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26-November-2015 / quantumsniper1

Paris Attacks = globalist profits

Recipe for success – add Global Mayhem

(Article, 770 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

If you stood to profit from perpetual war and mayhem, then I have a great, repeatable recipe for getting rich. Unfortunately, however, only Elites and multi-billionaires need apply.


Specifically, you need to be either an Arms Manufacturer, or a Corporate Media Conglomerate, or an Oil Cartel securing Middle-Eastern oil wells or assets, or if you are a Banking Cartel hoping to fund re-construction of destroyed (bombed) towns and cities in a politically de-stabilized country like Syria.

Non-stop perpetual wars, like the Israeli / Palestinian conflict are now being duplicated globally. This is the basic model that should be copied if you are a budding zionist.

Lay population pays the price

Today, as Europe is flooded by troubled refugees (Syrians, Afghanis), we see the narrative in mainstream media highlighting and “normalizing” some very unhealthy attitudes including a sense of high anxiety.

Extreme situations like bombings, shootings, ISIL beheadings, downed Russian jets, terrorist attacks and even false-flag attacks create a global media climate of extreme opinions and emotions. There seems to be a new agitating crisis every few days now.

Once this fuse is lit, it is then possible to drive an otherwise sane population into a frenzy of anti-humanitarian, anti-refugee sentiment. Boost this into frustration, hatred and anger with religious phobias. Then create an extra sense of desperation over local economic woes.

Now add a pinch of terror

Irrespective of the fact that that the November 2015 tragedy in Paris yielded casualties (deaths) numbering less than 140 people, the globalist plan appears to be to unsettle all 7+ billion people on the planet to accept ‘crisis mentality’, martial law and a big brother mindset.

Soon, it will be a trivial task to get people to accept extra surveillance laws, greater unauthorized wire-tapping ‘for our security’, more military guards on every street corner in Paris, and more disgusting ‘security-obsessed’ cultural intrusions like ‘State-sanctioned mourning periods’. There will be nothing but Cop shows and movies about terrorists on the TV and at the movies. The whole point is to normalize the sentiment that ‘terror is everywhere’.

Its about Hate, not Religion

Many political pundits advertise that the root cause of these attacks is due to ISIS Islamic religious fervor. Local media, in particular, repeatedly hammers the shock and horror, and then enters into endless anti-refugee debates.

But make no mistake, the root cause of this terrorism is NOT Islam. I think its fair to say that the attacks are ABSOLUTELY NOT about religion at all. Religion is too often used to justify atrocities through skewed scriptural interpretation. Besides, the vast majority of Muslims, like Christians, are ordinary secular folk going about their everyday business. And ultimately it is STILL an hypocrisy to suggest that genuine god-fearing people of good faith would condone blood-shed and murder as “the spirit and intent of god”.

In Paris, the ‘terrorists’ were just angry and misguided young IS (Islamic State) men and women making political statements. Brain-washed by fanatics, using CIA funding, and motivated by a rationale tenuously cobbled together from the Anarchists Cook-book and Old Testament Eye-for-an-eye values, they are just trying to bring the territorial concerns of the middle east to the attention of Westerners. Essentially just seeking revenge at the West’s destruction of their homes and nations in the middle east. Unsurprisingly, they’re willing to die for it.

Lets have a quick reality check

The U.S. and NATO DID, of course, just recently kill hundreds of thousands of innocents by indiscriminately bombing the shit out of homes in cities towns and villages in Syria, Afghanistan and the Middle East didn’t they? And We, in the West, just let our sheep-like politicians condone such practices whilst we continued watching X-Factor on TV and sipping Diet Coke(R), didn’t we?

Well whaddya frickin’ expect?

And of course, an angry French government, immediately after the Paris Attacks in November 2015, itself orders more bombing raids in Syria. Doesn’t this just compound its own future refugee crisis problems? Bloody idiots!

The long-term manipulators of this narrative, (i.e., the vested interests who profiteer from mainstream misconception) are quite happy to appeal to our baser instincts, make us all angry and terrified, and polarize us all into an US+THEM mentality if it helps to foment another perpetual war.

Doesn’t matter to the Elites and profiteers whether a war is about religion, territory, ideology or even football teams. They’ll still make profit from the bullets they sell.

I truly question whether its better to live under a perpetual big brother society, or just put up with the odd bomb here or there. We simply have to remember that the root cause of terrorism is not Islam or Christianity. Its the Globalist. And their end is coming soon.

– QuantumSniper



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  1. The goat herder / Nov 26 2015 11:44 AM

    This is too sensible. Where is the conspiracy? Too many people are too content to let themselves be scarred along by the propaganda. Well written piece. Too sensible!!,,

    • quantumsniper1 / Nov 28 2015 9:51 AM

      Very kind Mr goat herder. Yes, you picked my lip-biting restraint in relation to saying too much about globalist mind control propaganda. Just occasionally I feel the need to dial it back Just A Smidge to cater to the more mainstream reader who might otherwise become disenfranchised by the underlying message. Readers not yet ready to abandon the cult of service-to-self sometimes need subtler coaxing.

  2. Bill Stewart / Nov 28 2015 6:00 AM

    When it comes to actual terrorist acts abroad, France is Queen among the Romance language nations. The FR INTEL service bombed a boat in Auckland Harbour, and it is really amazing that similar bombings have not occurred in Australian harbours. In terms of deep collapse of whatever republic France has now, it is already ongoing.

    At least with Israel, it is commonly understood that it only plays lip service to “The Rules of War” in the Western Hemisphere … so there is a universal expectation that Israeli_nationals++ == Possible local acts of sabotage or espionage. For Israel not to have a standby Tzar Bomba in each major significant US city — for the purpose of blackmail via H Bomb — would be improbable. One can only hope there are 100 ETs to keep track of each one…

    • quantumsniper1 / Nov 30 2015 1:33 AM

      I’ve taken a couple of days to consider the best way to answer you. Can I ask, firstly, are you a listener of Benjamin Fulford? If not who else do you find regularly useful to listen to for intel-gathering on geo-political realities ?

      Your First point regarding the French Intel service employing covert ops to attain geo-political advantage is acknowledged. It is these same agencies that bombed the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior boat in Auckland Harbour in 1985.

      Whilst it may be surprising that there are not MORE of these terrorist acts by rogue states and their agencies, who is to say that similar terrorist events that HAVE occurred, (like Charlie Hebdo, Mali, and even the downed Russian Jets all in November 2015) are not just false flags designed to spur a terrified public into more retaliatory strikes or WW-III.

      In any event, saner heads must rule. By identifying and purging ourselves of the Globalist, and by being naturally suspicious of extreme emotions, we might just survive and prevail as a species.

      We must not hope or expect messiah-like ET’s or others to come help us. Even if they are out there. Humanity must help itself. And it can only do so by EACH individual worldwide becoming enlightened. Otherwise, in the grand scheme, the experiment of mankind as a social creature will be forever relegated to scrapheap of Darwinian natural selection. Our only choices at this point, as I see it, are to either evolve to a higher plane, or die. There are no in-betweens.

      Now, to your concerns about Tsar bombs and other potential calamities that could befall mankind. These might include (but are not limited to) pandemics, asteroid impacts, coronal mass ejections and mega tsunamis. Of course, whilst only some of these cataclysms are able to be initiated by humankind, they nevertheless ALL qualify as truly terrifying and even paralysing to the average person.

      It is slightly possible that – if Israel HAS adopted a M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) posture as did U.S. and USSR during the Cold War, then one would hope that there are at least some cooler heads in the Israeli administration. Ultimately, the Israeli’s themselves should be fully cognizant that it would mean their own destruction (albeit through nuclear fallout) if they set off these bombs. So ultimately, I see these Tsar Bomb threats as impotent THREAT-MAKING instruments, rather than ACTUAL instruments of mass destruction. That’s how MAD worked in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. So in the end. Complete and utter insanity would have to prevail for bombs to ACTUALLY be deployed. (Read: Unlikely).

      Lets now consider some psychology. Let us, in fact set aside “hope” as a pacifier from these terrifying fears:

      One thing I have noticed is that WHENEVER I am informed about a possible global destruction event of this magnitude, I ALWAYS – within a few days (but sometimes it takes a couple of weeks) – seem to get over it. And the internalized terror eventually abates.

      How does one just ‘get over it’? Well, in simple terms we just need to “KNOW OURSELVES”. This includes knowing our mental and emotional limitations. At that point, we can work around these limitations as if they were a tool. Sometimes we can even deploy these limitations like an asset.

      For example … luckily, humanity has sweet human mental trait of “coping via forgetfulness”. Moreover, after the terror has abated, we will naturally rationalize that – since we cannot individually do squat about the terrorist acts – might as well just get on with everyday existence.

      We need to fully understand that TERROR, as a psychological warfare tool, is essentially designed to paralyse. So NOW THAT WE KNOW HUMANS HAVE A BUILT-IN COPING MECHANISM, we can then selectively employ that coping mechanism as a tool. In other words, to deliberately allow oneself to BECOME terrified, then wait the requisite number of days to get over the paralysis, then intentionally go forth and research the problem more deeply.

      In this way, we can defeat the ill effects of terrorism by putting the ‘terror’ threat into its proper context. By understanding the tactics of the players in the geo-strategic arena who underpin the threat. (e.g. the role of the CIA funding ISIS and CREATING terror to keep feeding the military industrial complex through perpetual wars). OR by beginning our civil disobedience with grass roots activism as a retaliatory tool. OR even simply by just explaining the coping mechanism to other ‘terrified’ members of society.

      In any event, the key is to NOT BE PANICKED. If a Tsar Bomb goes off despite our best individual efforts at attaining activism in the meantime, well too bad. We at least did our best rather than meekly cowering in the corner.

      – QuantumSniper

  3. Bill Stewart / Dec 13 2015 3:49 AM


    The correct French Translation for ‘1984’ can only be Mille Neuf Cent Huitante Quatre (sp?), however the Central Committee in Charge of the French Language (and the rules they lay down) actually makes this translation illegal in France (due to the Huitante)!


    The famous French “graduated response” initiative for dealing with online piracy has now sent out more than five million warnings to alleged infringers. The latest figures published by the Hadopi agency also reveal that 169 people were referred to the public prosecutor in the first half of 2015, up from 46 in the same period last year.

    While site-blocking currently grabs most of the headlines as a key anti-piracy strategy of the entertainment industries, the so-called “graduated response” is still considered a valuable tool for reducing infringing activity online.

    Also known as “three strikes”, these schemes are promoted as educational in nature, with alleged pirates receiving escalating warnings designed to discourage further infringing behaviour.

    In the fall of 2010, France became one of the pioneers of the warning system and now almost five years later a report from the country’s ‘Hadopi’ anti-piracy agency has revealed the extent of its operations.

    Between September 2010 and June 2015, a total of 4,897,883 initial warning notices were sent to French Internet account holders. In the same period 482,667 individuals received a second notice while just 2,221 reached the third stage.

    Referrals to the public prosecutor (for those still not getting the message) reached 169 in the first six months of 2015, up from 46 in the same period in 2014.

    When it comes to overall notices sent, June 2015 was the most active month in the history of the program thus far. In total 231,000 account holders received a first strike, 21,400 received a second and 104 reached the third stage.

    However, according to figures published by NextInpact, the volume of notices being sent out to Internet users represents just a fraction of the total number of complaints filed by rightsholders.

    To date it’s estimated that more than 37 million complaints (alleged instances of infringement) have been filed with the Hadopi agency although many millions have been discarded. According to Hadopi, however, the processing rate is being improved, with around 50% of the 70,000 complaints currently filed by rightsholders each day being actioned.

    • Wayne Johnson / Feb 6 2017 7:42 AM

      i would dearly love our way of life to be like iceland this is a great part of the world all these countries but i wont allow our country to be ruled by multinationals with them making our laws to suite themselves can you imagine having access to our countries laws these laws are there to protect us from foes foreign or domestic i dont like the way we are being led by this government its openly stealing from the poorest people in the country not to mention what baird did to the councils and the wholesale sell off of our land and assets

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