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23-April-2014 / quantumsniper1

Ex-CIA Spy: solutions for world problems

Steeley Hope for the future

(Article, 338 words. Est. 2 mins average reading time excluding videos)

In short, I think the video below (11 mins.), and the speaker say plenty to inspire. My commentary is barely necessary. I only ask – as usual – that the Reader use this article to start off your understanding into the matters raised. I.e. GO AND SEARCH FOR OTHER VIDEOS by typing in the speaker’s name below into YouTube. Really. Its not hard, and its not scary.

Robert D. Steele is a political reformist. As well as being former C.I.A. officer now turned activist against U.S. Government corruption, he was also a candidate on the U.S. Reform Party’s ticket for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. He basically wants to chuck out the entire U.S. Congress that supports the Obama administration, and start afresh. But that’s just the beginning.

(“Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!”) (sorry for the poor quality video)

Whats refreshing about Steele’s presentation is the no-nonsense “Tell it like it is” attitude. In particular, his easy confidence and certainty in suggesting various solutions.

In my own research into geo-politics, I am constantly coming up against people who openly acknowledge the world is a mess. That corruption has overtaken government and media, and that there are globalist corporate vested interests who continue to abnegate the human spirit. Despite this confession, even seemingly intelligent people, they all reek with the stench of “learned helplessness”.

“Bahh, Bahh, Bahhhhh!” they bleat. “Of course ‘The People’ are all in a form of technocratic enslavement of intellect, monetary bondage, and poisoning of the environment, body and soul. Everybody knows that! But DARN IT, *I* can’t do anything about it because it’s all too hard, and its too late anyway! … So FerChrissakeWillYaJustShaddap !?, and stop telling us about all the bad things in the world?”

“Well, sorry but I wont give up or shutup…”, I reply, “…because there are still people in the world like Robert Steele, Nigel Farage and Alex Jones who have both hope and ideas”.

– QuantumSniper


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