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[TestMenu] Draft Articles


Click on the links below to glimpse upcoming articles being created.

Cancer Wellness – Alternative Natural Strategies – DRAFT v3.5

FEMA Camps and D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – DRAFT v.1.0

National Defense Resource Preparedness (NDRP) – Executive Order – DRAFT  v.2.0

A bunch of quantum; Part TWO – DRAFT v.5.0

(Blog Menu) 285 words. Est. 1 mins reading time

Often I get very passionate on a subject, start writing an article putting the main ideas down, but then I get inflamed by another topic and the first one goes on the back-burner.

Writing and researching articles for this blog is not easy.

After the initial inspiration for an article, I then think how to present it so readers find it entertaining and engaging, I must then do all fact-checking, add useful hyperlinks, and then decorate the story with “pretty bits” like pictures, videos and other “Bells and Whistles” necessary for readers with short attention spans.

Final editing then requires proof-reading for accuracy, legality, and overall palatability of the content for an international public domain audience. Remember; I have to do all this myself in my spare time.

Unfortunately, there are people who need certain information who can’t afford the luxury of waiting for me to make things perfect.

For example, I have been writing a lengthy article on alternative cancer treatments, but there are people who have asked for my help who suffer from cancer right now.

For situations like this, I have now decided to release a small number of incomplete / draft articles, warts and all.  Find the articles in the new drop-down [MENU] above called [TESTMENU] Draft Articles above near the top of the Blog’s front page.

Read these articles if you wish. Come back later and compare a draft with its final version for some insight into the swirl of half-articulated ideas in QuantumSniper’s head.

I will not send automatic emails out on small edits of the these draft articles. But when finalized and ready for publication, a normal notification email will be sent.


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