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NDRP – Obama Power

National Defense Resource Preparedness (NDRP) – Executive Order

The U.S. Constitution. Some like it hot.

Whew! what a mouthful.  Hey, whaddya say we find a nice distraction from this glob of word salad?

Shall we play a game instead ?

Maybe a quick end-of-civilization simulation scenario with some detective work thrown into the mix ?

OK, lets imagine some scenarios: What if – today – there were an imminent risk of  —

  • a global nuclear holocaust, OR
  • a world pandemic about to decimate our human species due to release of a weaponized mouse pox with a 95% infection rate and 90% kill-rate after infection (these viruses do exist, by the way), OR
  • World War III precipitates upon U.S. soil due to invasion by domestic, foreign or alien forces  …

… What would/should Barack Obama do ?  What Edict or Executive Order might he pass?

Perhaps (in such urgent circumstances) Obama might decree that – if a threat should manifest – the U.S. Government should executively seize, confiscate and control all “Essential Infrastructure” assets.

Such asset control should, of course, extend to all available “Resources” including all  —

  • ‘Energy’, (such as fuels, electricity, solar and atomic energy) ;
  • ‘Farm Equipment’ (used to grow or prepare food, including spare parts for equipment repair) ;
  • ‘Food resources’ (meaning, effectively, ALL food commodities and products)’ ;
  • ‘Food Resource Facilities’ (such all plant, machinery, vehicles, factories for food storage and production etc.) ;
  • ‘Health Resources’ (such as drugs, medical devices, facilities, hospitals, health services etc.);
  • ‘National Defense’ (i.e. military installations, Homeland Security, critical infrastructure and munitions stockpiles etc.);
  • ‘Water Resources’ (meaning ALL usable water from ALL sources).

So. IF you were King or Queen, would YOU think it necessary to pass such an Order?  Just hold that thought.

Effective Martial Law over all U.S Private Resources

Let me finally take you out of suspense, Dear Reader. Obama did this already!

That’s correct. No bull. On Friday the 16-Mar-2012 (the eve of St. Patrick’s Day holiday whilst everybody would be too drunk to bother raising objection) Obama passed the NDRP Executive Order.  His government now has the power to exercise a take-over of U.S. resources in what are defined as “Any Emergency” or even (and get this) “Any non-emergency” situation.

And by the way, the list of “Essential Infrastructure” assets I’ve listed above are not made up by me. The list is transcripted directly from Obama’s Executive Order (E.O). Click here to see the published announcement from the WhiteHouse for yourself.

Media airs no objections – Ergo public is OK with NDRP?

Like a crowd of shoppers staring blankly as a criminal snatches granny’s hand-bag and runs off down the street, people whom I tell about this new action by Obama just look at me like a stunned mullet and mouth the words “Is that true?“…  To which I quietly mouthe back: “Yes. Why don’t you look it up for yourself !” My readers can Click here to start learning more.

Don’t you find it strange that this information isn’t spread all over mainstream world news? And it’s instead left to non-Reuters news providers like RT (Russia Television in the U.S) to talk about it. Have you seen ANY reference to it in the mainstream media you frequent?

Perhaps mainstream media somehow thinks that Obama’s castration of Civil and Property Law rights, the destruction of Due Process, and the defacto announcement of Martial Law in the U.S is somehow less important than the colour of Paris Hilton’s underwear or who got kicked off American Idol this week?

As I see it, either the media is intentionally muzzled, or there is something in the water that somehow turns people into deaf, dumb, stupid sheep as the world’s largest alleged democracy mutates into a fascist totalitarian state before our eyes.

There are those, of course, who purport to say this is just ‘business as usual’ for the White House (click here to see an example of this kind of article). But those with the eye of a detective must surely wonder exactly whose agenda is benefited by writing articles that poo-poo John Q. Public’s rational concerns over the accelerated erosion of civil liberties and the enfeebling of the U.S. Constitution over recent months? (Hint: corporate crony globalists)

What is it?: A law? A mandate? An edict?

Notice, above, I referred to the NDRP as an “E.O”, not a “Law”.  Because, in the U.S – as in Australia – ONLY the Congress (or its rough Oz-equivalent, the House of Representatives) has the legal power to actually pass ‘Laws’ on behalf of “The People”.

Under the sacred democratic principle of the ‘Doctrine of Separation of Powers’, the three arms of government; i.e. The Judiciary (Judges), the Legislature (Congressional Law Writers), and the Executive (the Presidency) must NOT exceed their role or seek to usurp / cross-over into the jurisdiction of one of the other Arms of government. Historically, when this crossing-over starts to happen, it is an unmistakable sign of democracy’s slide into tyranny.

Sure, let us acknowledge that Congress has, in fact, given the Presidency the power to make certain Executive Orders. And in such instances a president can – for a period of three (3) months – actually launch or (what’s laughingly called) ‘defend’ against any National Security threat to the U.S. Homeland. This executive right is  referred to as the War Powers Resolution.

Presidential Emergency Powers“.

After those three months, however, Congressional Rules state that even the president must legally seek Congress’ approval in order to maintain an armed conflict. Meanwhile, in countless examples, Congress members (too often bought and paid for by special interest and corporate lobbyists) repeatedly demonstrate their impotence to rein in the Executive Arm of government by failing to veto ongoing wars initiated by the U.S Executive Arm in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

All this, of course, occurs at the same time as the See Eye Ay working clandestinely with budgets approximating half a trillion dollars per year, send out their secret operatives world-wide to infiltrate foreign countries specifically for the purposes of ‘gathering intelligence” and de-stabilizing foreign nations. Click here for a potted history of the Agency, and/or for those fearless few who like their research less muzzled by mainstream political correctness Click Here, .

The context of NDRP

Time now for the detective-work portion of our game.  Lets put all these NDRP shenanigans together with some other recent events shall we? For example —

!!! HEREAFTER, THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IS IN DRAFT FORM. Needs pretty pictures. But most of the basic information is all there !!!

Fake Emergencies, and the abuse of Executive Power

Through history, it seems there has been a repeated expansion of the Presidential Emergency Powers given by the Congress. Since a president can only use these powers in “an emergency”, it would appear that there are an ever-increasing number of alleged “emergencies” appearing out of the woodwork in recent years. Many of these “emergencies” all seem to have suspicious conflicts of interest with either the U.S. Government itself, or to very powerful and highly influential global corporate lobby groups who wield enough money and power to interfere with crucial departments within the U.S. Government.

For example, George W. Bush’s signed the Patriot Act in October 2001, only one month after the events of 911. In one fell swoop creating the Department of Homeland Security. This was all based on the supposed threat of “global terrorism” by the nebulous terror organisation known as “Al-Quaeda”, whose only discernable face (that of Osama Bin Laden) was known to have received his original training and funding by the See Eye Ay. Once a global “War on Terror” was then announced by Bush, that’d essentially create the perfect situation for a president to repeatedly call upon his Emergency Powers at every perceived ‘National Security threat’.

Prior to that, U.S. presidents including Roosevelt who (in March 1933), invoked the Emergency Powers in response to the Monetary Crisis of the day, through to Nixon (in March 1970) when he used them for the National Postal Strike.

Blink and you’ll miss the coup d’etat

Let me put all this E.O into perspective: Obama just passed an edict commensurate to preparation for the dawn of the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, on 12-Mar-2012 U.S. Congress began formal impeachment proceedings against Obama because he sent the U.S. military forces into Libya and Syria without Congressional approval, (which is an absolute breach of the U.S. Constitution) and then claimed that he “does not answer to Congress, but to the United Nations”). This effective pledging of allegiance to a foreign power is tantamount to treason. If these impeachment proceedings fail, then that would basically amount to a coup d’etat.

To supplement your research, you can also read my recent article ‘Keeping Up With The Alex Jones’es” to find out who controls the media and why. Its not just ME saying that the media is intentionally silent. For the sake of your family and future, I urge you to read it!  If not today, then do it tomorrow (instead of watching the footy).  Whilst I can’t slap you upside the head to wake you up, my dear incredulous friend, any arrogant know-it-all too self-absorbed to realize the extent of mind control being perpetrated upon them by a criminally silent mainstream media truly deserves a slap.

  • And of course, to compensation you for anything they take, they will give you a piece of paper called a ‘Loan Guarantee’ from the Federal Reserve Bank.

and maintain a perpetual state of war.

would you think it okay for

law some pretty serious laws, wouldn’t you? Maybe somet

Why isn’t it in the damn news?  Where is the outrage and the demonstrations in the streets. Is Reuters, NineMSN, CNN, FoxNews, ABC and all the other,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=596&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=6Sp4T83GF8mgmQWx05GYDQ&sei=KSt4T_XgD6iRiQfC1rj2BA&gbv=2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=596


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