bin Laden”). 17,000+ dead. 120,000+ displaced or homeless.


HomeLand Security - "for your safety"
  • Enacting of the U.S. Patriot Act of Oct 2001 (right after 9/11), and setup of Department of Homeland Security, (eerily reminiscent of ‘Brown-Shirts Brigades in the NAZI Fatherland before WWII)



TSA - Now take off your glasses, too !


Prism Spy Grid - Who is selling your private information ?


Iraqi Civilian Deaths in 10 years.


Obama Executive Order - National Defence Authorization Act 2012
  • The implementation of NDAA in 2013 (an effective reversal of 900 years of the common law legal principle of Habeas Corpus) giving the U.S. Govt the power of secret indefinite detention and incarceratiog of persons ‘deemed’ to be a threat to national security.

<— CLICK HERE to learn about dangerous Executive Orders and how they differ from actual “Laws”


Executive Orders from Obama - Effective to implement Martial Law at his discretion
  • Implementation of NDRP (i.e. the “National Defense Resource Preparedness Order”), another Presidential Executive Order 13603 on 16-Mar-2012. Essentially it is a power to declare Martial Law. It allows Obama (at his discretion) to seize all national and private assets including food, water, hospitals, medicines, farm equipment, munitions or anything it sees fit in any Presidentially self-proclaimed “National Defense Emergency”. Note, such powers are completely indistinguishable from the powers of any sole emperor / dictator / tyrant.

<— Click on this image for explanatory video (1:30 min)



  • Drones, UAV mechanical devices which can be remotely controlled in real-time by soldiers as though they are playing a computer game. This de-humanizes the battleground. A chilling future for humanity as the machines become more in control than the humans who built them.


Syria missile


  • Daily Newspapers, TV News, TV Cop/Spy dramas, Hollywood movie after movie, Shoot-em-up video games; The whole culture seems completely obsessed with ‘National Security’, fear of ‘Criminal Terrorists’, Spies, International Terrorist Cells, Al Queda, SWAT Teams, FBI, CIA, hunting for Weapons of Mass Destruction, bombings, nuclear holocaust.



Click this image to see short video on the 1970’s senate hearings by Frank Church (died of cancer in 1984) on the CIA’s ‘Project Mockingbird’. Media and mind control.

  • It has been naively suggested that the ‘obsession with terrorism’ is purely a cultural phenomenon. However, there is little mistaking the ‘top-down’ influence of having George Bush declare his “War on Terror” to an international audience in 2002, and having the CIA release hair-raising documents such as the “National Strategy for Combating Terrorism”, it is clear that the government initiates the obsession. Moreover, for those familiar with CIA programs such as “Project Mockingbird” from the 1950’s, there is little doubt that intentional manipulation of mass media / news / and cultural triggers are repeatedly bought-and-paid-for strategy used by the U.S. Intelligence community since they were first ‘outed’ by the FrankChurch Senate hearings in the 1970’s. (Warning! copying and pasting this link to obtain the PDF file takes you to the official CIA website. If you are disinclined to do this, then consider how ‘terror’ has affected Your, personal decisions)


2.   Statistical Certainty

Let’s recall and respect that 2,996 deaths resulted from the collapse of the World Trade Centre (WTC) buildings and at the Pentagon on 9/11. So it was, in fact, AFTER THIS, that the “War on Terror” was declared by George W. Bush.

Do you know how many U.S. citizens officially died in so-called  “Acts of Terrorism” (threats to National Security) in the last 10 years after 911?

Well – as they say – “Read ’em and weep”. In the table below are the official statistics in their full glory from The Primary source. I.e. The U.S. State Department itself. Only the two asterisked* numbers derive from a secondary source.

Under each year in the table, you can click on the hyperlink’d number to go to the official pages. (Go on! Educate yourself !)

Civilian Deaths of U.S. Citizens for 10 years after 9/11













74 *




33 *




Total = 207

  • The average annual number of deaths per year in this decade is less than 21 p.a.
  • Also, of these deaths, none (i.e. zero) actually died on U.S soil.
  • These figures don’t take account of the rampages of death, destruction and pillaging visited on the rest of the known world by globalists and U.S. foreign policy.

Get Some Perspective

Was the “War on Terror” worth it?

Interestingly, many commentators on this topic, point to the fact that the average number of deaths in the U.S. caused by Hornets, wasps. bee stings in alone averages over 40 per year.  But I would not be so glib as to say “Let’s declare a new war on terror against the bees.”

Now consider some further statistics below for other causes of death and let us wonder why money isn’t being spent to reduce these instead.

Lets take 2009, for example, and see what are the leading causes of death in the U.S.

Cause of Death (USA only)


#1 Heart Disease


#2 Malignant neoplasms (tumours)


#3 Chronic lower respiratory diseases (lung disease)


#4 Cerebrovascular diseases (brain disease)


#5 Accidents (unintentional injuries)


#6 Alzheimer’s disease


#7 Diabetes mellitus


#8 Flu and pneumonia


#9 Nephrotic syndromes, and nephrosis (kidney disease)


#10 Suicide


Instead, dear Reader,  I will ask:

  1. Since the Globalists (via the U.S. Administration) are spending so much money and effort, destroying lives, breaking Laws and the Constitution, and breaching human rights everywhere, do you think that all this wastage of lives and money is just an accident of fate?
  2. Do you think its just some U.S. “emotional over-reaction” in light of the horrors of 9/11 ?

After our final auditing and accounting we are therefore forced to ask:  Why does the U.S. government concern itself so much with world terror?

Epilogue – “Follow the money”

This old adage tells us that the villain is most often he who seeks to profit from evil.

With very little wisdom you can soon conclude that the propaganda and lies for a “War on Terror” are all about feeding the Military-Industrial Complex and its War Profiteers. Spending 5 Trillion dollars was never about vengeance, or ‘cleaning up the world’ of a handful of terrorists.

There are many researchers and conspiracy advocates out there who’ve concluded that 911 was an “inside job”. I will detail this in a new article soon. If these conspiracy researchers prove to be correct, then it begs the reader to think how much of this institutionalized terror, and “demand for security” should we put up with before we start “pushing back” against corrupt government ?

Perhaps it would be wise to do some research of your own. Look for the hidden agendas in the news, or in any mainstream corporate, government,  or media campaigns.

Is it possible to reverse time now, and roll-back all the changes we have suffered? The Dead will unfortunately remain dead. However it is my fervent view that there is no reason why we cannot repeal draconian laws. And there is no reason we cannot enlighten the public, and give them both courage and wisdom to pursue the truth about the mind control tactics used by globalist technocrats.

It will take time, inconvenience and effort, but a good start would be to turn off the TV, stop buying the newspaper, and start getting your information from the REAL honest media like Alex Jones, or Not the plastic teleprompter readers, and scarecrow press who parrot the usual drivel that serves the Statist Agenda. Sure; with unaligned media, you might be exposed to a bunch of challenging new ideas you never bargained for, but who terrorized YOU into thinking you couldn’t handle real facts?

–   These are the facts as I see them..  QuantumSniper

P.S. Don’t forget my previous article on “How to Read QuantumSniper Articles“. And note that, whilst the writing in my article may be interesting, there are some seriously compelling and provocative content in the hyperlinks. So click on them!



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  1. Max Power / Oct 20 2013 4:31 AM

    (via Guardian)

    Edward Snowden, the source of National Security Agency leaks, has insisted that he decided to become a whistleblower and flee America because he had no faith in the internal reporting mechanisms of the US government, which he believed would have destroyed him and buried his message for ever.

    One of the main criticisms levelled at Snowden by the Obama administration has been that he should have taken up an official complaint within the NSA, rather than travelling to Hong Kong to share his concerns about the agency’s data dragnet with the Guardian and other news organisations. But in an interview with the New York Times, Snowden has dismissed that option as implausible.

    “The system does not work,” he said, pointing to the paradox that “you have to report wrongdoing to those most responsible for it.” If he had tried to sound the alarm internally, he would have “been discredited and ruined” and the substance of his warnings “would have been buried forever”.

    Snowden, 30, conducted the interview with the New York Times over the past few days, communicating from Russia, where he has been granted a year’s asylum, with a Times journalist in New York via encrypted email. He took the opportunity to try to quash several of the most widely aired criticisms of his actions.

    (via Max Keiser, secondary link)

    NSA Revelations Kill IBM Hardware Sales In China

    The first shot was fired on Monday. Teradata, which sells analytics tools for Big Data, warned that quarterly revenues plunged 21% in Asia and 19% in the Middle East and Africa. Wednesday evening, it was IBM’s turn to confess that its hardware sales in China had simply collapsed. Every word was colored by Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s hand-in-glove collaboration with American tech companies, from startups to mastodons like IBM.

    But the fiasco was tucked away under the lesser debacle of IBM’s overall revenues, which fell 4.1% from prior year, the sixth straight quarter of declines in a row. Software revenue inched up 1%, service revenue skidded 3%. At the hardware unit, Systems and Technology, revenue plunged 17%. Within that, sales of UNIX and Linux Power System servers plummeted a dizzying 38%. Governmental and corporate IT departments had just about stopped buying these machines.

    (as above)

    “A Special Surveillance Chip”

    According to leaked internal documents from the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) that Die Zeit obtained, IT experts figured out that Windows 8, the touch-screen enabled, super-duper, but sales-challenged Microsoft operating system is outright dangerous for data security. It allows Microsoft to control the computer remotely through a built-in backdoor. Keys to that backdoor are likely accessible to the NSA – and in an unintended ironic twist, perhaps even to the Chinese.

    The backdoor is called “Trusted Computing,” developed and promoted by the Trusted Computing Group, founded a decade ago by the all-American tech companies AMD, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Wave Systems. Its core element is a chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and an operating system designed for it, such as Windows 8. Trusted Computing Group has developed the specifications of how the chip and operating systems work together.

    Its purpose is Digital Rights Management and computer security. The system decides what software had been legally obtained and would be allowed to run on the computer, and what software, such as illegal copies or viruses and Trojans, should be disabled. The whole process would be governed by Windows, and through remote access, by Microsoft.

    Now there is a new set of specifications out, creatively dubbed TPM 2.0. While TPM allowed users to opt in and out, TPM 2.0 is activated by default when the computer boots up. The user cannot turn it off. Microsoft decides what software can run on the computer, and the user cannot influence it in any way. Windows governs TPM 2.0. And what Microsoft does remotely is not visible to the user. In short, users of Windows 8 with TPM 2.0 surrender control over their machines the moment they turn it on for the first time.

    It would be easy for Microsoft or chip manufacturers to pass the backdoor keys to the NSA and allow it to control those computers. NO, Microsoft would never do that, we protest. Alas, Microsoft, as we have learned from the constant flow of revelations, informs the US government of security holes in its products well before it issues fixes so that government agencies can take advantage of the holes and get what they’re looking for.

    Experts at the BSI, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Federal Administration warned unequivocally against using computers with Windows 8 and TPM 2.0. One of the documents from early 2012 lamented, “Due to the loss of full sovereignty over the information technology, the security objectives of ‘confidentiality’ and ‘integrity’ can no longer be guaranteed.”

  2. Max Power / Oct 20 2013 4:41 AM

    The SSL rating of this site :

    So far it gets an ‘A’ in all the separate instances.

  3. Timo Reischmann / Oct 20 2013 7:32 AM

    Hello there!

    You might not remember me, I’m a german guy. We discussed many interesting topics when we met last March/April. Anyway – there are a couple of things which popped in my mind while reading your article:
    1. Do you remember the movie ‘Enemy Of The State’ with Will Smith? It was produced in 1998 and nowadays I’m shocked about the similarities to ‘modern whistleblowers’. I’m pretty sure there where lots of whistleblowers sooner in history eg in the Cold War who tried to publish secret military programms etc and I bet they were hunted too. But since then the media and our sensibility changed. Moreover all the technique shown in this movie already existed before 2001. In the movie they might be fiction, but I reckon they where already in use by the gov.

    2. What about all the unofficial terrorist attacs? I’m pretty sure not every single “act of terrorism” was published to ‘prevent panic’. So the damage might be way higher.

    3. I reckon most of the technique and the acts/laws would have come anyway (1984, George Orwell). Especially the Internet and with it its dangers are growing so fast, that the gov needs to have some controll over it. You can’t fight a machine gun with bow and arrow.

    In the end I need to admit, that I’m barely informed and most of my option is based on ‘mainstream media’. The points above just popped in my mind when I read your article this morning. But I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done – it will keep me thinking and asking. And I’ll start informing me right after breakfast!

    Best wishes from Germany, Timo Reischmann

    • quantumsniper1 / Oct 25 2013 2:32 AM

      Hi Timo

      I am so pleased you continue to subscribe and read the blog. My response is long. Sorry about that, I feel this ‘comment’ could have been a separate article itself. It is essentially a bunch of ideas customized to respond to your question/comment. I hope it will be entertaining for whoever reads it.

      If what I wrote today was an article, its theme would be: “Even WE who are awake, must continue to hone our knowledge, temperament and opinions. Because if we accept ANY internal rationales that promote ANY kind of “CONTROL” over society, that acceptance is really based on FEAR thats MANUFACTURED BY THE STATE to protect its OWN cartels and vested interests by turning citizens into slaves.”

      E.g. The U.S. government sold people on ObamaCare because “It will give health care to all the poor”. Meanwhile, ObamaCare was actually WRITTEN BY the insurance companies themselves for their OWN PROFIT. The Insurers FORCE the government – through lobbying and bribes to get it through. U.S. politicians make laws to EXCLUDE themselves from Obamacare. Who wins? In this scheme, POORER CITIZENS are all eventually FORCED to pay exhorbitant insurance rates for ‘HEALTH CARE’ they can never afford. The Insurance companies make a buttload. Health insurance prices quadriple. Big drug companies and cartels get lock-down contracts for future drug & equipment sales. Quality of Health services becomes standardized and reduced. Citizens then cease to get customized medical care. People then die because an insurance bureaucrat says “your insurance doesn cover this rare disease”.

      RE: Your reference to the movie: “ENEMY OF THE STATE”:

      Although this movie was fiction, it was mainly a showcase for (what was then) –

      (a) the mainstream awareness of what appears to be the ‘state-of-the-art’ in government surveillance and counter-surveillance. and,

      (b) the executive powers of Secret Service Agencies (like CIA), and how that agency operates ABOVE the law and with NO OVERSIGHT in terms of its ability to commit criminal acts of kidnapping, torture, murder etc…. so long as their mandate is to protect U.S. “national security” … AND

      (c) the potential for ABUSE of these “government” powers to persecute, harm the innocent, or be used as a tool by a corrupt elite to serve the private globalist vested interests OF those elites.

      All of these “core concepts / new ideas” presented in this 1998 movie were perhaps shocking or surprising to a mainstream audiences of 1998. In fact, even today, the movie still resonates with a majority of citizens refusing to whole-heartedly believe that this kind of corruption and abuse of power actually exists … EVEN THOUGH many suspect it does. Naturally, they are fearful. So they respond with psychological denial.

      Unfortunately, as you say, there have been whisteblowers throughout history who have suffered persecution or been assassinated. E.g. Karen Silkwood (Exposed Nuclear Program 3-Mile Island 1973), Mark Felt (‘Deep Throat’ exposed Nixon & Watergate) 1974, Frank Serpico (NY Police corruption 1970). (See for more).

      Personally, my eyes have been opened, and my store of facts about the New World Order has increased exponentially since I started listening to Alex Jones at … I listen to his podcasts all the time. More people will wake-up if they do the same.


      I have discovered that there are extraordinary technologies that are available to the military-industrial complex, and the elites. Stuff which the public never hears about. The Chinese / Russian / U.S. military, in terms of hi-tech, secretly possesses and uses stuff that is 30 to 60 years ahead of recognized mainstream technologies like IPhone and Internet. These include
      – psych-warfare / propaganda and sociological manipulation techniques (look up ….Tavistock Institute)
      – MK-Ultra-type mind-control programs (just like the movie ‘Manchurian Candidate’),
      – Artifical Intelligence systems.
      – life-extension medical technology.
      – Supercomputers and neural networks,
      – synthetic telepathy (‘voice of god’ weapons), (Neural implantation chips, GWEN Towers etc.)
      – bio-chemical agents (nerve gas, aluminium and barium salts in chemtrails),
      – biological agents – (e.g. weaponized mouse-pox, AIDS virus used in gene splicing of hybrid lifeforms by Monsanto)
      – Artificial Hormones and estrogen mimickers – e.g. in Bi-Sphenol-A used in manufacturing food containers,
      – Mood altering chemicals (Fluoride in water, and also in pharmaceutical anti-depressants)
      – Nano-technology, bots, carbon nano-fibres etc.,
      – Tesla-Scalar wave technology like HAARP,
      – quantum computers,
      – genetic manipulation (Super-soldiers & Assassins) – see,
      – data snooping / spying wiretapping encryption technology via Prism and Echelon
      – Superconductors,
      – Cold Fusion,
      – Electro-Gravitic propulsion systems,
      – gravity-reducing or neutralizing technology,
      – zero-point energy generation,
      – geo-engineering and weather manipulation,
      – relativistic temporal and space displacement and distortion capabilities.
      – alternate energy systems,
      – light-refracting (invisibility) stealth systems,
      – particle/laser beam technology
      …. the list goes on… (I hope to make a fuller article about these ‘secret technologies” later.

      Basically, aything you’ve seen in any sci-fi movie is either ALREADY WITH US, or under continuing development …. Just look up Youtube, e.g. “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory”, using the above search terms and you wlll see.

      NOTE; About YouTube / Ventura / or other ‘unofficial’ Internet reference-sources: Many people warn you: “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet”. What you should REALIZE is that YOU should not believe THEM. With billions and even trillions of dollars openly spent in black ops budgets world wide, ANYTHING you can possibly imagine, is ACTUALLY being researched and implemented in some government or corporate program or laboratory somewhere. Plausible deniability and ridicule of Investigators who embarrassing questions is a hugely powerful counter-intelligence tool against pbulic awareness.

      The secret Elite Class literally own and control the entire mainstream media system that feeds us our daily information. They propagate a system that automatically hires employees, Editors and CEO’s with personality profiles that “fit the program/agenda” of globalist corporations for the task they are to perform. In this way, censorship and false-reporting of news stories becomes endemic. Even the actual editors and journalists ‘self-censor’ in accordance with government policy. So – in many ways – journalists DONT EVEN KNOW they are working for the N.W.O because they just basically get rewarded for “doing their job properly” and “towing the line”. Those who step on toes, and report the truth, get fired and ridiculed.

      For example:
      The headline screams: “Vote for ObamaCare… it will give health care to all”. Meanwhile, ObamaCare was written BY the insurance companies themselves, who FORCE the government through lobbying and bribes, so that eventually EVERYBODY is now FORCED (even though most cannot afford) to pay exhorbitant insurance rates. Who wins? The Insurance companies make buttloads more than they did before ObamaCare.

      Regarding Terrorist attacks in the past. “Preventing Panic” in the public is a very low level tactic. Institutionalized induced fear is not about “preventing” panic, its about “controlling and mis-directing” the public so they will think what the Elites need them to think. E.g. Meaningless random attack by Aurora Gunman (Batman Theatre shootings). Next step = publicize the horror on TV, next = villify gun owners, next step = change constitution to ban guns in U.S.

      It is very highly likely that many (70%+) of the so-called “mad lone gunmen” shooting up schools and movie theatres, and shopping malls in the U.S. and around the world are often staged “FALSE FLAGS” done with CIA and NSA Black-Operatives to fulfil an agenda. Exactly like Hitler burning the Reichstag in the 1930’s and blaming it on the Jews.

      More on this later. Look out for my upcoming article on the 9/11 False Flag. About 50% written. Not quite ready for publishing.

      RE: GEORGE ORWELL’s 1984
      Orwell wrote his book in the 1950’s. At that time, he was very well acquainted with New World Order thinking. He actually warned us about it in his novel. One of Orwell’s teachers at Eton College was Aldous Huxley. Who wrote “Brave New World”. Aldous Huxley was the BROTHER of JULIAN HUXLEY, one of the co-founders of UNESCO a branch of the United Nations.

      I give you this quick history because the U.N. is the main global tool of the New World Order. So therefore, the book “1984” was not just accidentally prophetic. It was actually ORWELL revealing the BLUEPRINT for the N.W.O plans for the future by the people who’d schooled him. So Orwell was actually warning us because HE KNEW THE PLANS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE PUTTING INTO ACTION THE ACTUAL SYSTEMS OF GLOBAL CONTROL FOR TH POPULACE IN THE FIRST PLACE. See my own blog article –

      Timo, You’ve said that ‘many of these laws would have come anyway’, and that the government needs to control the ‘dangers’ of the internet.

      What I would say is this: DOES THE PUBLIC actually need ‘control of the internet’? Really?! Is it the public that needs protecting? OR is it the CORPORATIONS and the GOVERNMENT who want to ‘Control the Internet’ so they can either MAKE MONEY, or CONTROL the information people have access to, OR let the government KEEP TRACK/ CONTROL people.

      I would ask: “What on earth can be ‘dangerous'” about the internet?” Downloading porn? Using your credit card? Online Gambling? Paedophiles? Its all just “virtual” isn’t it. Its all just ideas floating in cyberspace. Since when was knowledge and the sharing of more ideas a bad thing?

      To regulate the internet and the “flow of secrets”, there are plenty of simple systems like Encryption, Password Protection, Common Sense, and Family Rules that can fix 99.9% of the “dangers” of online life. These technologies are constantly evolving and developing. The internet will STOP being that “wild west” of wonderful creativity and discovery AS SOON AS it is hijacked or owned by corporations / governments / globalists and control freaks.

      I mean, issues of ‘safety on the internet’ for your money or your children’s minds are EASILY fixed by just improving Community & Family Values. NOT by getting government involved in your daily life and making LAWS for every little thing. Don’t trust the government!

      For example: You don’t let your child drive the family car, Or play in the middle of the road … so why give them an iphone or a Facebook account if they are immature or younger than, say, 15 y.o. Its well-known that children’s minds are damaged by too much TV, and uncontrolled access to a computer from the age they start walking. IF COMMUNITIES and FAMILIES made simple Rules… e.g. “Brush your teeth in the morning”, “make your bed”, or “Maximum 1 hour Angry Birds per day”, and “NO FACEBOOK till you’re 15”, and “NO ALCOHOL till you’re 18″ then we wouldnt need a stinking GOVERNMENT to make one-size-fits-all LAWS for us and send in the Police and SWAT TEAMS if we dont comply”.

      But the problem is, that governments usually BUY VOTES. To increase its votes, govts give free money and increase the Dole to the people. As that happens, unfortunately, it fertilizes a huge class of dependent, idle, dim-witted, sick, obese, gormless uninspired people who will KEEP VOTING for free handouts, Reality TV, McHappy Meals and Diet Coke. IF, in a democracy, THAT group becomes the majority, We are all screwed! A true (ideal) democracy can only function when you have a MAJORITY of people who are INFORMED, EDUCATED and have enough education, happiness, health and courage to willingly take on democratic ideals. Thats when you start to get that idyllic society of artisan warriors, creators and philosophers who innately value their civic responsibilities.

      If you want to know about the real dangers relating to the internt … then you should quickly do research on the new TPP (“Trans-Pacific Partnership”) Regulations. This TPP involving dozens of secret “Bilderberg-type” meetings by corporations looking to stitch up “trade-agreements” between all countries, will effectively be a HUGE MAFIA RACKET of global corporations. Multi-National Corporations will effectively become like nation-states. They will sign up governments and corporations via international treaties, and then if your country doesn’t (for example) put people in jail for downloading pirated movies, then your country will get “trade sanctions” imposed against it. It is extortion! Its ILLEGAL! And they’re DOING IT !

      – Keep informing yourself. Keep helping others to wake up. Fight the Power.
      – QuantumSniper

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