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3-June-2015 / quantumsniper1

Redux Edition – Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

Don’t call Me a Climate Change Denier !

(Article 607 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

Aside from being a pejorative label, calling someone a ‘Denier’ probably shows that the utterer doesn’t have enough confidence in their own background knowledge to debate the issue without resorting to emotionalism and rhetoric. There are many more dimensions to the climate change debate than just flatly ‘denying’. So here now is a way to respond to an accuser.

One of my very early articles ‘Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT” – being over 15,000 words – is a lot to digest in one sitting. Too much for most people.  And even though carbon taxes have now been abolished in Australia, the article contains exactly what both sides of the debate need to know about climate change to consider themselves ‘well-informed’.

The article remains topical because it offers an intensive case-study on how the public mindset can be led astray (or manipulated) by mis-information, mis-guided public conscience, mis-interpretation of opposing views, poor understanding of the science, as well as the hidden political (and geopolitical) objectives behind the ‘global warming’ debate.

To help with all this, I broke the big article down into bite-size-pieces. You can now click the hyperlinks below to dive into any ‘mini-article’ portion of the whole. Research whatever topic suits you. And have fun re-visiting some established** QuantumSniper wisdom and previous timeless articles. So here it is:

A new Table of Contents / mini-sub-articles / hyperlinks to –

Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

  1. If it cant stop Global warming, and Russia China & USA wont introduce it, What is the foundation for Gillard’s Carbon Tax?
  2. Even some smart, well-intentioned folk can be misled
  3. What exactly is Carbon?
  4. Why the ‘Carbon Cycle’ is more pertinent than ‘Carbon Tax’
  5. The Greenhouse Effect – Science from olden days
  6. The Many Causes of Global Warming/Climate Change
  7. Global Warming – Modern science vs. politics
  8. Semantics – Choose your words carefully, Grasshopper
  9. Who/what is to blame if Carbon is not the culprit?
  10. Carbon Sequestration: Capture, Management and Storage Schemes
  11. The end of fossil fuel reliance
  12. Can we fix all pollution, not just carbon emissions?
  13. Are more laws the answer?
  14. Carbon Tax: Show me the hidden agenda
  15. Carbon Cops and enforcement
  16. Epilogue – What Actually Makes a Carbon Tax ‘bad’
  17. Be mindful of everyone’s agenda

The SPECIAL REPORT is an epic full article containing huge amounts … … of information on environmental issues, background science, historical and legal perspectives, mass psychology, global pollution, corporate vested interest, the fossil-fuel economy, and future energy possibilities. Without breaking it down into sub-sections, people would otherwise miss out on the important latticework that can help build meaningful knowledge on the issue of Global Climate Change, and many other pro-activist topics.

Each sub-topic in the list is like a self-contained easy-to-digest mini-article. Giving a day or two to read, and think about, each sub-topic should build your own self-confidence on the subject. And don’t forget to drill down further to do your independent research!

By doing this, if any busy-body wrongly calls you a “climate change denier”, or misuses phrases like “global warming”, “carbon emissions”, or even if they whine that ‘its too late’, or there’s no alternative to fossil fuel reliance, you can happily tell ’em to sit down, shut-up, and why they should stop bothering everyone with their ignorance or foolish political correctness.

(**Incidentally: I wrote the Special Report in full before the Carbon Tax was ever legislated into existence in Australia. So its nice to be vindicated. Oh! and the same thing goes for my later article where I correctly identified the winning side of the issue relating to the federal referendum on ‘Local Government‘).


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