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9-February-2015 / quantumsniper1

Break the Red Shield

Some Comic Relief (or not)

(Article, 192 words. Est. 1 min. reading time excluding video)

Often-times I’ll chat with some knuckle-head who just completely saps my strength … and honestly makes me feel like: “Screw ’em all, Man! If they love their ignorance so much, then *I* can’t help anymore”.

I really work quite hard to get people to understand. Y’Know, I talk (sometimes lecture) to literally thousands of random people about “waking up”. But sometimes you need a break or you burn out.

To satisfy this balance in life. Today, I give you some small respite from the Good Fight. So lay down your arms, momentarily, Citizen Warriors. Sit on your haunches with me. Here in the dirt. Let’s have a laugh.

So. You like cartoons?   I like cartoons!  C’mon, Man EVERYBODY loves cartoons. So watch this one. (Only 30 mins). This is called The American Dream Film

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Maybe you can send this link to all those people who have such cognitive dissonance that they will not look Truth in the eye any other way. With thanks and credits to Amy2x and The American Dream Film

– ’nuff said for now.

– QuantumSniper


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