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Is it a blog? is it an Interactive Lecture? Is it a Documentary Magazine?

No, it’s an ‘In-Web-umentary’ !

QuantumSniper Blog gives tribute to the Ancient Aristotelian Teaching traditions and philosophy

You’ll notice that I named this web-page “Curriculum”. This is because I hope / intend for my readers to view each article that I publish as part of an on-going “education”. A “compendium”, if you will.

I claim that one’s self-education should never cease. So (if you’ll excuse the condescension)  please be forewarned that I propose to treat my readers as ‘pupils’, and the many topics I discuss as “mini-subjects”. I respect that your areas of specialty will differ from mine.

Irrespective of any reader’s present education levels, I ask you to to put aside either your

(a) arrogance because you think you already know more / better  OR

(b) your Ignorance Complex, because you think the topic is ‘boring’ or ‘irrelevant’ to your life.

(c) your ingrained preconceptions about what you THINK an article or topic is about.

Quite frankly, if you cant bother to do these things, then you might as well kindly close this web page now, request to rescind your invitation to QuantumSniper, and look elsewhere for your amusement.

Please pardon me for being so rude and blunt, but life is too short for all of us, and it’s a waste of everybody’s time to try to enlighten “those who are so blind that they will not see”.

For content you already know and agree with, treat is as “re-inforcement and corroboration” of your existing views. For anything controversial or new to you: “Don’t be afraid to acknowledge and research the things that test your boundaries”. Put simply, “You don’t know what you DO NOT KNOW”. I suggest you absorb or consume the knowledge at your own pace, and urge you strongly to ‘take your time’. In particular check out the hyperlinks. Please don’t ignore them, or just scan them quickly because you’re in a hurry. In many cases, you may find THEY will be the main star or focus of the page or the post.

For example, if you see an article on “Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity“, or perhaps on “Linguistics as Propaganda as theorized by Noam Chomsky“, DON’T get frightened away or intimidated. I plan to make these topics understandable, enthralling, and hopefully rivetting reading for folks at every education level. AND I intend to show you how the topic is relevant to YOU, or maybe to your (future) children, or to someone NEAR to you.

Since we are in an information age, and the bank of human knowledge is expanding exponentially, each individual should make it their positive duty to ‘learn more’.

Like it is in a college class, a lecturer will only cover the skeletal framework of a topic.  The responsibility to dig further into the subject will be up to you as the pupil. But don’t worry, I plan to give you plenty of links / videos / photos / other web articles to help you flesh-out the subject matter.

Please, DON’T sell yourself short. When you sit down to one of my Blectures (“Blog-Lecture”) or “In-Web-umentary” (Interactive Web Documentary), set aside plenty of time to explore. CLICK on each Link. With each click you will push your own boundaries of knowledge.

How is it ‘Interactive’

This blog is published using WordPress. As such, it can include media like videos and photos, RSS feeds, tweets, audio downloads.

Additionally, interactivity will come from readers sharing their own ideas on this Website. I see it as a kind of ‘knowledge-socializing’. WordPress contains the ability for people to have a kind of interactive ‘conversation’ or chat with me as the author, and with other readers. Sharing their own ideas.

At one level, you can do a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs-down” if the article inspired you to explore / think about the  topic further.

At the next more interactive level, you can leave comments at the foot of the article. If you do so, then PLEASE ENSURE THAT COMMENTS RELATE TO ARTICLE CONTENT.  Please do NOT use the “Comments” section to express or vent ANY EMOTION.  E.g. “I hate those damned Bilderbergers! Don’t you?”  Unfortunately, I find emotive comments tend to invite even more emotional counter-strikes by other ‘pupils’. Moreover, such commenting style doesn’t actually serve to promote / inform a debate.

I recommend you use the Comments Section primarily to offer new information that you yourself have discovered and that adds value to the topic. Expressing your opinions is fine. Just make sure yours is backed up by one or two facts. Okay? Asking questions is also fine,  QuantumSniper will try to answer topical questions directly.

Future Subjects and Topics to Cover

(In no particular order):   World politics, academia, philosophy natural health, investments, information technology, theoretical physics, futurism, computers, psychological models, linguistics, art, medicine, lost or forgotten history, hidden knowledge, tourism and travel, law.

Also, the latest in independent news and controversies, latest pre-occupations of the mass consciousness.  Tips and tricks to enhance your life skills.

Feel free to make suggestions as to what other topics interest you. I will determine whether to ignore or be inspired by your suggestions depending upon whether I have any pre-existing familiarity with the topic.

I trust you will find my weblog informative and entertaining as it evolves.



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