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29-February-2016 / quantumsniper1

the Common-Sense Extremism movement: example #2

Nugget #2: Don’t pay it back, Pay it Forward – Create a Perpetually Unpayable Debt

(Article, 550 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

I was tending my place of business the other day, a customer asked to buy from me a $3 snack. He was $0.20c short. I saw him dithering and scratching his head until he worked up the courage to say:

“I know you charge a $2 transaction fee if I use my credit card, but I wonder if you would let me buy this item on the Credit Card because I need twenty cents more.  Over the next few moments unravelled from my mind some simple ideas which – less than 45 seconds later – could possibly have altered the course of this persons life. And maybe mine as well:

I did as follows –

Handed him a 20 cent piece from my own pocket, saying : Don’t worry about it. You can have mine. But only on three (3) conditions:

  1. Don’t ever think of paying this back to me. Because when you do, that’s the end of the transaction. One Credit, One Debit. Case closed.  … BUT …
  2. Instead you must promise to “pay this gift forward. … to some stranger.
  3. And you must promise to give one extra small gift (of time or money) randomly each day, as you do, suggest that they do the same as you have done.

The upshot here is that the debt will never be repaid, and will continue in perpetuity with the potential for unceasing goodwill hereafter. A jubilee, if you will.

I then smiled and turn my attention to another customer .

Analysis of Nugget 2:

Sophisticated Christians and humanitarian readers might consider this a trite example of Christian-like Charity. But they wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a majority (I estimate over 90%) of the western world functions on the Service-To-Self principle. The technique of ‘paying it forward’ I describe above is, however, deserves more than a passing thought.

Consider, also, that the three ‘conditions’ required to make the technique work seem to initially invite a Transactional / Quid Pro Quo mentality to hook a person into the behaviour. But over time, it creates a habit of ‘recruiting’ people to repeatedly think beyond their own interests.

Whilst ‘paying back’ a debt is almost an automatic response, the idea of “paying it forward” is perhaps just revolutionary enough to tickle the conscience, and maybe enthuse jaded westerners as a call to arms.  Remember that – in the back of most western minds – lies the niggling existential guilt that perpetual self-gratification is somehow hollow and unsatisfying. The reason for this – crudely stated – is that ‘Karma is a Bitch’

Recently, I listened to spiritual advisor and author of “The Synchronicity Key” David Wilcock, I was pleased to learn that there is a simple way to get rid of festering guilt, and to break any cycles of Negative Karma. He says: forgiveness breaks the cycle of Karma that we live and re-live every day’.

So instead of using the inhumane commercialized “Quid pro Quo” mentality so prevalent in all of us (which is essentially just “Service to Self”) one can begin to adopt the more noble, more meaningful, heart activating principle of “Service to Other”.

So what stops us from using it every day? Is it that we fear persecution or embarrassment at breaking the wheel of Karma? Let’s get over all that, shall we?  I suggest we all boldly adopt the beautiful tool of ‘Paying it Forward’ as citizen warriors for what I call a ‘Brave New Revolution’.

– QuantumSniper


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