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16-February-2015 / quantumsniper1

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Microwave Frequency

First create a dependency. Then use it against them.

(Article, 270 words. Est. 1 min. reading time excluding video)

The increase in cell phones, microwaves, transmitters, wifi, and environmental radiation generally seems to have gone on unquestioned by the public. More infrastructure and towers get set up daily, whilst we drive by oblivious.

By default we unerringly trust that the architects of these systems should not, could not, or would not use it for any other purpose than for our convenience or money. And yet, some questions still remain.

(14 mins)

Youtube video – Microwave Frequency Warfare, The Real Cold War

Is it Envy of Mr. Jones’ new smartphone? Or Pride in showing off our gadget to friends? Or is it Sloth when we try to shave off a moment’s inconvenience by using a pay-wave(tm) card RFID rather than memorizing a 4-digit pin on our Credit Card? Maybe its just Greed that causes us to ignore so many dimensions of our humanity, that we therefore become blind to anything other than the material world.

This article, and the above YouTube video aren’t meant to induce insecurity. Only to report. If a reader reacts with paranoia, fear, or perhaps anger at merely being informed, then they automatically recuse themselves of any competency to do anything about it. I am not tempted to judge people any more. I am just here to enlighten.

So for goodness sake, don’t be irrational or afraid. Research it further for yourself.  Then just use common sense and think about how you, personally, need to deal with this issue and be pro-activist rather than re-activist. Maybe tell a friend.

– QuantumSniper


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