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2-July-2014 / quantumsniper1

“DemoCrazies” and the Middle East

A Rude Awakening

(Article, 4,150 words. Est. 18 mins reading time excluding Videos. Take your time. Read a few bits each day. The education is worth it. – Article Revision 14-Jun-2017)

I received the following video from a good friend. His only four words in the accompanying email were a plaintiff cry for all to heed: “Time to Wake up!”

* Warning, intentional extreme violence depicted *

Top 10 Most Horrific And Insane ISIS Executions (

(Update Note 14-Jun-2017: The original video in this article called “DAESH – ISIL Muslim massacre – Jun 2014” has been censored by YouTube. In some ways, I am thankful, because it was almost too unbearable to watch)

The original (quite frankly horrifying) video showed ISIL (ISIS) ultra-extremist Jihadi’s (‘holy warriors’) executing moderate Sunni and Shia soldiers most likely left behind as their generals flee Iraq. At the time of writing this article in 2014, approximately 1,700 such killings had taken place. The zealotry of Takfiri (usually Sunni) murderers is so extreme, they even classify secular (non-religious) muslims as “impure infidels”, and in so doing give themselves the right to kill, rape, pillage and desecrate any apostates.

Although google/youtube has sanitized and censored some of the more violent videos over time the internet still contains may ‘R’-Rated images of atrocities, including the capture, then beheading and crucifying of civilians and christians. Al Quaeda atrocities affiliated rebels in Syria were executing their political opponents such as the ALWEI and moderate Sunni’s.

Though terrorists claim their actions are ‘about God’, but believing that these acts are about anything but politics would be foolish.

Anyway, my concern today is about HOW people react. Since the average person is not mentally or spiritually equipped to handle such images, most are virtually hard-wired to react with trauma. This means they will either ‘freeze-out’ any feelings at all (Denial). Or else they a desire for revenge, agonized hatred, racism and paranoia.

So, after sucking back my horror and calming down, I switched on my frontal lobes and started to process some real questions:Such as “Why?”. “Whose Fault?”. “How did all this happen?”, and “What can *I* do to help?”’.

The ‘Why’

It’s extremely likely these videos show real uncensored events. But even if not (as some of the mis/dis-information trolls in the Youtube comments section suggest), this is still the kind of extreme material that shapes the actions of other radical organisations, sways the public opinion of global masses, and finally shapes the foreign policy of nations to incite war.

take 1: ‘Whose fault?

Should we now seethe with hate, and blame it all on rampant proliferation of Islamic doctrine. Should we fear the possible spread of Sharia Law (i.e. extreme Muslim fundamentalist principles) overrunning us here in the West?

In this instance, I decided ‘No’. There is certainly a case to be made that Christian principles world-wide are under threat. But look deeper. The above video is NOT just about religion. Its way beyond that. It is soldiers brainwashed to kill others for political purposes.

By the way, for what I’m about to say below, don’t be a cretin and try to paint this writer as a Muslim sympathizer, an anarchist, or terrorist, or turn-coat, or radical. I’ll say it plain: I promise I’ve got nothing against the USA per se. I love its people and culture. Take a straw-poll of a thousand folk in AnyWhere Street, in AnyTown USA, and only a minor fraction of the lovely people there would – I’m sure – give ignorant support for sending their sons and daughters to die in some insufferable desert war in the Middle-East.

No! its NOT Mr Average Joe in the U.S who is evil. As Alex Jones loves to say; “I blame the International Mega-Banks, the Globalist Technocrats, and the Multi-National Corporate interests who have – by stealth – done a ‘Foreign Takevoer’ and now fully control our very own governments”.

Regarding Muslims in the West: If you want to understand why Islam is becoming more prevalent, then consider the thesis of Lord Christopher Monckton. Irrespective what you think of his views on climate change, his logic on Muslim immigrantion is spot on.  [Video and time-reference and citation required]. In short, his basic thesis is that traditional Christian societies in the west, upon encountering Muslim immigrants, undergo what he calls a “Crisis of the Womb”. With decaying morals, abortion, homosexuality and rampant materialism, the traditional Western Christian nuclear family is literally conceiving less children. Naturally, even secular Muslim immigrants with traditional family values will prevail and increase in population over time. And so who’s fault is that?

Them’s the facts, Jack! So don’t just blame the Muslims.

take 2: Whose fault is it really?

What needs to be keenly understood is that the madness in the hearts of these executioners is (incredibly) financed and supported by covert western interests through agencies like the CIA, MI6, Mossad and by pro-USA-Arabic Monarchies in the Arab Emirates (Hint: think ‘PetroDollar’).

Now read this last sentence again carefully to let sink in what I just said. It contains s a gut-wrenching truth.

Yes, the U.S. Government, through manipulation of an ignorant taxpaying public, is openly funding Al’Qaeda (also known as “Al’C.I.A-da” to insiders).  Believe it or not, Al’Qaeda are ‘Santa’s little helper’ for NATO and U.S interests in the Middle-East.

You think I’m bullshitting you? Here: watch this –

Yep! You heard right

Lets bring this point home to roost: Al’Qaeda is the same terrorist organisation whom America blamed for the 911 terrorist attacks on the World Trade centre in 2001.  And after 911, of course, virtually every unreasonable act of global aggression by the U.S. was justified on the grounds of protecting their ‘National Security’.  Under George W Bush, the U.S. inexplicably evolved into ‘world guardian against an Axis of Evil’. This rhetoric is what normalized public opinion to accept the idea of starting pre-emptive wars in the Middle-East.

“BUT”, I hear you ask: “Weren’t Al’Qaeda supposed to be the U.S’ sworn enemy.  How can they be funding them?”

As you ponder that question, Here’s another more alarming conundrum: “What IF – as many researchers contend – 9/11 was an “Inside Job?” To answer that question, you should – as always – ‘Follow the money’ and consider who and what was gained from that event.” [Note: more on that topic in an upcoming article – QS.]

In the above video, I hope you watched Hillary carefully. Did you notice the clever little glossing-over she pulls in this interview? Notice that she portrays Al’Qaeda’s growth as some kind of awful ‘accident of fate’. No word on the morality of funding them in the first place. They’ve done it again and again through history. Its utter deception. So, here we can see U.S. foreign policy ‘spin doctoring’ in its full glory. “Oh Goodness Me!” she seems to say. “All those dratted Al’Qaeda groups [that WE originally funded AND continue to fund] seem to have now gotten a teeny-weeny bit out of our control. Silly Us! Never mind. But still, we meant well!”

The fraud in this little puppet show is that the U.S. CREATED Al’Qaeda from Day One. The U.S government supported and funded its agendas and still does. Hell, the CIA even sent weapons to, and trained Osama Bin Laden in his dealings with the MujaHideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s’ in the U.S. proxy war against Russia.

[See the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” starring Tom Hanks]

It gets even crazier. George Bush Senior was in a meeting of the Carlysle Group with the family of Osama Bin Laden IN New York, at 10:30AM on the morning before 911.  Talk about conflict of interest! Remember, after 911, Bin Laden  was the known leader of Al’Qaeda was the NAMED TARGET of the U.S’s declared “Global War on Terror”. Does anybody else see the massive hypocrisy and deception here?

George W. Bush and Shafiq bin Laden, Brother of Osama,Meeting At Ritz Carlton Hotel, NYC, One Day Before 9/11

Problem, Reaction, Solution

These three words encapsulate the entire strategy of globalist deception. Create a PROBLEM (e.g. ship arms and weapons to Al’Qaeda, and let ISIL jihadists take them over and carry out mass executions). Next, foster a public REACTION (Oh shock, horror, they’re beheading Christians!). Finally, proffer a SOLUTION (Ok guys, let’s send in the cavalry!)

The long term plan of these globalist ‘overlords’, is to pool together the resources of intelligence agencies, and steer them in line with globalist corporate interests. No. It is not individuals doing all this; it is Special Interest Groups who are to blame. These groups include secret societies like the Bilderbergers, the Tri-Lateral Commission (TLC), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and even the recently formed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Their plans, however, are no secret. In their White Papers, the partitioning and balkanization of Eastern Europe and the Middle East bave been openly documented for years by New World Order planners and architects like Zbigniew Brzezinski(<— Click this link to learn more about Brzezinski). Their plans are further popularized (normalized into the mainstream) by essayists, and novel writers like the former military intelligence officer and analyst Ralph Peters (<— Click again. Learn! Don’t be shy!)

Here, for example, is the Map of the Middle East, as re-drawn by strategist Ralph Peters in 2006. Below it is the current real map showing existing sovereign borders in the region.


In the second map, notice in particular how the 2006 map predicts the break up (balkanization) of Iraq (shown in the centre of the first map) into three smaller states of “Free Kurdistan” (Oil-rich. friendly to West), Sunni Iraq, and an Arab Shia State. Whats fascinating is that this break up is literally happening through ISIL insurgencies now in July 2014. As we speak. (Hmm. How strangely prophetic. The whole thing seems almost pre-planned. Doesn’t it?)

Secret Societies

At the secret meetings of the Bilderbergers, TLC, CFR etc, their members privately discuss and strategize geopolitical issues which are to take place over the next few years. They’ll set the global price of oil, gold and interest rates. They’ll agree on tactics for controlling internet censorship. Plan mass media manipulation. Agree on Global redistribution of economic power etc. Their members eventually team up with purveyors of dirty money, who strategically use their wealth and power to lobby (i.e bribe) legislators. This initially helps them to get laws passed which preferentially favour the long term schemes and agendas of these globalists.

In due course, such secret societies use their influence to buy into the military industrial complex including weapons manufacturers, oil and mining interests, banks, chemical and Agribiz companies. This allows them to tweak resources, money, food and energy as needed.  Soon they are even able to control government policy through and infiltration of compartments within government, and in the CIA and NSA . Ultimately, they can literally wield the weapons and human resources of whole nations like USA and UK. and steer entire blocs like the U.N and E.U to influence events around the globe to fit their plans.

This not-so-secret process of dominating, de-stabilizing and re-shaping flash-points around the globe, including those in the Middle-East, Africa and South-East Asia. Ultimately, their purpose is to destroy all opposition, and stealthily take ownership of all assets and wealth of U.N. declared “Failed Nation States”. This has already been done recently with Somalia, Sudan and the Yemen. And now they’re about to do again in Iraq.

Perhaps -as you listen to all this – you don’t really care about those places. Perhaps you prefer to live in a world of amoral self-involvement.  But if you leave it to others …. or if you put your blind trust in “the gummit” (government) every day … or if you dumbly acquiesce to a predatory system of corporate enslavement … or if you remain complicit in supporting the oppression by psychopathic globalists whose morality is based on Profit or even worse Eugenics, then you’ll probably get what you deserve if and when it comes your turn.

How (in practice) do they do this?

Stock example: The CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) and other agencies like British MI6 put agent provocateurs on the ground in Hot Spots. They train their personnel in tactics, language, local culture and tradition. They give them weapons and Intel. (Just like they did for Osama Bin Laden.)

In the target country, the Agencies then identify and locate pre-existing activists/extremists. They appoint skilled ‘handlers’, spies and mentors who train, agitate, fund and even provoke the local radicals and extremists.

The Agencies then use black money to rig elections to vote the radicals into power. Funding for these operations is carried out directly (often through bribes etc.) and indirectly (through back-door deals often using Drugs, Child kidnapping, or Sex-Trade activities). These illicit fund-raising methods are preferred because such black ops are strictly “off the books” and provide “plausible deniability” excuses by official government departments if and when they are ‘caught out’. (See for example Iran-Contra Affair of 1986)

The Agencies then provide tactical Intel to the more powerful and violent local groups in the target zone so they can gain strategic advantages. This means they often deal with the worst of the worst. They also facilitate the transport and supply of arms. weapons and other materiel. This is often achieved via U.N. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) like UNICEF, W.H.O. etc. who assist by procuring favours, spying, or even transporting weapons drugs and other items on behalf of CIA strategists”.

[See for example, the movie Beyond Borders (2003) and The International (2009) both movies starring Clive Owen.]

By the way, the CIA, (and Mossad and MI6) are not merely one-dimensional, they simultaneously fund and provide weapons to the radical OPPONENTS of these same extremists in the same local region.  This is done by exploiting decades, or even centuries-old tribal, feudal, religious or existing property-based resentments and dissent among the local radical groups. This globalist strategy ensures they hedge their bets, and also sets up the theatre of war with ready-made opposition. By the way, these same globalists and banker dynasties funded both the Nazis and the Allies equally during World War II.

By taking advantage of political vacuums that fester and foment organically, the CIA creates ‘instant conflicts’ using targetted local fanatical groups. Eventually the radicals form themselves into organised syndicates whose participants– over the years and decades – end up in regional wars that repeatedly topple existing regimes and governments in the region who are non-compliant with the big picture. One way or another, through bribery, threat or assassination, the puppet-masters end up installing collectivist (i.e. a veneer of socialism) pro-globalist puppet governments.

The blind and dumb who See no evil, Speak no evil

We, here in the west, hear nothing but the highlights of all this regional conflicts on the evening news. Even then, the spin on the raw data is so twisted, or dumbed-down, that hearing such news between haemorrhoid commercials and the football scores leaves us pig-ignorant of the real facts from start to finish. Mind-control, indeed!

In the longer term, the overlords’ plan is – over time – to re-draw sovereign borders, fragment opposition, and dismantle the infrastructure of existing nations. At that point, they hope to install Central Banks who will then fund the destroyed nation’s re-construction, then use social engineering programs replete with western-style consumer consciousness, materialism, mortgage enslavement, feed them all McDonalds(TM), and apply mind control using crappy Reality TV, and a commercialized mass media with faux news. This is a perfect setting for multi-national corporations (MNC’s) to descend into a rose-garden environment of stable profit-making, consumption, and rampant consumerism by a zombie population. Just like us, here, in the West.

Bush: “You’re either With us, or Against us”

Of course, in those countries where it is a little more difficult to overthrow existing government regimes, the separate states are ex-coriated through a more overt form of geopolitical manipulation by the West. I.e. outright military invasion with U.S. and NATO troops on the ground.

Just before this happens, though, popular opinion must be swayed to stop the ‘revolting’ masses.

Using a ‘presstitute’ mainstream media, the dominant western nations sporting fake democracies in the US, Britain, Germany, France and Australia need to create an artificial ‘Consensus’. This then allows official globalist institutions like the U.N. to declare the target area a “Disaster Zone”, “Humanitarian Crisis”, a “Mass Genocide” or a “War Zone”.

This can be done through editorializing a biased mass media coverage of any political unrest, or (for example) by seeing Christians beheaded on live Youtube or else by selectively failing to intervene as a famine comes about, or failing to act on the ‘genocidal deaths of over 3,200 in the Kurdish village of Halabja by Saddam in 1988. (Note, the CIA set up and funded Saddam).

Alternatively, the globalist tacticians arbitrarily manufacture a False Flag event. E.g some atrocity like a chemical weapons attack near Damascus Syria in 2013 (which incidentally used British-bought Sarin gas) and blame an arbitrary aggressor (like the existing Russia-friendly Assad Regime in Syria) as a pretext for bombing runs, drone strikes, or other military intervention by NATO.

Really, any excuse will do. Whatever gains traction in Western Media is exploited for political purposes. As and when the military strategists manage to puppet sufficient popular support (or spin-doctor away any dissenting opinions) they can insert U.S. and NATO troops into the region.

When that happens, our western T.V. screens are filled by “rah-rah” propaganda suggesting that the U.S. is there to “install freedom and democracy”. This creates the outward appearance of “Democratic Saviours coming in to tidy up the mess.”  Muslim intellectuals often refer to this practice as ‘Setting up DemoCrazies’

Over the long term, the U.N. (under the control of the same primary powers) then installs “U.N. Peacekeeping” forces for the long haul so as to “maintain armed control over potential militias or insurgents, and thereby maintain a ‘fragile peace’. In fact, the globalist-skewed U.N. does a final slow mop-up as it supervises the local warring factions keeping them in check as rebellion subsides.

Ultimate plans of globalists

Balkanize the region (i.e. break it up into smaller manageable pieces where no group in particular can get too much power and become a global threat). First, deceive all the local extremists, have them rise up, do the initial dirty work. Then, aggregate and polarize radical groups into splinter cells, factions, sects or political parties like the Muslim Brotherhood. Next, play the bigger deception and have them all shoot at each other. In due course, they form sympathetic puppet regimes that use corrupt officials and even royalty (like the previous Shah of Iran deposed in 1979 and Saddam Hussein) to do the globalists bidding.

The globalists have to maintain a watchful eye, though. For if any of their puppets gets a bit too “uppity”, like Saddam when he was captured in 2003, then they hunt him down to any hole in the ground he may be hiding. And kill him (see 2006 hanging).

Whatever the flavour of craziness, whether radicals, extremists, religious zealots and/or any other political alignment … it doesnt matter to the Globalists. They dont care who is in power. They play one against the other, and they manipulate them all to gain their profit advantage by applying a tactic called “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Having nearly completed this article, my researcher found a fantastic and informative video that is mercifully free of the trappings of doubt, or the need to teach the reader the globalists’ “Book of Dirty Tricks” as I am want to do. Its time for a nice 15 minute video. Please watch and learn.

The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told

In recent years, of course, many more intellectuals are waking up to the hypocrisy. In Iraq, the military strategists have decided a name change was in order for Al’Qaeda.

The groups responsible for the latest wave of atrocities (including those horrifying execution video at the top of this article), are the DAESH. This is an Arabic acronym for a splinter cell referred to in English as I.S.I.L (the pan-islamist Sunni “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levent”). Although the name ISIS (“Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”) is currently more popular title in western press.

But Oh, make no mistake! These groups are STILL all (former) Al’Qaeda. Their weapons are trucked in from previous Al’Quaeda strongholds. Their numbers are bolstered by non-locals who are highly trained/paid mercenaries from disparate lands like Chechnya and Croatia (i.e. non-Arabic). And they receive plenty of tactical Intel of the highest quality most probably supplied by UAE Monarchists (U.S. and British funded).

Re-writing history. Myths begone!

So, Dear Reader; DO NOT dwell in the false delusion that this is an accidental or one-time thing. There has been an ongoing policy of spying, covert operations, and intentional de-stabilization of regimes in crucial areas around the planet since well before the turn of the century.

Organisations such as British Intelligence who wrote the original “book of dirty tricks” in clandestine tactics, used them against the Germans in WWI, and WWII, and against the Russians before and during the Cold War.  Later, the development of U.S. espionage and intelligence branches were just a natural extension. Industrial and political spy-games have been the preferred ‘tool of trade’ by elite organisations and families who have/had geo-political agendas since time immemorial.

For example; Let us not forget the well-documented legend of the British GHQ Intelligence officer T.E. Lawrence (a.k.a. “Lawrence of Arabia”), who was posted in the ‘Arab Bureau’ in Egypt just before WWI. Now setting aside the personal discipline, skills, mystique of the man himself, as well as the lionized legend-building of the British / Hollywood propaganda machine through the Peter O’Toole movie, Lawrence was schooled and mentored by Oxford Professor David George Hogarth, and under Hogarth’s tutelage, with Lawrence as the charismatic front-man, the British eventually garnered control of the Arabian Peninsula, fighting off the Turks of the Ottoman Empire and eventually setting the scene for the installation of the Western-friendly oil-rich protectorates of the GCC Monarchies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

These UAE (United Arab Emirates) monarchies who were originally radical extremist clans dwelling in Saudi Arabia, have now been set up as sympathetic pro-west regimes who – along with the incredible wealth via their control of the oil in the region – also provide a foothold for military operations for NATO (i.e. the military arm of the United Nations) and the West. Note, for instance the 1990 Invasion of Kuwait, which gave sufficient pretext to George Bush Snr. to start the First Iraqi War.

$64 trillion question: What can *I* do?

The simple answer is to LEARN MORE and stop being a complicit pawn in this fool’s game.

This article is not about blame. Its not about “Boo-hoo” or the bloody Americans. And, Surprise Surprise! its also NOT about the festering paranoia against Muslims which too many otherwise intelligent conservatives are falling into the trap of blaming. My well-informed friend and assistant in writing this article is a Muslim. If he hadn’t woken me up, I would’ve never known. And because of him, now, You know better.

Now we are all more enlightened, we must not fall to blaming “Terrorists” or “Muslims” or “Extremists” or “political radicals” for the world’s ills. If you want to blame, then we should look to our own self-serving ignorance.

The end-game strategy of those in elite positions is to divide and conquer humanity. That’s exactly the same technique as is used by the mainstream media, and agents provocateurs against folk in Middle-East. They, too, are being told that their enemies are due to religion, or political flavour or anti-This or pro-That.

Once you suspect the signs of deceit being fed to you, do not be fooled. Activate your vote, voice your concern, veto your ‘governors’. Break your conditioned programming of fear of being called a Conspiracy Theorist. What you’ve learned today takes you into the Real World of conspiracies. This is how the world actually works.

So, As my reader, PLEASE don’t fall into the same trap as these extremists. Jihadists (“Islamic Holy Warriors”) are the Muslim equivalent of the worst kind of christian fundamentalists and are on par with the worst of the Ku Klux Klan before the 1950’s.

Adhere to the principle – as the Ancient Greeks did – of “moderation in all things”. Anyone who believes that humanity is served by making an enemy of his brother is a fool. And most likely the patsy in a larger game being played by those of a reptilian mindset, who would manipulate and enslave you for even larger nefarious geo-political purposes which only they can see.

Find your own agenda. Be neither victim nor fool. Maintain the golden threads of compassion and understanding in your dealings with others and in religious faith. Veto the wrongdoings of your government. And for Christ’s sake, don’t be a moron! Become politically informed before you shoot your mouth off and say something stupid to a crowd of your peers, or insult some innocent Muslim. As my friend appealed to us all in that infamous email he sent :

“Its time to WAKE UP!”

– QuantumSniper


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