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12-December-2015 / quantumsniper1

the Common-Sense Extremism movement: example #1

Nugget #1:   If you stupidly Bomb Syria to kill ISIL terrorists; You’ll create more ISIL terrorists.

(Article, 354 words. Est. 2 mins reading time, exc. video)

I volunteer to start a revolution to rival (and hopefully flatten), things like the PC (Political Correctness) movement. Participants simply point out, in nugget form, some of the rampant stupidity currently in the world.

In short, it is a movement of common-sense extremism. (with thanks to Len Clampett for that phrase)

My suggestion is that clear-minded thinkers should just call out, and bravely expose, things that are openly anti-human, mischievously self-serving, (i.e not “Service-To-Other”), or which are founded on extreme emotion instead of rational logic, or just plain stupid/absurd. For example: Nugget #1 above falls into the latter categories.

To really build your ‘anti-stupidity’ skills, watch this great (what I call) “Extremist Common-Sense” video:

(10 mins)

Send this viral: Journalist speaks the truth about Paris attack, & much more

Also, to be successful with our nuggets, let’s keep them simple and short, shall we? Like a headline. Afterwards, we can do a more detailed synopsis as I have done below

Synopsis of Nugget 1:

The idea came to me whilst writing my recent QuantumSniper Article called Paris Attacks = globalist profits

So who came up with this bright idea to attack I.S through bombings? Why, Obama of course. He did so by Executive Order, without democratic approval by the U.S. Congress or Senate.

Why is it a stupid idea? Because bombing is completely indiscriminate. It kills innocent bystanders, women and children, and it destroys entire towns and villages. Bombing is a form of terrorism in itself. Once vital community infrastructures are destroyed, people have to move. They even leave the area entirely, unable to rebuild due to clear and present danger, and they even emigrate.

All this makes for a lot of angry bombed Syrians, Iraquis, Libyans, Afghanis etc., who were not terrorists to begin with.

Next, these poor homeless people start to flood the rest of the world to create a global refugee crisis. And if they’re still a bit pissed off that their lives were destroyed, you’ll get a gushing stream of more terrorist attacks. For example; the November attacks in Paris.

– QuantumSniper


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