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Claims & Disclaimers

QuantumSniper Theory

You can expect a wide range of topics. Some you expect. Some you don’t. Some you understand, and other topics, perhaps, not so much.

A number of the ideas, comments or theories I may utter in this here internet journal thingy may ring in your ears as being a bit ‘weird’. Perhaps somewhat ‘subversive’. Or even, dare I say it, ‘conspiratorial’. Well, You may be right, you may be wrong. Either way, that would be “your opinion”.

Likewise, the sentiments I express herein are in fact only “my opinion”. Except, of course, where the rules of chance coincidentally finds some of your opinions to be in-parallel with mine on certain specific topics.

In such instance where our opinions and theories are generally in concordance, AND you agree with something I might have written, AND you are simultaneously inspired to

  1. think something different; OR
  2. (heaven help us all) get up off your arse, and do something that slightly improves the meaning of your own life,

… well then, THAT, of course dear reader, would constitute a true conspiracy against all the poor drones out there who don’t have the courage to open their minds.

So, in the event you choose to become a co-conspirator with me, then I hereby say “welcome to the club”. or “welcome to the revolution”. Or whichever association better suits your appetite for non-conformism.

Either way, dear reader, I trust you will find, that this is the place for you.


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