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6-November-2013 / quantumsniper1

Stay alive until 2045 – Then live forever

Singularity. Expanding our universes

(Article, 457 words. Est. 3 mins average reading time excluding videos)

As Hamlet said to his friend Horatio : “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio.

As a thinker, conspiracy journalist, and part-time activist I am blessed to live in a world where the pace of progress is so incredible that it is possible to have my mind blown repeatedly, and with increasing frequency of late.

Verner Vinge first coined the word singularity in OMNI magazine in 1983.

Although I’d heard the word in the context of theoretical physics and black holes, I only recently considered the depth of the term “Singularity” in terms of human evolution, development, and trans-humanism.

I now humbly request you watch the following video (8:50 mins) by the Anonymous Team.

So, in essence, by 2045 we should be able upload our conscious brain to a virtual environment. For example, one day before our corporeal body is due to die of old age, we upload the brain, adopt any size universe, any shape, any age, any powers (or superpowers) of our preference. Then we can live in perpetuity (with our friends) in any manner of heaven or hell we choose. (*Consider also the possibility that the consciousness may experience a temporal “discontinuity break” in the jump from the Real to the Virtual space.)

Some who’ve watched this video secretly shrink in terror. In extremes they even call it, ‘The Mark of the Beast‘ or ‘Piffle’ depending upon the colour of the fear or insecurity that masks their personal demons. Remember, its not about how we get to singularity, its about what happens when we get there.

If you find yourself unready, then ask yourself “Why am I afraid? Is there something wrong with my life / thought processes today that stop me from upgrading my existence”. After that, you should come back and try to watch it again.

In any event, I recommend you only watch the video in full if you are capable of dealing with a new life paradigm. I did, and it was exhilarating.

Understand me; It’s not the video itself (which is quite well-produced) but the thoughts that romped into my imagination AFTER watching the video. There I was in the shower, washing and thinking away, and the possibilities amazed even Jaded-Old Me!  In a word, the imaginative possibilities are ‘infinite’.

I expect I will come back to this topic in future and write follow-up articles on incidental talking points such as; The Anonymous Movement, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computers, Cybernetic Organisms, Eugenics, future political systems, mass delusion, existentialism, and evolutionary ascendency. But lets take it in baby steps. Not today.

For now; Go get some exhilaration for yourself !

– QuantumSniper


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