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Cancer Strategies

Cancer Wellness – Alternative Natural Strategies. v 4.1

Updated 5-Mar-2018


For legal reasons, I HEREBY CLAIM AND ACCEPT NO LEGAL CIVIL OR CRIMINAL liability or responsibility in any jurisdiction WHATSOEVER for the information you find below. NOTHING I say herein may be construed as “Medical Advice”, but shall instead be viewed as anecdotal “wellness and wellbeing” research.  Since I am not a trained medical professional, I have no standing to give any advice as a medical practitioner, and I therefore present no evidence below to validate / verify the truth or otherwise of the health techniques described below. Consequently, I neither SUGGEST, nor URGE, nor RECOMMEND, nor in any way even slightly SOLICIT or IMPOSE upon the reader that the health information or techniques below are appropriate for You OR for any person whom you know may have an illness requiring treatment. The information stated herein is NOT sanctioned by the AMA (Australian Medical Association), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S.  I expressly declare that any information herein is used at your own risk. You should always do your own research to validate anything stated herein or found through any incidental research you do that flows from any links found in this article.

Facing Cancer Fearlessly

On Valentines Day 2012, my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  My initial reaction to this news was: “Nup. This ain’t gonna happen. No Way, No How, Not on my watch.

I then threw myself into internet research and came up with a number of revelations, treatments, preventatives, therapies and even potential cures.

This article is the result of my research.

Just before launching into my findings, however, I will briefly reporting on my Dad’s condition to say that, about six weeks after diagnosis, he has undergone a seven hour surgery; which involved a partial gastrectomy (a cutting out of 80% of the stomach, including surrounding lymph nodes, and re-plumbing of the small intestine).

After ten days recovering in hospital, he is now trying to come to terms with his more limited lifestyle. This includes strict diet. Weight loss of around 12 kilos. Eating about 7 to 8 small meals per day, and careful consideration of how he rests and reclines to minimize reflux and nausea.

I am happy to report that, for the time being, his pathology reports have come back “all clear”. So at this stage, he has been classified “no longer a cancer patient”.

How to defy cancer

Below is a synopsis of my findings. Readers must understand that the information I provide below constitutes my idiosyncratic research. Every cancer patient and family will have different experiences.

To derive the greatest benefit from what you read below, you must construe it only as a starting point for your own research. For each topic, you can ‘own’ the knowledge if you spend between one to three independent hours searching on each topic.  Only in this way will you form the courage to take control of the disease, look it square in the eye, and properly exercise every option that will bring a benefit.

Once you create this self-determination, the future for both the patient and each supporting family member is yours to create as you will. Understand this well, then you should continue reading. Otherwise, may god be with you.

Cancer; The secret treatments

A.  Hemp Flower Oil / Extracts/ or Hemp Tincture

Definition; a “Tincture” means a residue, obtained after extraction of nutrients from an organic herb, and obtained by soaking the flowers, seeds an leaves of the herb in Isopropyl Alcohol. Then reducing / evaporating away the alcohol until only the residue remains.
Watch this video to see how you can manufacture the tincture for yourself.  Remember SAFETY FIRST ! You have been warned!

  • Preferrably best not to smoke it, because it can act as a throat and lung irritant.
  • Marijuana, or Cannibis, is also available in its not-so-pyschadelic form as it is Indian Hemp.
  • Hemp has been used for millenia (even since Ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago) as a medicinal and therapeutic herbal remedy. Its health benefits widely well-documented as an effective way to reduce cancerous tumours.
  • Hemp by-products be bought from Organic / Health and Natural Food Suppliers
  • Non-hallucinogenic extracts including Canabinoidiol (CBD) are very popular and are shown to assist cancer sufferers.
  • However, for sufferers in great pain, the benefits of plant with high levels of the psycho-active compound THC (Delta9-Tetra-hydro-Cannabinol) is also indicated in order to ‘bomb the patient’s mind’ to relax. Help to sleep. Reduce pain. And generally flood the body with assistive ‘happy; hormones. This allows the healing (tumour-reducing effects) to be maximized by the body’s own immune system.
  • Used as a tincture, Hemp Oil can be used as an ointment for topical external application.
  • A topical (rubbing) of 1 drop per day on the skin / dermis is seen to be ineffectual by desperate cancer sufferers who have been known to use more direct administering of the oil.  I.e. 1 Drop administered sub-lingually (under the tongue).


CURRENTLY (5-Mar-2018), this can only be obtained in Australia by your GP (preferrably with the added support of a medical specialist, Oncologist) WRITING to the government to seek permission/licence to prescribe CBD Oil. Once approved, any chemist can supply medicinal marijuana to the patient. But it is an expensive treatment.

Don’t smoke it. Don’t grow it (unless it’s done within the law). Don’t traffic it illegally. I will be extra brief on this topic. The thrust of this article is about cancer therapies, not recreational marijuana.

Treatment Regime

A typical regime used by Mama XTX (65 years old, and of Mediterranean descent) was to administer 1 Drop Hemp Oil/Tincture EVERY SECOND DAY. Every OTHER day, take a squeeze of Lemon Juice in the morning (see below for explanation of Acid versus Alkaline treatments)

Where to Get it Can buy hemp-seed oil online. … Cleverman strain of Indian Hemp. Tincture Product. This fellow effectively gives his product away for free. Donations are welcome. My recent emails to him indicate his supply is in hiatus. His website is very informative.

B.  ESSIAC Tea and ESSIAC Tincture

Essiac is a special herb mixture developed into a cancer cure by Nurse RENE CAISSE in Canada.

Essiac’s healing properties have been identified as assisting with Diabetes as well as Cancer.She ran a clinic between 1934 and 1942. Click here for the history of Essiac and Nurse Rene.Essiac comprises an  extraction of four relevant specific herbs. Nurse Caisse used to prepare it as a Tea which was brewed from Burdock RootSheep SorrelTurkey Rhubarb Root, and Slippery Elm Bark.

For a copy of the official recipe, Click here to see an original legal document of Mary McPherson (who was a long-time friend and nursing assistant at Rene Caisse’s clinic). Her sworn affidavit shows the original recipe for Essiac Tea.

Click here to find a text version of the above Essiac Recipe and preparation. It involves preparation by boiling and steeping the dried herbs for 12 hours. Poured into sterile glass containers. Keep in fridge for up to 3 weeks. Discard if any mould or contaminant forms.

Different companies today offer the four main relevant ingredients. But some try to modify the formula, and offer extra ingredients. Some claim up to eight-ingredients in their recipe. My view is that as long as you have the four main ones listed above, the other ingredients shouldn’t hurt, and stand a chance of possibly enhancing Essiac’s effect.

Ideally, Essiac may be better extracted and the nutrients in the tea can avoid being de-natured by the use of a tincture rather than by boiling. Because heat can tend to chemically change or damage compounds.

Legal History

Check out this video. It is a real eye-opener as to both Essiac’s effect, the history of the struggle to turn it into a mainstream treatment, and a testament to the ways the big pharmaceutical companies seek to monopolize this business in a way that completely disregards public health in favour of profits. Cup of conspiracy tea, anyone?

I strongly recommend you see the full documentary. If you have a loved one with Cancer, then watching all of this video is mandatory research for both you and the cancer sufferer.

Treatment Regime

Where to Get it   and  (see )

Both of these companies are online and can sell you mail order  tincture.

!!! HEREAFTER, THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IS IN DRAFT FORM. Needs pretty pictures. But most of the basic information is all there !!!

C.     Vitamin C – (Ascorbic Acid)

Wolfgang Pauli won two Nobel Prizes. One was for physics. The other was for his pioneering research into the benefits of Vitamin C.

It is water soluble. The body cannot store it. Important in the process of producing collagen, which maintains healthy connective tissues, organs, skin, bones and blood vessels. Helps with wound healing. Increases Iron absorption from food. An excellent antioxidant. Which can protect agains hamful free radicals and toxic chemicals.

In the body, High doses of Vitamin C produces Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), and this – in turn – produces good oxygen that acts as a form of targeted chemotherapy against cancer cells. (Which hate too much oxygen).

For cancer sufferers with a diagnoses of aggressive cancer (including otherwise inoperable brain tumors), slightly less than 1 gram per kilogram of body-weight is indicated. Eg. For an 80kg person. Maybe 70 grams of Vitamin C is indicated. Preferrably in powder or liquid form rather than tablets for easier absorption.

Vitamin C taken in high doses only really have one side-effect; diarrhoea and flatulence. And may cause long-term production of Kidney stones. However, the balancing act for that is to take plenty of fluids. Essentially, the idea is to take as much Vitamin C as you can handle until you are just experiencing loose bowel. More if you can handle it.

D.     Drinking Alkaline Waters –  Sodium BiCarbonate

Another Nobel Prize winner some couple of decades ago received his prize for indicating that cancer cells DO NOT SURVIVE in alkaline environments.

The somewhat counter-intuitive concept to understand, is that a squeeze of lemon in water, being acidic (prima facie BAD), will actually cause the stomach to react with an over-compensating squirt of alkaline to counter the effects of the acid. Overall body resultant effect = alkaline metabolism (which is GOOD for healing).

Consequently the solution is to alkalize the body. Kangen Water is automatically generated by the machine.

It is possible to drink normal drinking water, but to put ALUMINIUM FREE Bicarb Soda (Red Mill Brand) or Baking Soda or Baking Powder into solution (dissolved) in the water.

The best quality drinking water is really important. Unfiltered city tap water is very bad for even healthy people much less cancer sufferers.  It is full of toxins including Fluoride (which is a known cancer causing ingredient unsafe even in ANY microscopic quantity). Click HERE to see my previous article in this blog.

Considering the additives introduced by imbeciles in our local and state governments. These “authorities” poison us all under the pretext of “dental health”.  This ‘forced medication’, administered in virtually un-metered dosages on an apathetic and unsuspecting public also causes mental imbalances. Now, in the U.S. they’re even talking about freely putting Lithium (a pharmacalogically sold anti-depressant medication) in the water to “help reduce suicides”.  Ahhhhh … Man! Just don’t get me started! All right?

–     Kangen water is good. But rather too expensive. It is an MLM. Main benefits are (a) Alkalizing the Water, (b) Microclustering of Water Molecules, & (c) Very high ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).  Main problem is it doesnt filter the water town water from fluoride

BAKING SODA. See videos. Based on the principle that CANCER IS or is caused by FUNGUS.

E.     Youngevity MLM  – “Beyond Tangy Tangerine”

–     Can be purchased from Multi-Level Market (MLM) called Youngevity. Click Here if you want to obtain the products and/or become an Associate.

–     Includes up to 115 different vegetables and fruit extracts.

–      Will give the body the essential nutrients necessary to “heal itself” and moderate all metabolic functions.

–     Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) and possible EFA.

–     EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) tablets …. including ORGANIC Omega 3 / 6 / 9, Linseed, Flaxseed Oils and extract.

–     Not necessarily a cancer cure. But will make the body ‘re-awake’


LIZ in New Zealand at


F.     Olive Leaf Extract, and Green Barley

Started in 1990’s –  S.A.F.E. = (Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises Pty Ltd)
  • Started by a Barrister LES DYNE in 1990’s.  Daughter now running the company. CLAIRE. Possibly she is Naturopath.
  • LES DYNE had 6 months to live with Cancers. Started taking Barley. He said it’s one of the things that saved his life.
  • Once joined as a member / Distributor, You can phone their office & speak to their Naturopaths for free.
  • Email them for particular health products and advice.
  • Tel 07 5593 4566

G.     Colloidal Silver

See under this heading in

Colloidal Silver has been very well researched and has virtually no side effects. It seems that this substance could possibly replace all (that’s right… ALL) antibiotics, but you won’t see that happen any time soon because it’s not patentable, it’s relatively cheap and believe it or not, you can buy kits and produce it in your own home.

H.     Juicing – Fruit and Vegetable Juices

–     Used by Mary’s Dad. Was very helpful.

–     Pure fruit and vegetable juices

–     Ideally ORANGE and RED and GREEN vegetables including

Capsicum and Carrots and celery, broccoli, cucumber, and Greens, possibly. Even Onions.

–     Watermelon contains sugars, and this may not be good for stomach cancers according to XTX

I.     Natural SUPER-Foods

–     Mannuka Manuka Honey  (Note that refined white sugars are normally not so good). But honey is a natural Antibiotic.

–     Aloe Vera

–     Garlic. Natural antibiotic. Blood cleanser. Blood Thinner. HAVE PLENTY. Can be blitzed / vitamized with a shot of fresh wheat-grass or preferrably PARSLEY / CELERY / maybe beetroot.

–     Pomegranates (One of the highest known natural foods with ANTI-OXIDANTS … which chelate Oxygen Free Radicals in the body)

–     Squeeze of lemon … see “Counter-Intuitive” reasoning under heading “D. Alkaline Waters” above

–     Hemp Flower Oil

–     Blueberries – High in Antioxidants

–     Donkeys Milk (yep !)

–     Turmeric (curcuma Longa) fresh or dried. Helps fight Cancer… And Alzheimers

–     Bicarbonate of Soda

–     Vitamin D3   (NOT D4!) – Drops

–     EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) including Omega 3 / 6 / 9, Linseed, Flaxseed Oils.

–     Cyanide in Green almonds. Build up tolerance day by day. Increasing by 1 almond seed.

J.     Natural EveryDay foods that are Assistive

  • –     Macrobiotic diet
  • –     Milk generally is NOT good. However Zymel might be Ok. I suggest NOT, because it is a prepared / non-organic / refined product.
  • –     Egg (protein instead of meats) … use ORGANIC and FREE-RANGE
  • –     Lentils, Beans, Legumes, Fava beans. Plenty of Iron.
  • –     HERBS and steeped teas and brews.  E.g.  Peppermint Tea, Greek Oregano (Marjoram Vulgaris) Tea, Sage Tea.
  • –     Oat Bread (NOT WHEAT BREAD) / Porridge / Oat MILK instead of WHEAT (gluten) and COWS MILK (Dairy)
  • –     Boiled and filtered Rainwater (but must be free of aluminium, fluorides, pesticides … see ChemTrails) through Charcoal / Carbon Filter / reverse osmosis
  • –     Oily Fish including Salmon, Young Shark or Flake (because older sharks will have accumulated mercury), Canned Sardines
  • –     Fresh Lemon extracts
  • –     Goats / Donkeys Milk.  (No kidding) Sheeps milk may contain too high a level of saturated fats (it is over 30% fat solids)
  • –    Organic Red Wine … (Has Antioxidant and anti-cholesterol effects).  Avoid all other bottled alcohols because they are high in refined sugars and sulphites / sulfite preservtives.

K.    Wormwood Tea. (Artemisinin Absinthium or Artemisia Annua)

–    The highest concentration of artemisinin is found in its leaves prior to flowering. Artemisinin concentrations from wild Artemisia range from 0.01% to 0.5% (w/w). An ethnopharmacology study showed that 40% of artemisinin may be extracted from the aerial parts of the plant by simple tea preparation.
–    full pharmacalogical / chemistry rundown =

 L.     Daily Physical Activities

–     Plenty of sun, fresh air and exercise

–     Do some swimming and Play Golf if you like it

–     Good 8 to 9 hours sleep each night

–     Afternoon siesta

–     Avoid Stress

–     Avoid causing deterioration of auto-immune response through

–     Avoid negative people with “hopeless” attitude

–     Have humility and LISTEN to ALL people who are trying to help. Even if their advice is CRAP. Don’t throw baby out with bathwater if 1% of what they say might cause miracle.

–     Changing OWN attitude… LOOK OUT for bad mental habits like STUBBORNESS / ARROGANCE / ANGER. Can do meditation to help.

–     Get rid of shit TV like foxtel. TV tends to ZOMBIFY, puts brain in unhealthy ‘part-sleep’ Alpha wave pattern which is UNCREATIVE, and SUBMISSIVE.

–     PICK / CHOOSE your OWN entertainment.  DON’T let other people or Free TV or Foxtel  choose your entertainment for you.

–     Make and carry out a bucket list.

M.     Things to avoid completely

–     Meats including and especially sulphate and nitrite infused cold cuts like pork / ham etc.

–     All white foods including –

Refined Sugar, white Flour, GLUTEN, Soy Milk, Soy curd (Tofu) dairy, milk, cheese /

–     Fatty foods, including too much Olive Oil.

–     Vegetables pickled or preserved using NITRATES.

–     No fizzy drinks or Sugary Drinks. Coca-Cola (contains Phosphoric Acid)

–     Processed Alcoholic beverages including beer / spirits …

Reasoning:  The body has to acidify in order to break down these foods. See under heading “D. Alkaline Waters” above

–     Breads and GLUTEN in particular is very constipating and requires the body to acidify in order to process it.

–     Do not break the dietary / military schedule / regime for the first three months. Thereafter, can relax a bit.

 Key Idea: Frustrating Realities in mainstream medicine

–     One good thing about Mainstream Medical Treatment is the objective, professional, scientific systems and (almost) “military grade” precision with which they operate.  Doctor MUST act quickly upon diagnosis. Time-Line all laboratory tests. Quickly refer to specialists. Quickly get patients enrolled in hospitals. Use sterile equipment and environments.  Chart all progress of diseases. Have accountable care-givers in the hospital system. Apply treatments and medicines in set courses, combinations, and at set times.

–     All these clever systematic treatment methods are invaluable. One should therefore not “throw the baby out with the bathwater” by losing faith in Doctors.

–     When dealing with a cancer sufferer, neither the patient, nor the family support structure around them should tolerate the intrusion of “stinking thinking”, negativity, or defeatist attitudes. USE that objectivism and organized systems for treatment that the professionals use without fail.

Key Idea:  Frustration due to government agencies and Corporations.  The FDA, TGA, and Drug Companies

–     In late 2017, the Australian government paved the way for using ‘illicit’ treatments like Canabinoidiol (CBD), derived from hemp. But legalizing is only the first step. As described above, government approval is necessary to allow its medical use. The situation WAS improved in Feb-2018, when the Australian Government permitted third party manufacturers and growers to participate in the process. Unfortunately, however, obtaining in OZ still requires a large amount of paperwork. And the approval process by government might still take a week or more. AND it requires carefully identifiable criteria including “quality of life”, “pain reduction”, “otherwise inoperable”, and “urgency”

–     Many people opt to go to Canada (where it has already been legalized) to ensure supply of the substance.

–     Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical drug companies) give Doctors silent “kickbacks” like free trips overseas for their families etc. by insisting – on their prescription forms they sign to the pharmacy –  that a PARTICULAR (non-generic and expensive drug) be used INSTEAD of generic drugs.

–     Big Pharma sponsors Doctors to seminars and conventions and feeds them with information which is a “closed system” of promoting ONLY Big Pharma’s products, and casting repeated doubt about “uncertified” (by them) Therapies and Treatments. Doctors are therefore victims of dis / misinformation too. And doctors are threatened with malpractice and high insurance if they stray from mainstream.

–     NOTE:  The problem here is the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) here in Australia … like America’s FDA (Food & Drug Administration). These are regulatory bodies that will control and “CERTIFY” what is considered “SAFE”, or “ACCEPTABLE” in terms of foods and substances and therapeutic materials available to the public.

–     TGA makes the import, and sale and use of uncertified but effective Natural Therapies close to impossible.

–     Agenda of TGA and Big Pharma is to PROMOTE the products and strategies of Big Pharmaceutical Companies and the U.N’s Codex Alimentarius (go look this up, dammit!). They disavow, illegalize or effectively hide the use of non-patentable, FREE and EFFECTIVE NATURAL CURES.

–     All natural therapies are being sought to be made illegal in the western world through the Codex.

–     Note: Big Pharma cannot make money unless you remain sick. So they dont give you an actual cure.

–     Big Pharma therefore only give you “partial cures” or cures with ONEROUS SIDE EFFECTS so as to keep you locked in the Medical system. So they can sell you more drugs later.

–     TGA will use strategy of saying “Something that cant be tested using Big Pharma Labs”, is ergo “Not qualified” to be passed onto the public.

–     E.G. Mainstream Cancer medications cost like $5,000 to $12,000 per month. And no guarantees given anyway. The only justification given for this cost is the self-referential, and conflicted argument that states “it cost them so much to test it”. But their tests are not verifiably unbiased because Big Pharma sponsors the testing labs, the doctors, and has influence in governmental lobbies as well as internally in the TGA and the FDA.

–     HOWEVER, by testing the possible cure through their Labs, Big Pharma then gets the full recipe, and tries to extract the effective components for themselves, thereby shutting out the Natural Product. And holding the product indefinitely WITHIN THEIR SYSTEM.

–     Cost of drug testing is exhorbitant. Small start-up companies have no chance to get a TGA or FDA approval or certification without entering into a profit-sharing or contracting with financiers or Big Pharma. Thereby handing over effective control of the product to Big Pharma.

Key Idea:  Naturopathy and Homeopathy – Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals

–     GRAVIOLA – Special Herb from South America. Australia’s Customs makes it VERY difficult to import. But this is a known cancer CURE

–     NOTE: Graviola: This leaf from a South American rainforest tree treatment should not be used during the post-operative clearing of a patient from a cancer diagnosis. It should be used aggressively during the initial WAR … prior to surgery.

–     MINERALS like SELENIUM. Adelaide Soils are depleted of Selenium.  Average good health needs 200 microGrams per day minimum DESPITE that T.G.A. says > 100 microGrams is toxic. People with Cancer need 500-600 microGrams per day. ….

–     Must get copy of a book from Dr. Joel Walloch (formally a vetinarian) called “Let’s Play Doctor” or “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”

Key Idea:   Mechanical causes for cancer – preventative medicine

–    In numerous pancreatic and breast cancers, it appears that there is a very high concentration of, or capacity for, trace iron to collects in/at the site of the cancer cell. Up to 1,000 times normal iron levels than surrounding healthy tissue can be found, especially when a compound called holotransferrin is introduced. This binds with transferrin receptors to transport Iron into cells to further increase the cells’ iron concentrations.  Consequently, making the cell ferro-philic (“Iron-friendly” drawing iron in to it at the level of molecular electro-static attraction), can essentially create a ‘targeted chemotherapy’ method to attack cancer cells. By then introducing a water soluble form of Artemisinin (wormwood tea therapy), this can ‘stress the cancer cell’. Research here, shows that up to 75% of cancer cells can be obliterated in less than 8 hours.

–    Similarly, since cancer cells are essentially mutations of healthy tissue, they are generally (by themselves) not as strong or viable as a healthy unmutated cell. And are therefore prone/ vulnerable to many things that the healthy cell could otherwise easily take in its stride.  Eg. More heat (Thermionic therapy), Changes in PH regulation (Alkalinity therapies).  In similar manner, simple treatments can work to disrupt the cancer cell’s ability to reproduce, to uptake nutrients, to move around the body, or to otherwise cause it to live sub-optimally within the metabolism.

–     The wearing down or wearing-thin of the mucous membrane in the stomach wall.  (This mucoid film usually protects the stomach from being eaten away by its own stomach acids.

–     The Helicobactor Pylori ALSO attacks the stomach lining. This insidious bacterium is resistant to high acid or high alkaline environments. So it essentially starts to die back if an intensive course of broad spectrum antibiotics is applied. But

–     Similarly, too much BRAN in the diet. (E.G. Kell**gs) All-Bran, basically acts like a gravel. People eat the all-bran for the purposes of repairing constipation, and also in the hope of “scraping clean” the villi in the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. Unfortunately, the Bran is like gravel and wears away the stomach lining too readily if used too often. Bran should just be sprinkled on breakfast cereal.

–     One of the most effective cancer treatments being used in Germany at the moment is to “heat up the body” to around 43 degrees Celsius, and by doing so, apparently, the cancer tumours are unable to survive. Many people travel to Germany (and possibly Mexico) to obtain this treatment.

Other people undertaking research where family members diagnosed. See

Where to get Selenium.  Drops are preferred. But it is available from local health food stores.  And also from (also know known as “


–     Extracts from Almond / Brazil Nuts …. include Cyanide and Selenium from the soils surrounding the brazil nut tree …. must research further.

–     New strategies involve the increased use of selenium .. i.e OVER 200 microGrams per day for Cancer Sufferers. Apparently NOT as toxic as TGA claims.

–     Name of special SEAWEED, (not Spirulina) normally available in Japan .. But unsafe since the tsunami and Fukushima radiation .. can be acquired from the pristine sea waters of Tasmania.

–     ALSO GRAVIOLA is a South American Jungle Herb Cure

–     As mentioned above, high doses of Vitamin C, which CAN act like a targeted chemotherapy against cancer cells. Vitamin C absorption can also be boosted greatly by taking Vitamin E. Which is an excellent anti-oxidant. Check with your doctor before administering Vitamin E.

–    However, Vitamin supplements should be thought of independently of nutritional mineral supplements in the diet. Vitamins alone, are useful as a holistic adjunct to general well-being. For instance, boosting overall body health, to boost immunity, to boost generic metabolic processes.  However, many vitamins by themselves are quickly excreted, or mal-absorbed by the body unless certain other minerals and trace elements are present and highly bio-available.  Such as chromium, boron, copper, zinc, selenium, germanium, magnesium, etc. Mineral Deficiency is one of the main reasons for failure / mal-absorption of Vitamins in the diet.

–     Need to get copy of book by Dr.  JOEL WALLOCH – “Let’s Play Doctor”. and look up his online book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie



For legal reasons including that I could be sued for providing information that could be construed as “Medical Advice”, and since I am not a trained medical professional. Furthermore, the information stated herein is NOT sanctioned by the TGA, or the FDA.  I hereby express that I take no legal responsibility whatsoever for the information provided herein. Furthermore, the information herein is used at your own risk. You should always do your own research to validate anything stated herein. As always, use your best discernment.



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  1. Correction / Aug 30 2014 3:07 AM

    If you are going to spout information online please get it right. Safe founder Les Dyne’s daughter CHRISSI has taken over, however they are still very much involved.

    • quantumsniper1 / Aug 30 2014 3:32 AM

      Thank You evil.butterfly.91 for your correction to ensure that the proceeds and profits for who is running the S.A.F.E company are properly cited and attributed. I will try to find time to research the veracity of your assertion about who owns and runs the company more deeply before I ‘spout off’ in future. I openly admit that my time for researching this type of fact is intentionally limited.

      I am sure you will agree, however, the overall message of advising sick people about USING the prducts to get healthy has a higher priority than attribution of proprietary credit and bragging rights… Yes??

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