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12-March-2015 / quantumsniper1

Dr Quantum cures ignorance

Quantum Mechanics for bashful Dummies

(Article, 1805 words. Est. 8 mins reading time, excluding videos)

A black hole – from the movie Interstellar

As a kid, my parents used to call me “Professor” because I loved to study basic astronomy as a 7 year old. I was then trotted-out at parties to entertain the home crowd about “stars ‘n planets ‘n stuff”. Even today, I still love expounding science.

There followed high school, university, and an intense 20-year dalliance in private legal practice and what I laughingly refer to as “the real world”. Almost forgotten was the deep satisfaction of day-dreaming on physics problems, and chasing philosophy and meta-science concepts down the rabbit hole.

Over the last decade, however, I found myself re-awakening, and seeking a deeper understanding of the latest theories in physics. These included – …

Although many people profess an interest in these topics, few actually tread these waters. Sometimes due to the complexity, sometimes due to the ‘relevance to everyday life’, sometimes because opening certain doors means there’s no turning back. I call it ‘fear of knowledge’ (or “fok” for short).  It is life-changing when people acknowledge/admit being “fok-ked” (if you’ll pardon the expression) by bad thinking patterns. Fear not, however, I will treat you tenderly. Today, we’re checking out the quantum world.

The only preparation required is that you stop thinking in 2D (Two dimensional) terms. This topic requires 4D+ thinking or higher. After watching the 5:12 min video below, you should be ready for some science.

Dr Quantum – Adventures in Flatland

Einstein’s Relativity Theory is for wussies

About ten years ago, I finally wrapped my brain around General Relativity. This alone was a mind-blow in its implications about Time-and-Space.

For example, Einstein’s theory holds that the “3D/4D Grid” of space and time (i.e. unified “Space-Time”) is twisted and stretched by the gravity of massive objects like black holes. By deduction, this also infers that Time can be ‘bent’. That all “Times” exists Now.  That Time-Travel may be possible between two gravity-warped locations. And that instant stargate travel through the universe should be possible through an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (ie. a Wormhole). Yep. You heard right. Pick your jaw up off the ground and go look it up!

Space-Time being bent by gravity in General Theory of Relativity

Space-Time being bent by gravity in General Theory of Relativity

However, what really got me gob-smacked about 4 years ago was Quantum Theory. The Amazing Dr Quantum was the person (albeit a cartoon figure) whom I credit with causing the penny to drop for me.

Even though I’d studied Young’s Duble Slit Experiment in High School, I kind of missed the ‘essence’ of its meaning at that time. All I understood in high school was that, about a hundred years ago, scientists were trying to find out whether sub-atomic ‘bits’ like electrons were either Waves or Particles or both. So, I just ended up concluding (at the time) that electrons were actually just ‘a little bit of both’.

“And so what!” I thought. “That’s no big deal. Is it?”.  But the essence that I missed back in high school was the so-called “Observer Effect“.  That, and the notion of quantum “Superposition“. Both these concepts are key.

Quantum_SuperPosition after firing a single electron

Quantum Superposition after firing a single electron

Look out for them in this final short (5:42 mins) video. Follow what Dr Quantum says VERY carefully. Once you snag onto the idea that the Consciousness of the Observer affects the experiment, and that electrons are actually waves occupying 4D, 5D, 6D or maybe 11D+ dimensions … then you will have gotten the point.

Once that happens, let yourself dream about it for a few days. Quite frankly, if it doesn’t rock your empirical world, then either you weren’t listening carefully enough or otherwise your mind is already dead to new ideas. Here ’tis:

Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

It is important to note that the Young’s Double Slit (“YDS”) experiment, and its more complex variants, (eg. **The Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment) have been conducted thousands of times. It is not a mistake or mis-interpretation. Nor is it a measurement error. The key concept to take home here, is that the electron acted differently when it was being observed. Just let that sink in.

Also, don’t get confused or distracted by other discussions about “probability curves” and the “collapse of the wave function”. All that is just technical jargon so that left-brained mathematicians and scientists* can point to a formula (i.e. Erwin Schrodinger’s Probability Wave Equation) that describes the YDS phenomenon, but deftly avoids explaining the deeper reason why electrons (and photons) behave that way.

Erwin Schrodinger's Probability Wave Equation

Erwin Schrodinger’s Probability Wave Equation

In my view, when scientists hide behind Schrodinger’s equations as an explanation, it is like looking at the full richness of planet earth from space and then merely describing it as a “spherical globe” or like pointing to a paper page of Sheet Music and saying “this is the soul of Mozart”.

As I said, boffins don’t like the weirdness, and for a hundred years since 1909 they haven’t really wanted to address the issue of the “weirdness” hoping it would all just ‘go away’. Well, It hasn’t. Unfortunately, we also see that most of the ‘real world’s population has been similarly distracted from maturing in its evolution.

They too have avoided looking at the implications of quantum theory now for decades and instead snobbishly ridicule open discussions on the topic to the realm of fantasy or science-fiction. All I can say is, if you walked up to someone in 1850, and said “there’s these things called ‘radio waves’, right? And with a small antenna and crystal set, you can talk wirelessly to that ship over there on the horizon.” Well, they would’ve called you a lunatic.

From Black Holes to Rabbit Holes

Now. About that weirdness. What are the deeper implications of the Double Slit experiment ?  Lets take a quick look at that before I let you go off to feed your face, argue with your spouse, or pay your mortgage.

Apparently, the YDS experiment shows that the electron, and other sub-atomic particles, re-arrange their behaviour based on whether there is conscious interaction by an observer.

Look; I’ll keep the following questions/speculations quite populist and simple. But if what I just said is true, and it is conscious interaction that converts an electron from a wave (ie. a probability) into a particle (ie. an actual thing with mass/energy), then does this also mean that

  • … an electron (or other inorganic matter like rocks and water) also possess ‘consciousness’ ?
    • if so, then is ‘consciousness’ therefore different from ‘intelligence’ ?
  • … much or all matter in the universe is created or begotten by ‘consciousness’ ?
    • if so, then in the 14 billion years before humanity evolved, what kind of god-consciousness created the material universe (stars and planets) out of the quantum vacuum ? and
    • is our universe possibly like a holographic projection created by a god-consciousness ?
  • … until we see the electron ‘materialize’ out of it Superposition, does this same electron exist everywhere and everytime ?
    • if so, doesn’t all matter also occupy other dimensions or universes ? and
    • if so, are we all living in a multi-universe where every probability simultaneously already exists in infinite dimensions ?
  • … consciousness intention (e.g. the intention to check which slit the electron goes through) is something that extends beyond the local brain into the non-local space (like a morphogenic field) around us ? and
    • if so, our consciousness can affect other things, like other minds, non-locally ? and
    • if so, then conscious intention is also a form of energy, or its an energetic field like EMF ? and
    • extending from Einstein’s E = mc 2 (which means that energy is convertible into matter and vise-versa),
      • can conscious intention also be converted directly into matter ? and
      • can telekinesis be possible ? and
      • can teleportation and yogic materialization of objects be possible using consciousness ? (as according to Dr. Steven M Greer of CSETI and Sirius Disclosure project)

I’d better stop there for now. Lest the timid reader’s cognitive dissonance kicks in, and they end up in a foetal position on the floor sucking their thumb. Or their ego kicks into EGO-self-preservation mode and switches their brain off. We wouldn’t want that.

There is further information I hope to present to readers through QuantumSniper into the future. Those articles will contain practical information as well as theory (or ‘speculation’ if you prefer to call it that).

Just remember that we all need to evolve to fit into our knowledge. Its not something that’s just bestowed like dry facts. Knowledge is an emergent property out of mere facts.

Why write this article ?

Ultimately, the tone of this article is not meant to sound arrogant. Truly. I just feel there is no way easy way for readers stuck in a materialistic (only 2D or 3D) paradigm of the universe to rise to a higher level of awareness if they are not even slightly up-to-date with modern physics.

Moreover, I recommend you get at least a basic understanding of the topic of Quantum Physics in order to deal with even more rarefied theories such as Quantum Entanglement, String Theory, M-Theory, Multiple Universes, Morphogenetic Fields, and Remote Viewing.

Much less have any appreciation of how ignorant most of the public still remains about that larger world.

This is the spear-point where science meets meta-physics. Maybe now we can also see the reason why ancient mystics would ask baffling questions like: “If an observer is not there to hear the falling tree in the forest, does the tree actually fall?

People who have never heard of the Double Slit Experiment may go around arrogantly believing they hold the monopoly on reality. Such a materialist-based perception is flawed. And from my perspective a bit pitiful, really. In writing of this article I hope to start enlightening those who occupy that dark space.

[-  P.S. Perhaps you can now guess why I called myself QuantumSniper;  Since I always saw myself as “a bit science-y”, and because I also scope out certain targets which I feel must be eliminated. My main target is human ignorance.]

(* don’t forget to check out my previous articles on the 11-Dimensional Universe and how quantum physics evolved out of classical Newtonian physics)

** Note: the (eg. The Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment mentioned above has even higher strangeness in that – after an event has occurred like an electron going through a slit – it then causes a real-life back-history to be loaded, as if a new time line of previous events is installed – so as to modify what previous reality. Completely mind-bending!)



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  1. The enlightened goat herder / Mar 12 2015 9:51 PM

    Interesting article. “The next level of awareness”, Individual and collective awareness, heightened sense of awareness and “modern Physics” are not necessarily words that should be used in the same sentence. There are many Plebs who have been able to achieve extreme levels of awareness without even giving scientific theories, and that’s all they are, a second thought. Perhaps in an attempt “not to sound arrogant” the writer achieves the opposite and unfortunately loses his/her readers along the way. Ideas, knowledge and awareness can not be thrust upon any being from a lecture paper or newspaper clipping or funny little human standing on a soap box. Human awareness develops out of inner knowing and understanding that we are all blobs of energy with an equally energetic ego pissing in our ear.

    • quantumsniper1 / Mar 13 2015 6:55 AM

      Hi Enlightened G. Thank you for your consideration of my article.

      I take your points with respect.

      I agree that higher Awareness may be gotten from many sources. Including Art, religion, drugs, self-denial, appreciation of nature, etc. I’ve found science resonates with me.

      Having been excited and inspired by the possibilities arising out of modern quantum theory, I have sought to propagate that same titillation out to an ocean of hive minds, and self-serving materialistic drone sensibilities that are all-too prevalent today.

      Homogeneity and insular propriety have become institutionalized. Kids lack rebellious instinct and common innocent curiosity. Whilst adults agitatedly keep their eyes glued to their Fakebook profile.

      My article’s other intention is – prometheus-like – to draw together an intellectualized/logical left-brain discipline like Science and connect it with right-brained emotional people.

      Frankly, its tough going: Those poor zombies who prefer ignorance might sometimes respond to cheap condescension until they are awoken. … But those too proud of their own education and rigorous intellect will only listen when they can recognize AND laugh at that SAME condescension they themselves have so often used against others.

      For the latter group, in many respects it is sometimes too late. For them that know-it-all, there can be no humble subordination with suspension of disbelief as is required of the earnest student/seeker.

      Too many of the egotistically wise ARE sadly lost during my article because they are too loathe to pick through to find some new combination of ideas they may not have yet encountered.

      Its like the classical arrogance when – in the 1850’s – scientists thought they’d learned all there was to know. Then came Heinrich Herz and the Photo-Electric effect.

      Nevertheless, I commend your wisdom as a reader in detecting my feigned humility when I say I don’t mean to “sound too arrogant”. Let me set your mind at ease. I admit quite truthfully that I am in real life an intentionally arrogant prick. And openly admit my hubris as I do so.

      But as you might understand, finding an appealing “voice” as a writer thinker and blogger is unfortunately a bit of a crap shoot. I chose to occupy the ‘Aristotelean Didacticism approach’ from Day One with QuantumSniper. And of course that ain’t going to please all of the people all of the time.

      But I AM looking for impressionable minds and the youthful-at-heart. Those who can see past the facade of my persona, may yet benefit from some of the underlying ideas.

      Lastly, I say that many claim it is not possible to “thrust” knowledge on another being. I’m still not sure I agree. Inner knowledge must still receive counsel by outer stimulus to pursue the right direction into more promising fields of enquiry.

      Personally I prefer the “thus” rather than the “thrust”. Ie. I will use all tools of persuasion in my faculty at the time. One way or another, a listener will stay as long as they can stand. I may have no way of measuring the infinitesimally small way I may have influenced that person over the long term. But I still think it better to have tried, rather than to have stood dumbly by whilst the mass of lemmings drop over the cliff into the abyss.

      I guess that, even as the funny little human standing on the soap box, with a deafeningly energetic ego pissing in my ear, I still maintain a dignity therein. And as you are sure to understand the subtlety of human frailty, so you shall also appreciate the pathos when I say that ‘Ego is merely a psychological protection mechanism for me’. So if you don’t take my inner voice too seriously, I will give yours similar respect.

      – QuantumSniper

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