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My Place, My Rules


184_2545  Parliament House

Image by Kate’s Photo Diary via Flickr

First off, let me set some ground rules here.

1.   (for now) I remain anonymous in this blog

  • In  due course, if this publication becomes popular, I will put my name to it.
  • Until then, for my own indulgence, and to avoid concerns about defamation, privacy or safety, I omit to put my name. But don’t worry, I hide in plain sight.
  • In posting any reply, I ask you to humour me by referring to me by the nickname “Quantum Sniper”, or “Snipey”, or “Quanto” or “Snipe” or whatever best befits your mood at the time. DON’T use my real name if you know it (unless I give you express permission).
  • To those of you who already know me because I have given a personal invitation, (and because I might value your consideration of my thoughts) then you may wish to make your own comments and contributions to discussions / debates. SO; Hold up your own mask and join in with the party! Choose your own funny nickname. Hey! who knows, it could be fun!

2.  Don’t like what I have to say?

Cool off! Take your time and think about it before flaming me. Let me be the one who looks foolish because you’ve clearly made a ‘considered response’. Then, at least, one of us will be un-emotive and more likeley to say something sensible to further the debate.

3.  Differing opinion worthy of debate?

Write me a short comment in the LEAVE A COMMENT or LEAVE A REPLY section. Please. Keep comments G-Rated.  I can then open up a secondary debate on the issue in a sub-blog or in a different thread. Remember, other people will be watching, so be on your best behaviour and try to say something that improves (not embarrasses) mankind.

4.   You wanna correct me?

Look, I’m not perfect. Not all my statements herein will be as well-informed as they could be because my time and resources for research are not unlimited. In the event you want to correct the record, This will come in two flavours:

(a)  If you have more accurate data (like dates, names, definitions, quotes) then, then please CITE (cut-copy-paste) where you got that data from.

(e.g.  or  (Note: These are only SAMPLE LINKS. They don’t connect to actual pages. They’re just to demonstrate)

(b)  If you have opposing view, then the first three words of your written reply MUST START with “IN MY OPINION”  or “I.M.H.O”. This will maintain the decorum necessary for civilized debate in this forum.

5.   You expect content and substance over style ?

I will do my best to post and discuss the meat of many issues, however, where substance is lacking, you may expect to at least be slightly entertained with miscellaneous piffle or whimsy I will uncover for everyone’s entertainment

6.  Plagiarism and copying

I intend to refer to many sources on the Interweb. media might include Youtube videos, articles, excerpts, photos, etc. I will respect copyright and only transcribe enough to get you to click on the hyperlinks for the other sites. When you’ve seen what you need, you can come back.

Similarly if you quote ME or MY BLOG to someone somewhere, then give proper credit (or blame) to my writing by correctly citing MY URL ….



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  1. Timo Reischmann / Feb 13 2014 9:43 AM

    Hey quantumsniper,

    Once again a little note from your friend in Germany; I just read your reply to my questions about terrorism etc in october (sorry about my late reply).
    Besides from all the other stuff one point stayed in my mind: In my optinion government per se is not a bad institution. Anarchism would lead to chaos. But how is it possible to keep the good points about the gov and stop the bad ones? Democracy is a beautiful thing, but here in Germany I have the impression, that one party is only slightly better than the other one and voting for them is not satisfying at all. But is not voting at all sign enough, that I am not happy with this system? Or should I go in politics to make it better?
    What chances does a normal person have to make politics better? Complaining alone is like standing next to a accident telling the drivers what they should have done better instead of helping. It’s simply not enough in my opinion.

    Best wishes,

    • quantumsniper1 / Feb 23 2014 3:34 AM

      Hello Timo
      Good to hear from you.
      Government that is Of the People, By the People and For the People is fine. I support it. Unfortunately, most of our governments have been taken over and have been controlled by large MultiNational Corporate (MNC) interests that are all tied in together.
      Big Pharmaceutical, Big Banks, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Big Media, Big mining, Big Insurance, Military, AeroSpace, Big Computing Techologies. Most of these organisations are larger than small Third World Nations. All these companies are linked. All are controlled by organisations / shareholders / policy makers.
      The amount of influence these MNC’s have over entire governments, politicians, and even organisations like the European Union and the U.N’s is beyond most people’s comprehension.
      I do not recommend that you try to change the world yourself, at least until you learn enough tactics to fight back. That can just make you a target for the powers that be.
      The ABSOLUTE BEST TACTIC I KNOW, is to TALK ABOUT IT IN PROPER INTELLIGENT DISCUSSIONS with everyone you know. Ask Questions. Research. Learn. Share your ideas so that everyone you know around you at least agrees with you in principle. Practice. Make mistakes. Its okay to show your frustration. Its Okay! People will STILL listen to you even if they dont agree with you.
      When listening to the TV. Only do so to pick up on all the false agendas. Whenever the mainstream News says to look at X, it is because they are hiding Y. Get clever and identify the corporate agendas. Then you will not be just standing next to the accidents AFTER they happen. What’s done is done. But you will be clever enough to STOP the accidents happening in the first place.
      The most important thing is to *Keep the fight going*! Believe me; It is possible to reach THOUSANDS of people that way.
      You tell 10 people, Teach them carefully what little you know. THEY will then tell 10 people each, and then THOSE 100 (even without your help) will tell 10 more people each. Thats a 1000 people! All because you had the courage to speak to 10!
      DONT try to change everybody completely. Just be happy if they take a FEW ideas from you and pass on what they are READY to talk about. SO, If you cant change 1 persons opinion by 100%. You might be able to change 100 peoples opinions by 1% each.
      Eventually, there will come a feedback loop. People who you’ve spoken to will do their own research. Build their own courage. And they will start feeding you new information they have discovered.
      Right now you only have 1 vote. Share your frustration, and a mass of people will start taking your cue.

  2. Alan bates / Oct 9 2014 12:36 PM

    Hello sniper,
    Thankyou for your posts. I continue to wait for the ” feedback cycle” to take effect. It is slow because people are almost totally submissive to all the barriers that act to ensure the ends of the feedback cycle never meet. In my opinion, the football, the mortgage, consumerism,keep most of us fully distracted and blissfully ignorant. The political system is perhaps the greatest distraction. The myth that your ‘democratic’ vote influences anything substantial remains rock solid. The major paties represent 2 wings of the same bird. The fundamentals of our enslavement by banks and multinationals remain unchallenged by our political system. This will contribute to its inevitable downfall. Truth will always bubble up to the surface, it can nothing else.


    • quantumsniper1 / Oct 9 2014 4:25 PM

      Thank you for your comments, Alan.

      Your overview here is very much in line with my underlying philosophy.
      Indeed. Change in individuals is sporadic. In groups it is dishearteningly glacial.

      Regarding Feedback Loops; You are perceptive to point out that the cumulative effect of one person ‘waking up’ has a kind of ‘feedback loop’ because it builds not only THAT individual’s confidence, but also elevates OTHERS within that person’s sphere of influence.

      I have no doubt that the feedback effect can become an exponentially powerful tool for positive change. But people need to latch on to certain KEYSTONE concepts,… The public, for example, should realize that —

      * The electoral vote is sham-democracy. Politicians on both sides are dupes. It is the mere ILLUSION of choice.

      * Problem/Reaction/Solution prescriptions in mass media should be PROCLAIMED as being “only for the dumb-assess” in society.

      * The food we get through commercial supply chains is UNTRUSTWORTHY. We must REJECT non-organic and processed foods.

      * Citizens must become SELF-SUFFICIENT. We should thus lionize the MULTI-SKILLED hero, not the “SPECIALISTS” who cannot even tie their own shoes.

      * The paradigm of “Giving is Good” must replace “Greed is Good”. This breaks the Selfishness Cycle and can create a huge positive feedback loop.

      * The corporate, monetary & banking system is an ANTI-HUMAN CULT, reducing us all to mere Darwinian Contestants. We forget to CHOOSE wisdom.

      I advocate that EACH citizen should secretly choose “Causes” like those I have listed above. They should become confidently well-informed in their debate. Be unafraid to speak UP to their family, their peers, their social circle at the Pub, AND even to their perceived superiors. They should communicate their views passionately. And ALWAYS look to drag people UP to a nobler level. NOT be tempted to dumb themselves down so that they can ‘fit-in’ with the lowest common denominator.

      I entreat EVERYONE to reach forth towards the impossible.
      – QuantumSniper

  3. david / Feb 11 2015 8:59 PM

    Hi Quantum sniper,

    While I do enjoy your blog thoroughly and look forward to every new post, I can’t help but be concerned about the numbers of people who sign up to your blog.
    I am all for enlightening people to the wool that is being pulled over our eyes by the government, but I feel maybe it would be worth expanding and diversifying beyond the current content to appeal to a wider audience? This is in no way, shape or form an attack on yourself or your work as i support it strongly but I would really like to see this blog reach many more people.

    Just a suggestion.

    Kind Regards,


    • quantumsniper1 / Feb 12 2015 6:33 AM

      Hi David, Thank you for the suggestion.

      There are very many who know about my blog. In fact, a HUGE number more than would be apparent from the subscriber total. I have personally invited/requested/told hundreds, possibly up to 1,000 people about the blog.

      Do you think its just ‘forgetfulness’, or ‘lack of content / variety’ that stops them from signing up?

      Here is the rub:
      Many people are literally too afraid to subscribe. Even though its free, and only darkens your Inbox maybe once in every 3 to 12 weeks.

      Invitees can partly see the direction I am heading, but fear they might be put on some government ‘List”, just for reading. Fear of some shadow authority?

      Really, their cognitive dissonance is such that they recognize the problem, and they see me as some kind of eccentric sacrificial martyr, and so they just “wait and watch”.

      Unfortunately, they completely miss the point that by ‘sitting on the fence’ they remain part of the larger problem.

      If they only knew that I am so ordinary that I know with every scintilla of my being that ANYONE could do what I do. And EVERYONE should. The 99% are legion.

      Moreover, I have evolved my research to the point, now, where being at the spear-point of the Good Fight is no more scary or difficult than picking my nose. Nor should it be.

      So I sit and wait, sit and wait. People will slowly come on board. Baby steps. One little act of courage at a time.

      In the meantime, I am happy to accept any suggested articles You or Others may have written. I am happy to make the blog into a “” type magazine. I can be Writer-and-Editor-in-Chief and allow other Special Guest Writers to provide me with their intelligent contributions.

      Howzat ?
      – QuantumSniper

      • David / Feb 17 2015 12:39 PM

        Hi Quantum,

        I totally understand what you mean when you mention those people who are literally scared to sign up (I admit myself I was a little cautious). This itself shows there’s an issue if you are scared to read and say what you think. I believe this fear along with the amount of ignorant people (The Sheep) will probably drive off 80% of people who are exposed to this site which is a real shame.

        I was just trying to think of ways to attract more repetitive traffic so people would take as much of an interest as myself. Any ideas? I do like the thought of your subscribers maybe having an input as you mentioned as this may diversify the content for like-minded people. It may make it appeal to more of those people on the fence too.

        I personally have never written an article or even commented on a blog before this one but this is something I may look into.

        Thanks for the reply Quantum,


  4. SYSTEM_ERROR_85 / Jan 18 2017 10:30 AM

    [In My Opinion] (pun intended) 😄
    This is #Excellent . I sometimes feel as though we need to walk around in life with a billboard resighting these T&C’s for general public !

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