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25-December-2014 / quantumsniper1

The scam with GeoEngineering is …

For Citizen Warriors – A call to Knowledge & Action

(Article, 4,300 words. Est. 20 mins reading time excluding links and videos. Take your time. Read a few bits each day to let it all sink in)

I strongly recommend you click to download the PDF versions of these files below, (includes monochrome version for easy printing) and read the document in comfort on your pdf reader.  Please post/email freely and distribute widely to persons whom you consider influential.

These are the facts as I see them.

– QuantumSniper

P.S. Minor update from Version 2 to Version 3 available on 3-Jan-2015. Always download the latest version !

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  1. Max Power / Feb 5 2015 5:49 AM

    You might want to do a posting on this :


    The New Horizons Radio Science Experiment is at risk of failure

    Except for the current Deep Space Network sites already able to intercept the New Horizons telemetry, there are no other radio astronomy sites (either single dishes or arrays) currently configured for the Pluto-Sharon Radio Science Experiment.

    The Radio Science Experiment has a duration of under 24 hours, with about a core 18 hour mission critical window after the craft has passed the “midpoint” of Pluto (and or) Charon. The “midpoint window” itself may have a duration of less than 8 hours in total.

    The total experiment time is less than 10 hours and more than 6 hours, based on the planned NH trajectory. Surveying Pluto’s atmosphere with multiple ultrastable carrierwave beams — the core part of the experiment — will be done in less than 3 hours. Testing for Charon’s atmosphere using the same approach will only last for 90 minutes, with a method that is not the same as Pluto as the whole moon will be illuminated by the ultrastable carrierwave.

    The Deep Space Network (DSN) will be doing the core interception work for the experiment, but its its interception resources are stretched very thin as there are only 3 DSN sites on Earth (general information) (general information)

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