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23-August-2017 / quantumsniper1

Dr Steven Greer – Realities Hidden in Plain Sight

A false flag to end them all

(Article, 460 words. Est. 3 min reading time, + 3:07 hours for video)

I’ve been an earnest student of Dr Steven Greer now for a number of years. Most particularly in Aug 2014 when I was one of 26 attendees to his field expedition in Joshua Tree California. We all stayed there in the desert for a week, attending intensive seminars, and meditating. Had some super-extra-ordinary experiences. In due course, I will elaborate on those episodes.

Now; after about 2 years worth of distractions of ‘real life’ matters, I give you this Powerhouse of a Video by Dr. Greer. He updates even what he revealed to us in the private paid seminar in 2014. Therefore, if you want intrigue, or if you want to grow out of your “Retail Conspiracy Theory” phase. Here is the knowledge of how things REALLY work behind the scenes.

My take on the video’s contents DON’T currently matter. Your first task is, instead, to fill your brain with some real witness/whistleblower testimony. There’ll be plenty of time to dissect and de-construct all the evidence later. I suggest watching the video in 15-20 minutes stages. Especially because the contents may be too much to take-in at one time.

Dr Steven Greer - The Cosmic False Flag Nov 13th 2016 - 

My return to posting on the QuantumSniper blog today marks a watershed. Enough of sitting on the fence. I have been meaning to reveal my research into the deep-black covert aspects of Corporate Security-State for a long time. This article is short, but its been a long time coming.

Be warned! ONLY serious people need apply themselves to this topic. No jokers, no sociopaths, no time-wasters, please. There’s no point casting pearls before swine. If you aren’t ready for a severe paradigm shift then please just GO AWAY. Waste your time watching funny goat/cat videos on Youtube.  Here you go –>>.

Otherwise, for humanity’s sake, don’t be defensive. Suspend all disbelief, and any ‘half-baked opinions’, and begin drawing your conclusions ONLY after watching the above video in full. Then, by all means form your own opinion, or if at a loss ask any uninformed friends to lend you theirs.

To begin better forming your ‘own opinion’, you should also watch Greer’s two full-length movies. The first being SIRIUS DISCLOSURE – feature movie 2014 (the highest rated documentary on Netflix, and currently also Free on YouTube. And his newer June 2017 movie “Unacknowledged – An expose of the worlds greatest secret“, also available on NetFlix OR (for the unresourceful among us) on iTunes.

I have no hesitation recommending you even do pay per view. It will assist Dr Greer to fund his projects.

Finally, if you are really serious, you should study the 64 or so videos of Witness Testimony compiled by Dr. Greer at SIRIUS DISCLOSURE on his YouTube Channel. I already have.

  • QuantumSniper
29-February-2016 / quantumsniper1

the Common-Sense Extremism movement: example #2

Nugget #2: Don’t pay it back, Pay it Forward – Create a Perpetually Unpayable Debt

(Article, 550 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

I was tending my place of business the other day, a customer asked to buy from me a $3 snack. He was $0.20c short. I saw him dithering and scratching his head until he worked up the courage to say:

“I know you charge a $2 transaction fee if I use my credit card, but I wonder if you would let me buy this item on the Credit Card because I need twenty cents more.  Over the next few moments unravelled from my mind some simple ideas which – less than 45 seconds later – could possibly have altered the course of this persons life. And maybe mine as well:

I did as follows –

Handed him a 20 cent piece from my own pocket, saying : Don’t worry about it. You can have mine. But only on three (3) conditions:

  1. Don’t ever think of paying this back to me. Because when you do, that’s the end of the transaction. One Credit, One Debit. Case closed.  … BUT …
  2. Instead you must promise to “pay this gift forward. … to some stranger.
  3. And you must promise to give one extra small gift (of time or money) randomly each day, as you do, suggest that they do the same as you have done.

The upshot here is that the debt will never be repaid, and will continue in perpetuity with the potential for unceasing goodwill hereafter. A jubilee, if you will.

I then smiled and turn my attention to another customer .

Analysis of Nugget 2:

Sophisticated Christians and humanitarian readers might consider this a trite example of Christian-like Charity. But they wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a majority (I estimate over 90%) of the western world functions on the Service-To-Self principle. The technique of ‘paying it forward’ I describe above is, however, deserves more than a passing thought.

Consider, also, that the three ‘conditions’ required to make the technique work seem to initially invite a Transactional / Quid Pro Quo mentality to hook a person into the behaviour. But over time, it creates a habit of ‘recruiting’ people to repeatedly think beyond their own interests.

Whilst ‘paying back’ a debt is almost an automatic response, the idea of “paying it forward” is perhaps just revolutionary enough to tickle the conscience, and maybe enthuse jaded westerners as a call to arms.  Remember that – in the back of most western minds – lies the niggling existential guilt that perpetual self-gratification is somehow hollow and unsatisfying. The reason for this – crudely stated – is that ‘Karma is a Bitch’

Recently, I listened to spiritual advisor and author of “The Synchronicity Key” David Wilcock, I was pleased to learn that there is a simple way to get rid of festering guilt, and to break any cycles of Negative Karma. He says: forgiveness breaks the cycle of Karma that we live and re-live every day’.

So instead of using the inhumane commercialized “Quid pro Quo” mentality so prevalent in all of us (which is essentially just “Service to Self”) one can begin to adopt the more noble, more meaningful, heart activating principle of “Service to Other”.

So what stops us from using it every day? Is it that we fear persecution or embarrassment at breaking the wheel of Karma? Let’s get over all that, shall we?  I suggest we all boldly adopt the beautiful tool of ‘Paying it Forward’ as citizen warriors for what I call a ‘Brave New Revolution’.

– QuantumSniper

12-December-2015 / quantumsniper1

the Common-Sense Extremism movement: example #1

Nugget #1:   If you stupidly Bomb Syria to kill ISIL terrorists; You’ll create more ISIL terrorists.

(Article, 354 words. Est. 2 mins reading time, exc. video)

I volunteer to start a revolution to rival (and hopefully flatten), things like the PC (Political Correctness) movement. Participants simply point out, in nugget form, some of the rampant stupidity currently in the world.

In short, it is a movement of common-sense extremism. (with thanks to Len Clampett for that phrase)

My suggestion is that clear-minded thinkers should just call out, and bravely expose, things that are openly anti-human, mischievously self-serving, (i.e not “Service-To-Other”), or which are founded on extreme emotion instead of rational logic, or just plain stupid/absurd. For example: Nugget #1 above falls into the latter categories.

To really build your ‘anti-stupidity’ skills, watch this great (what I call) “Extremist Common-Sense” video:

(10 mins)

Send this viral: Journalist speaks the truth about Paris attack, & much more

Also, to be successful with our nuggets, let’s keep them simple and short, shall we? Like a headline. Afterwards, we can do a more detailed synopsis as I have done below

Synopsis of Nugget 1:

The idea came to me whilst writing my recent QuantumSniper Article called Paris Attacks = globalist profits

So who came up with this bright idea to attack I.S through bombings? Why, Obama of course. He did so by Executive Order, without democratic approval by the U.S. Congress or Senate.

Why is it a stupid idea? Because bombing is completely indiscriminate. It kills innocent bystanders, women and children, and it destroys entire towns and villages. Bombing is a form of terrorism in itself. Once vital community infrastructures are destroyed, people have to move. They even leave the area entirely, unable to rebuild due to clear and present danger, and they even emigrate.

All this makes for a lot of angry bombed Syrians, Iraquis, Libyans, Afghanis etc., who were not terrorists to begin with.

Next, these poor homeless people start to flood the rest of the world to create a global refugee crisis. And if they’re still a bit pissed off that their lives were destroyed, you’ll get a gushing stream of more terrorist attacks. For example; the November attacks in Paris.

– QuantumSniper

10-December-2015 / quantumsniper1

Lets get this damn revolution started

How to NOT lead by example

(Article, 102 words. Est. 1 min reading time, exc. video)

Being labeled an eccentric, a non-conformist, a conspiracy theorist, or even a crackpot makes it hard.

Because once one is set up as a target by the conformists, one is dealing with the lowest common denominator of human fear: The herd mentality.

In fact, trying to lead almost any movement is close to impossible nowadays. But there are plenty of so-called “crazies” seemingly putting themselves out there. So my advice is: DON’T be a leader!

Watch this video to see what I mean.

(3 mins)

Youtube Video Derek Sivers How to start a movement TED talks

Now you get the message. So lets get up off our arses, shall we?

– QuantumSniper

26-November-2015 / quantumsniper1

Paris Attacks = globalist profits

Recipe for success – add Global Mayhem

(Article, 770 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

If you stood to profit from perpetual war and mayhem, then I have a great, repeatable recipe for getting rich. Unfortunately, however, only Elites and multi-billionaires need apply.


Specifically, you need to be either an Arms Manufacturer, or a Corporate Media Conglomerate, or an Oil Cartel securing Middle-Eastern oil wells or assets, or if you are a Banking Cartel hoping to fund re-construction of destroyed (bombed) towns and cities in a politically de-stabilized country like Syria.

Non-stop perpetual wars, like the Israeli / Palestinian conflict are now being duplicated globally. This is the basic model that should be copied if you are a budding zionist.

Lay population pays the price

Today, as Europe is flooded by troubled refugees (Syrians, Afghanis), we see the narrative in mainstream media highlighting and “normalizing” some very unhealthy attitudes including a sense of high anxiety. Read more…

22-July-2015 / quantumsniper1

Playing ‘peek-a-boo’ : Rooting the fear from relationships

Good people got some bad habits

(Article, 1242 words. Est. 4 mins reading time)

Grant_Wood_-_American_Gothic_-_Google_Art_ProjectNever much thought to tell people how to run their relationships. Especially couples. But after a particularly ‘tough day’ with my spouse of 20+ years, I had an epiphany that others might benefit from. I wrote a letter to us both. It seemed to help us both a lot. And it went something like this …:

“So. Let’s start with the assumption that we are both good people. We’re honest with each other. We try hard.

Let’s also concede we are both well-intentioned, but possibly afraid of certain things. And we don’t like to admit our fears.

Of course it is natural that nobody likes personal criticism. So people are often compelled to shield themselves from critiques. They do this by finding clever defensive ways to deflect criticism. It’s like an excuse not to listen. Often, such defensive tactics may have worked in the past. At least insofar as they reduce the pain of hearing one’s faults in the moment.

What we do wrong

Therefore lets not criticize. Instead just try to root … Read more…

3-June-2015 / quantumsniper1

Redux Edition – Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

Don’t call Me a Climate Change Denier !

(Article 607 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

Aside from being a pejorative label, calling someone a ‘Denier’ probably shows that the utterer doesn’t have enough confidence in their own background knowledge to debate the issue without resorting to emotionalism and rhetoric. There are many more dimensions to the climate change debate than just flatly ‘denying’. So here now is a way to respond to an accuser.

One of my very early articles ‘Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT” – being over 15,000 words – is a lot to digest in one sitting. Too much for most people.  And even though carbon taxes have now been abolished in Australia, the article contains exactly what both sides of the debate need to know about climate change to consider themselves ‘well-informed’.

The article remains topical because it offers an intensive case-study on how the public mindset can be led astray (or manipulated) by mis-information, mis-guided public conscience, mis-interpretation of opposing views, poor understanding of the science, as well as the hidden political (and geopolitical) objectives behind the ‘global warming’ debate.

To help with all this, I broke the big article down into bite-size-pieces. You can now click the hyperlinks below to dive into any ‘mini-article’ portion of the whole. Research whatever topic suits you. And have fun re-visiting some established** QuantumSniper wisdom and previous timeless articles. So here it is:

A new Table of Contents / mini-sub-articles / hyperlinks to –

Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

  1. If it cant stop Global warming, and Russia China & USA wont introduce it, What is the foundation for Gillard’s Carbon Tax?
  2. Even some smart, well-intentioned folk can be misled
  3. What exactly is Carbon?
  4. Why the ‘Carbon Cycle’ is more pertinent than ‘Carbon Tax’
  5. The Greenhouse Effect – Science from olden days
  6. The Many Causes of Global Warming/Climate Change
  7. Global Warming – Modern science vs. politics
  8. Semantics – Choose your words carefully, Grasshopper
  9. Who/what is to blame if Carbon is not the culprit?
  10. Carbon Sequestration: Capture, Management and Storage Schemes
  11. The end of fossil fuel reliance
  12. Can we fix all pollution, not just carbon emissions?
  13. Are more laws the answer?
  14. Carbon Tax: Show me the hidden agenda
  15. Carbon Cops and enforcement
  16. Epilogue – What Actually Makes a Carbon Tax ‘bad’
  17. Be mindful of everyone’s agenda

The SPECIAL REPORT is an epic full article containing huge amounts … Read more…

18-May-2015 / quantumsniper1

Why skepticism fails the courage test

How to identify “stinking thinking”, and defeat it

(Article, 2504 words. Est. 10 mins reading time,.. excluding extra time to ponder your navel)


In those ‘deep and meaningful’ conversations we sometimes have with people, especially when debating topics where the bounds of knowledge and credibility are stretched, one occasionally encounters a mindset called ‘Skepticism’ in your opponent. Todays task is to persuade you that skeptics lack courage.

In the course of debate a “skeptic” – who are otherwise intelligent folk, often end up sabotaging the exchange of knowledge before the discussion reaches a satisfactory conclusion. Skeptics are like sticks in the mud. Can’t go any further. Forward or back.

Now; We all want the best quality information. Don’t we?  And of course when commencing an ideal debate we all come armed with a full head of steam, a bunch of A-grade facts, some patient contrariness, a few techniques of persuasion, and a healthy respect for common sense rational logic. If necessary, we are also prepared to defend our views using some science, and fairness in our heart.  So why do so many rational discussions with skeptics always seem to go off the rails?

The skeptical mindset is a false panacea. As a Truth Tool its a farce, and a dangerous joke. My private judgmental label for the skeptical mindset is “Emotional Intellectualism”.  Today, I hope to persuade you of this…

Read more…

12-March-2015 / quantumsniper1

Dr Quantum cures ignorance

Quantum Mechanics for bashful Dummies

(Article, 1805 words. Est. 8 mins reading time, excluding videos)

A black hole – from the movie Interstellar

As a kid, my parents used to call me “Professor” because I loved to study basic astronomy as a 7 year old. I was then trotted-out at parties to entertain the home crowd about “stars ‘n planets ‘n stuff”. Even today, I still love expounding science.

There followed high school, university, and an intense 20-year dalliance in private legal practice and what I laughingly refer to as “the real world”. Almost forgotten was the deep satisfaction of day-dreaming on physics problems, and chasing philosophy and meta-science concepts down the rabbit hole.

Over the last decade, however, I found myself re-awakening, and seeking a deeper understanding of the latest theories in physics. These included – …

Read more…

16-February-2015 / quantumsniper1

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Microwave Frequency

First create a dependency. Then use it against them.

(Article, 270 words. Est. 1 min. reading time excluding video)

The increase in cell phones, microwaves, transmitters, wifi, and environmental radiation generally seems to have gone on unquestioned by the public. More infrastructure and towers get set up daily, whilst we drive by oblivious.

By default we unerringly trust that the architects of these systems should not, could not, or would not use it for any other purpose than for our convenience or money. And yet, some questions still remain.

(14 mins)

Youtube video – Microwave Frequency Warfare, The Real Cold War

Is it Envy of Mr. Jones’ new smartphone? Or Pride in showing off our gadget to friends? Or is it Sloth when we try to shave off a moment’s inconvenience by using a pay-wave(tm) card RFID rather than memorizing a 4-digit pin on our Credit Card? Maybe its just Greed that causes us to ignore so many dimensions of our humanity, that we therefore become blind to anything other than the material world.

This article, and the above YouTube video aren’t meant to induce insecurity. Only to report. If a reader reacts with paranoia, fear, or perhaps anger at merely being informed, then they automatically recuse themselves of any competency to do anything about it. I am not tempted to judge people any more. I am just here to enlighten.

So for goodness sake, don’t be irrational or afraid. Research it further for yourself.  Then just use common sense and think about how you, personally, need to deal with this issue and be pro-activist rather than re-activist. Maybe tell a friend.

– QuantumSniper

9-February-2015 / quantumsniper1

Break the Red Shield

Some Comic Relief (or not)

(Article, 192 words. Est. 1 min. reading time excluding video)

Often-times I’ll chat with some knuckle-head who just completely saps my strength … and honestly makes me feel like: “Screw ’em all, Man! If they love their ignorance so much, then *I* can’t help anymore”.

I really work quite hard to get people to understand. Y’Know, I talk (sometimes lecture) to literally thousands of random people about “waking up”. But sometimes you need a break or you burn out.

To satisfy this balance in life. Today, I give you some small respite from the Good Fight. So lay down your arms, momentarily, Citizen Warriors. Sit on your haunches with me. Here in the dirt. Let’s have a laugh.

So. You like cartoons?   I like cartoons!  C’mon, Man EVERYBODY loves cartoons. So watch this one. (Only 30 mins). This is called The American Dream Film

Copy hyperLink

Maybe you can send this link to all those people who have such cognitive dissonance that they will not look Truth in the eye any other way. With thanks and credits to Amy2x and The American Dream Film

– ’nuff said for now.

– QuantumSniper

25-December-2014 / quantumsniper1

The scam with GeoEngineering is …

For Citizen Warriors – A call to Knowledge & Action

(Article, 4,300 words. Est. 20 mins reading time excluding links and videos. Take your time. Read a few bits each day to let it all sink in)

I strongly recommend you click to download the PDF versions of these files below, (includes monochrome version for easy printing) and read the document in comfort on your pdf reader.  Please post/email freely and distribute widely to persons whom you consider influential.

These are the facts as I see them.

– QuantumSniper

P.S. Minor update from Version 2 to Version 3 available on 3-Jan-2015. Always download the latest version !
2-July-2014 / quantumsniper1

“DemoCrazies” and the Middle East

A Rude Awakening

(Article, 4,150 words. Est. 18 mins reading time excluding Videos. Take your time. Read a few bits each day. The education is worth it. – Article Revision 14-Jun-2017)

I received the following video from a good friend. His only four words in the accompanying email were a plaintiff cry for all to heed: “Time to Wake up!”

* Warning, intentional extreme violence depicted *

Top 10 Most Horrific And Insane ISIS Executions (

(Update Note 14-Jun-2017: The original video in this article called “DAESH – ISIL Muslim massacre – Jun 2014” has been censored by YouTube. In some ways, I am thankful, because it was almost too unbearable to watch)

The original (quite frankly horrifying) video showed ISIL (ISIS) ultra-extremist Jihadi’s (‘holy warriors’) executing moderate Sunni and Shia soldiers most likely left behind as their generals flee Iraq. At the time of writing this article in 2014, approximately 1,700 such killings had taken place. The zealotry of Takfiri (usually Sunni) murderers is so extreme, they even classify secular (non-religious) muslims as “impure infidels”, and in so doing give themselves the right to kill, rape, pillage and desecrate any apostates.

Although google/youtube has sanitized and censored some of the more violent videos over time the internet still contains may ‘R’-Rated images of atrocities, including the capture, then beheading and crucifying of civilians and christians. Al Quaeda atrocities affiliated rebels in Syria were executing their political opponents such as the ALWEI and moderate Sunni’s.

Though terrorists claim their actions are ‘about God’, but believing that these acts are about anything but politics would be foolish.

Anyway, my concern today is about HOW people react. Since the average person is not mentally or spiritually equipped to handle such images, most are virtually hard-wired to react with trauma. This means they will either ‘freeze-out’ any feelings at all (Denial). Or else they a desire for revenge, agonized hatred, racism and paranoia. Read more…

1-June-2014 / quantumsniper1

Improve your Mind, Awareness, Time, Spirit, Emotion, Belief and Subjectivity

9 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down

(Article, 1605 words. Est. 7 mins reading time)

RE-BLOGGED from website, Article dated 6 November, 2013 at 20:58

(Really good article. Wish I’d written it!)

Over the years I’ve learned dozens of little tricks and insights for making life more fulfilling. They’ve added up to a significant improvement in the ease and quality of my day-to-day life. But the major breakthroughs have come from a handful of insights that completely rocked my world and redefined reality forever.

The world now seems to be a completely different one than the one I lived in about ten years ago, when I started looking into the mechanics of quality of life. It wasn’t the world (and its people) that changed really, it was how I thought of it.

Maybe you’ve had some of the same … Read more…

23-April-2014 / quantumsniper1

Ex-CIA Spy: solutions for world problems

Steeley Hope for the future

(Article, 338 words. Est. 2 mins average reading time excluding videos)

In short, I think the video below (11 mins.), and the speaker say plenty to inspire. My commentary is barely necessary. I only ask – as usual – that the Reader use this article to start off your understanding into the matters raised. I.e. GO AND SEARCH FOR OTHER VIDEOS by typing in the speaker’s name below into YouTube. Really. Its not hard, and its not scary.

Robert D. Steele is a political reformist. As well as being former C.I.A. officer now turned activist against U.S. Government corruption, he was also a candidate on the U.S. Reform Party’s ticket for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. He basically wants to chuck out the entire U.S. Congress that supports the Obama administration, and start afresh. But that’s just the beginning.

(“Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!”) (sorry for the poor quality video)

Whats refreshing about Steele’s presentation is the no-nonsense “Tell it like it is” attitude. In particular, his easy confidence and certainty in suggesting various solutions.

In my own research into geo-politics, I am constantly coming up against people who openly acknowledge the world is a mess. That corruption has overtaken government and media, and that there are globalist corporate vested interests who continue to abnegate the human spirit. Despite this confession, even seemingly intelligent people, they all reek with the stench of “learned helplessness”.

“Bahh, Bahh, Bahhhhh!” they bleat. “Of course ‘The People’ are all in a form of technocratic enslavement of intellect, monetary bondage, and poisoning of the environment, body and soul. Everybody knows that! But DARN IT, *I* can’t do anything about it because it’s all too hard, and its too late anyway! … So FerChrissakeWillYaJustShaddap !?, and stop telling us about all the bad things in the world?”

“Well, sorry but I wont give up or shutup…”, I reply, “…because there are still people in the world like Robert Steele, Nigel Farage and Alex Jones who have both hope and ideas”.

– QuantumSniper

29-December-2013 / quantumsniper1

Why atheism is logically unsustainable

(Article, 237 words. Est. 1 mins average reading)

Those who have studied pure logic will know. There are only three possible logical states with regard to faith;

Hey! - At least I have friends!

Hey! – At least I have friends

1.   I am a believer. I.e. I have faith, and I promote the idea that there IS a god. And I do what I can to support his principles

2.  I am an agnostic (i.e. meaning literally; from the greek, “I do not yet recognize”). Where insufficient evidence has yet been presented to tip the balance of my opinion in favour of belief.

3.   I am atheist. i.e. I know for sure – beyond all reasonable doubt – that “there is no god”.

Only Number 3, here is the fool.

He who proclaims with absolute certainty “there is no god” whilst having at his disposal only the smallest fraction of the Universe’s information known to him, is merely expressing an unprovable opinion. 

Number 1, above suffers no logical inconsistency as does the Atheist, because people of faith are – by definition – acting upon more than just mere logic. They are acting and producing life choices based on faith.

An atheist purports to use logic and reason. Because of this, he reaches a logical fallacy that destroys his own position. He says; “Even though I can’t know for sure, I still know there is no god”.

Eh? Say what?  But what you’ve just done is actually define an Agnostic. Checkmate!

6-November-2013 / quantumsniper1

Stay alive until 2045 – Then live forever

Singularity. Expanding our universes

(Article, 457 words. Est. 3 mins average reading time excluding videos)

As Hamlet said to his friend Horatio : “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio.

As a thinker, conspiracy journalist, and part-time activist I am blessed to live in a world where the pace of progress is so incredible that it is possible to have my mind blown repeatedly, and with increasing frequency of late.

Verner Vinge first coined the word singularity in OMNI magazine in 1983.

Although I’d heard the word in the context of theoretical physics and black holes, I only recently considered the depth of the term “Singularity” in terms of human evolution, development, and trans-humanism.

I now humbly request you watch the following video (8:50 mins) by the Anonymous Team.

So, in essence, by 2045 we should be able upload our conscious brain to a virtual environment. For example, one day before our corporeal body is due to die of old age, we upload the brain, adopt any size universe, any shape, any age, any powers (or superpowers) of our preference. Then we can live in perpetuity (with our friends) in any manner of heaven or hell we choose. (*Consider also the possibility that the consciousness may experience a temporal “discontinuity break” in the jump from the Real to the Virtual space.)

Some who’ve watched this video secretly shrink in terror. In extremes they even call it, ‘The Mark of the Beast‘ or ‘Piffle’ depending upon the colour of the fear or insecurity that masks their personal demons. Remember, its not about how we get to singularity, its about what happens when we get there.

If you find yourself unready, then ask yourself “Why am I afraid? Is there something wrong with my life / thought processes today that stop me from upgrading my existence”. After that, you should come back and try to watch it again.

In any event, I recommend you only watch the video in full if you are capable of dealing with a new life paradigm. I did, and it was exhilarating.

Understand me; It’s not the video itself (which is quite well-produced) but the thoughts that romped into my imagination AFTER watching the video. There I was in the shower, washing and thinking away, and the possibilities amazed even Jaded-Old Me!  In a word, the imaginative possibilities are ‘infinite’.

I expect I will come back to this topic in future and write follow-up articles on incidental talking points such as; The Anonymous Movement, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computers, Cybernetic Organisms, Eugenics, future political systems, mass delusion, existentialism, and evolutionary ascendency. But lets take it in baby steps. Not today.

For now; Go get some exhilaration for yourself !

– QuantumSniper

20-October-2013 / quantumsniper1

Terror, Terror Everywhere! and No-One Stops to Think

Civil liberties disappear under U.S. Anti-Terrorism policy

(Article, 2332 words. Est. 10 mins average reading time excluding videos.)

Ever since the 9-11 Attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, the U.S. Administration has eroded and tramelled civil liberties at an ever-accelerating rate.

Jump-started by the horror of 9/11, U.S. Foreign Policy and the mainstream media soonafter commenced a worldwide campaign with the agenda of a “Global War on Terror”. Try not to be squeamish, and see if you can watch the full 2 mins of the video below (you’ll get the message after 30 seconds anyway). That way you’ll recall the full force of that campaign.

“Youtube video: Terrorist propaganda 911- martial state” (2:23 mins)


Its been over decade now since September 2011. I thought I’d just do a little stock-take of exactly how all that’s going for them. Come on, it’ll be fun! You’ll see! Read more…

29-August-2013 / quantumsniper1

How to use Colloidal Silver – Ancient antibiotic & antibacterial

Colloidal Silver – Administering, Treatment, Use, Application

(Article, 826 words. Est. 4 mins reading time)

Colloidal Silver Solution - (Health Product from S.A.F.E Safe Health product

Colloidal Silver Solution – (Health Product from S.A.F.E

Ionic Silver has an affinity for bacteria and even viruses. Has been in use for over 3,000 years as an anti-microbial agent and (before penicillin was invented) as an antibacterial agent. It can kill up to 650,000 pathogens.

Since Colloidal Silver is just elemental silver with pure water, its not really patentable by pharmaceutical companies. Naturally, if they can’t synthesize a unique proprietary form of the stuff, then corner the market, then sell it as a huge profit, their only option is to demonize it, cover up its benefits, and promote their alternative antibiotics like penicillin.

What are Colloidal Silver’s uses?

  • It is a high strength, microfine, bacteriostatic water purifier, ideal for home use and whilst traveling in areas with poor water quality.
  • Concentration is 50mL/L in de-ionised water. …this is 50,000 ppmv (parts per million by volume). For conversion see )
  • It can be used internally (i.e. swallow) or topically (i.e. applied externally to the skin) as an anti-bacterial / anti-microbial and antiseptic.

Click “Read more” below for practical day to day uses. E.g. as mouthwash, as antibiotic in the blood stream, as a topical antiseptic, to treat eye infections, or even for use as a kitchen cleaner.

Warning: Moderation in all things! Like many natural and/or pharmacological substances, a little bit used judiciously aids in body health. But too much may cause problems or even be toxic. For example salt, dietary fats, cholesterol, alcohol, caffeine, sugars, anti-biotics. So always follow recommended dosages!

By the same token, taking too much of one good thing, might cause you to miss out on using other things which may have been better or more beneficial.

With Colloidal Silver, the main problem with high concentrations, or long term over-use is that it may cause ‘Argyria’. This is a bluish skin discoloration. Also, if it is ingested regularly in high enough concentrations (e.g. to treat diarrhoea or Irritable Bowel Syndrome), it tends (like pharmaceutical antibiotics) to kill both good and bad stomach bacteria. You should therefore always follow up internal Silver treatments with probiotics like yoghurt, fermented foods, Acidophilus, LactoBacillus, Caseine etc. to re-balance gut flora.

Click Read More below to get actual dosages —

Read more…

12-August-2013 / quantumsniper1

Scam to recognize Local Government foiled

Federal Referendum to recognize Local Government Cancelled – A small Victory

(Article, 360 words. Est. 2 mins reading time)


Surrealist Art – “Before the Celebration “- Leonid Afremov

Good news for once. The local government referendum has been abandoned following Kevin Rudd’s decision to call a general election for 7 September!  Here is an excerpt from the website NOPOWERGRAB, (click to learn a bit more) and from the email I received from the campaign.

These snippets say it better than me paraphrasing —


Following the decision by the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to call an election for 7 September the referendum has been cancelled. To be Constitutionally valid voting on the referendum cannot start before two months after the passage of the legislation for the referendum through the Parliament, and no later than 6 months. …

… This referendum was defeated because Kevin Rudd recognised the collapse in support as Australians realised this referendum was about increasing Canberra’s power at the expense of local communities. The first poll showed this referendum had more than 70 per cent support, it quickly declined to 53 per cent and then 47 per cent as a direct consequence of this campaign and your efforts. 

Read more…

12-June-2013 / quantumsniper1

Australian federal election subverted by Agenda 21

Exercise your TRUE POWER AS A CITIZEN and


(Article, 1136 words. Est. 4.5 mins reading time excluding videos)

At the Australian Federal Election of 14-Sep-2013, there will also be a referendum to recognise – OR NOT RECOGNISE –  Local Government in the Australian Constitution


Firstly, let it be known that this referendum issue was defeated in previous referenda in 1988, and in 1974 for good reason.

Secondly; Local Councils never needed to be a “government” to do their job nor to access any funding. They’ve been highly successful in this regard for hundreds of years as an instrument of local community efforts and initiatives.

Thirdly, as more people become aware of the United Nations’ despicable Agenda21 plan, they come to realize that the destruction of sovereign nations and world economies through banker debt (already happening in Europe), is not some simple accident of social evolution. It is a definite plan for the implementation of globalist control over local issues.

Executing the plan

The UN, and EU have clear specific plans for expansion  expressly described and set out in their endless White Papers, Policy Statements, Committee Minutes, and official press releases. For instance, “Agenda 21” is a real document published by the U.N. in 1992

Unsurprisingly, money and monopoly capital is the primary driver for all this. Organizations like the United Nations, and the European Union were created and controlled by vested multi-national corporate interests like bankers and industrialists with definite philosophical goals in mind.


Julian Huxley was also president of the British Eugenics Society from 1959–1962

If you are under the illusion that organizations like the UN, are just benign ‘namby pamby’ promoters of ‘human rights’, ‘sustainable development’, and “Kumbaya” for all mankind as hinted by the propaganda, Think again.

The founder of UNESCO Julian Huxley (1887-1975) was an evolutionary biologist and believer in the sinister racist philosophy of eugenics.
Read more…

28-May-2013 / quantumsniper1

Angelina Jolie, self mutilation (Re-Blog)

Angelina Cut Her Boobs Off: Should You Too?


(Article, 823 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

(Note: This article was not authored by QuantumSniper.  But is a natural adjunct to my Vitamin-D Article on 16-May-2013)

Angelina JolieIf you follow celebrity news (or any news, for that matter), you might have heard by now that Angelina Jolie cut her boobs off.  OK, in more respectful terms, she had her breasts surgically removed, undergoing a double mastectomy.

I didn’t know she even had cancer, did you?  Oh wait . . . SHE DIDN’T.

What she did have was the advice of a doctor after she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene.  The BRCA genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) are what the Mayo Clinic refers to as “breast cancer susceptibility genes.”  Mayo says that women who have “inherited mutations in these genes face a much higher risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer compared with the general population.”

How much of a higher risk?  According to the latest research, inherited BRCA gene mutations … Read more…

16-May-2013 / quantumsniper1

Depression and Vitamin D3 Deficiency – Cause, Solution, Maintenance

De- Pressing Problem

(Article, 2,454 words. Est. 9 mins reading time excluding videos)

There is an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency prevalent in the western world over the last 10 years. Currently, in Australia alone, one third of the entire country is rated as having this deficiency.


Vitamin Sunshine

Sure; depression has been linked to various health imbalances, malnutrition, poor diet, and a toxic environment. However, I recommend that the first, quickest and simplest solution is fixing your Vitamin D deficiency.

Don’t be fooled by some ‘scientific trials’ that suggest ‘Vitamin D is toxic’. Many of those tests were done with Vitamin D4 (which IS toxic), rather than D3.  Then they generalize to the uninformed by saying “Vitamin D” might be bad for you.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Australian counterpart the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently upped their RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) allowance from 400 to 600 (International Units) (about 10mg to 15mg per day).

Understand that pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural minerals, plants. Only things like gene sequences, inorganic chemical combinations, or designs can attract intellectual property rights. Therefore, Big Pharma cannot exclusively monopolize any natural / herbal medicine or mineral supplements. In order to maintain its profits, it will habitually oppose natural medicine at every opportunity. Tactics Big Pharma regularly uses includes wielding their corporate influence to fund skewed university studies, provide mis-direction in advertising, or promote synthetic pharmaceutical alternatives they’ve spliced together and then flog them off in mainstream media.

Causes for depression – a major suspect

For depression sufferers with low Vitamin D levels, it’s NOT JUST an issue of insufficient sunlight. See this scholarly article to inform yourself on that. Put simply, even people with darker skinned complexions, … Read more…

8-March-2013 / quantumsniper1

Climate Skepticism and Agenda 21

Reading between the lines of public policy

(Article, 430 words. Est. 2 mins average reading time excluding videos (14 mins))

I recently attended a seminar with Lord Christopher Monckton noted climate change skeptic. I found his climate skepticism arguments compelling. (More on him at another time).

Introducing his seminar was MLC (Member of the Legislative Council) Ann Bressington, who passionately read out her speech on Club of Rome, Agenda 21, the United Nations, and the New World Order. Take a listen to her.

YouTube: “Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government” – 2-Feb-2013

Hidden agendas in Climate Change debate?

What would you say about government policies over the last 30 years that allow for 90% of Australia’s farmers and food production to be destroyed and or usurped by corporate control.

What would you say about an Australian Government that gives 10% of all our carbon taxes directly to the U.N with its un-sovereign, un-elected and un-representative members on that council effectively collecting those moneys like it were OUR government levying a tax on us?

What would you say about a federal government (left or right), that cannot pay for itself or its policies, destroys a $100 Billion dollar surplus, and then runs up a $200 Billion+ national debt. At the same time, it get its citizens hooked on apathy, social welfare, cash handouts, and blissful ignorance through the propaganda of a deferential mainstream media.

What would you say about western governments in Europe and America that continually buy-in to national financial bailouts that any Economics 101 student can tell you can only lead to a systematic catastrophic financial collapse and bankruptcy of economies world-wide? Soon.

Is all this just an unhappy co-incidence. Did things just ‘accidentally slide’ into this pit of industrial, financial, and political degeneracy? Could people not see all this happening? Is everyone really that ignorant of the warnings?  Maybe!

On the other hand perhaps – through the consensus of small groups of powerful individuals and corporations – there is some plan and intention behind it. Something that the common man sucking down diet coke and munching on Big Macs does not see.

As we know, billionaires and trillionaires do not think the same as we common folk. They have time on their hands. Their agendas are different.

Consider the proposition that wealthy and powerful technocrats in the world who do not act in line with your or  my best interests (because they want profit, power, or political and financial control) seem to continually prevail. You and I? well we have no particular plan beyond living well. But these elite technocrats – individually or in tandem with each other – they usually DO have a plan. They don’t believe in accidents.

– QuantumSniper

1-October-2012 / quantumsniper1

Open letter to spineless politicians

(Article, 1263 words. Est. 7 mins average reading time)

On 19-Jul-2012, I participated in a blitz email campaign (see sent to all Australian Senators, with the campaign hosted by Australian Taxpayers Alliance.  Please see my previous article on Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens for more background on this topic.

Federal Senate: Constitutional Failsafe or Rubber Stamp?

The thrust of the protest was against proposed new Federal Government ‘Security’ legislation which will be used to curb freedom of speech in Australia, and to assist foreign corporations and spy agencies to destroy our online privacy rights. All this is under the now hackneyed shrill hysteria of ‘regulating the internet against terrorists”. What rubbish!

All-in-all, less than a handful of these politicians took time to reply (to me) during the campaign. These included Senators Don Farrell, Alex Gallagher, David Fawcett, Emma Gorman and Penny Wright. Most of them come across as fearful non-commital panderers towing the party line (except for Penny Wright). But still, I suppose, some response is better than the apathetic NOTHING I received from the hundreds of other federal and state politicians to whom the blitz campaign was sent.

Destroying liberties; Are you Activist, or Spectator?

Anyway, because of this, I thought I might remind you all that being a political ‘activist’ requires … Read more…

26-September-2012 / quantumsniper1

GMO’s – History and hard facts

(Article, 605 words. Est. 4 mins average reading time excluding videos)

Primer on GMO’s

I have been wanting to publish Part B of my “Death By Codex Alimentarius” series for some weeks now. That article is 95% complete.

But the main problem in finalizing it is that I detect limited understanding in the wider community about what Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are, and how the corporations who offer us all this whiz-bang bio-technology operate and derive their profits from GM tech.

So I thought to offer some learning on the subject. Check out the following very powerful Youtube segment by Jeffrey M Smith who wrote the book “Seeds of Deception” on GM food, crops and the biotech industry.

The video is over an hour long. So break up your listening sessions into smaller bits. Come back and re-listen to bits. Don’t gloss over it. Don’t only listen to half of his talk and think you understand the problem. Don’t get distracted and go watch American Idol. Put simply, this is too important.

(Thanks to davidellis51 and his “Hidden Agendas” blog for some great reference materials) 

So. Was I right, or was I right?  In the above video, you will (have) learn(ed) more about …

Read more…

6-August-2012 / quantumsniper1

Death by Codex Alimentarius – Part A

What is the Codex ?

(Article, 1060 words. Est. 4 mins average reading time excluding videos)

Sorry to interrupt your “regularly scheduled (brain) programming“, Dear Reader, but since you eat food like everyone else, it’s a duty to yourself and your children to be properly conversant with the topic of Codex Alimentarius.  As a subject, Codex is one of the most important things I will write about in this blog. So sharpen up !

By the end of this short series of articles, if you are not ‘mad as hell’ (as I was) at being duped over something so fundamental, then maybe you’ll be ready to protest with your democratic vote, or at least brow-beat some apathetic friend who is otherwise too self-absorbed to give consideration to the future of humanity.

We should start with the inspirational video of Dr. Rima Laibow of made in 2005 (5:20 min). Watching the longer (40 minute) version of this video opened many doors of awakening for me. Watch the short excerpt below for now, but please take time later to watch in full to deepen your own research.

Quick Note: On 31-Dec-2009, the Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC was enacted by the EU. This law directly attacks basic dietary ‘nutrients’. Although its not the full roll-out of Codex Alimentarius envisioned by Dr. Laibow in her 2005 video, it is a law nurtured by Codex-affiliated bodies. By exploiting years of public apathy and ignorance, it’s another step in imposing Codex incrementally by stealth.

Of course, the concepts and reasoning involved in this … Read more…

19-July-2012 / quantumsniper1

Australian Internet Monitoring of private citizens

All citizens now presumed suspected terrorists

(Article, 510 words. Est. 3 mins average reading time excluding videos)

I recently received another activist email from a campaign through Australian website.  I strongly agree with their message about the Australian government attempting to impose internet monitoring facilities so as to destroy peoples privacy.

This is an absolute travesty. It has no legal standing. It is a violation of every democratic right you can identify at law.

It destroys the legal presumption of innocence in this country. It has no legal or administrative overview. No right to judicial process or appeal. It violates legal rights to intangible property (your personal information) and it is criminal trespass in the sense that they take the right to enter your computer and tamper with the information. NOT to mention what they do with the information in disseminating it to foreign powers and jurisdictions.

This is far worse – in a single step – than even the outrageous CISPA legislation that was enacted in the U.S. (Following on from the Obama’s failed attempts to enact the SOPA and PIPA Legislation). It is not just big-brother monitoring, it is full blown control of media, information, and private citizens access to free information and communication.

(see the QuantumSniper Article written in January. : )

The Gillard Government HAS NO MANDATE and no legal or Australian Constitutional right to give away our sovereign nation status to the UN or to the USA.

NOR should Australians be subject to the agenda of the Obama Administration in creating a frenzy over so-called t3rrorists who are paid and set up by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and its National Security Agency to further the U.S’s own geo-political and/or imperialist aims.

Did you know that Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter were all originally set up from seed capital provided by the CIA through its front company InQTel in 1999? Dont believe me? Check out this Article. Or this great article and video (10 mins) by James Corbett found in Sibel Edmonds’, or any article generated in this search list page.

This is a destruction of civil liberties. It is neo-feudalism. It is fascism.

By attempting to legislate this, the Australian Government and the Australian People are being used as pawns in a larger geo-political chess game. Whilst the Gillard Government masquerades as a fake “pioneer” with their New World Order Carbon Tax, and now this blatant internet control (not just censorship), other corrupt governments around the globe then use Australia as the precious model for introducing these democracy-destroying policies into the rest of the world.

This makes us all victims of further mainstream media manipulation as other nations standardize the imposition of greater strictures on the population and greater destruction of human rights and civil liberties.

Tyranny is being forced upon us day-by-day by degrees.

I maintain the belief that the people of Australia, if we are all properly informed and STILL RETAIN THE RIGHT AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK-OUT can overwhelmingly vote to reject this abominable legislation.

These are the facts as I see them

–  QuantumSniper

22-June-2012 / quantumsniper1

Free speech – The safety to disagree

Are you free to be unpopular?

Readers; please check out the video below (12 min.). I particularly like the easy informative way the concept of free speech is discussed in this video.

To Topher; Good work, dude!  Other videos are also available on Topher‘s website.


I originally found the video on the Australian Taxpayers Alliance (ATA) website. The ATA have plenty to say about the Carbon Tax abomination which is about to commence operation in Australia in less than 7 days.  On that topic, click here to see a graphic poster giving a simple explanation on how the new Carbon Tax works. The poster has strong reminiscences to my own article written in June 2011 Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

You may explore issues of censorship in another previous article Welcome to CISPA – Internet EyeSpy and Kill-Switch Version II. Therein, I referred to censorship of free speech as it has been developing in Australia due to the Finkelstein Report, which was a so-called “Independent Report and Inquiry into the Media and Media Regulation in Australia” commissioned by the Gillard Government.

– QuantumSniper

20-May-2012 / quantumsniper1

Does God play a HAARP?

Weather Control

(Article, 1609 words. Est. 6 mins reading time excluding videos)

Click to go to Haarp HomepageIn one of my very early blog articles, I made a somewhat veiled reference to something called HAARP. The “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”.

Before today, you may have had some suspicions about human ability to modify global climate. Well I am here today to give you the proof. I warn you, however, it may not be the proof you expected if you are a climate-change believer.

Perhaps you wondered if technology was being used, and I’m not just talking about crop dusters spraying silver iodide to do cloud-seeding to stimulate rainfall, I am talking about something far more advanced. Something that has serious and dangerous consequences for all of society.

The technology of Weather Manipulation

Weather-modding worldwide has been a fact since at least 1995. It is done through the use of the high-powered Electro-Magnetic Radiation bursts from HAARP facilities placed around the globe.

For those who remain unconvinced, here and now I reveal the facts:

Firstly, click here to see the United States Patent Office … Read more…

1-May-2012 / quantumsniper1

You thought SOPA was bad?

Welcome to CISPA – Internet EyeSpy and Kill-Switch Version II

(Article, 511 words. Est. 2 mins reading time excluding videos)

There is so much happening at the moment that I propose to keep my commentary to a minimum.

Let the YouTube by Alex Jones say a thousand words for me.  (7 min video)

Originally uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel: (now found at )

By way of historical background, you may want to see my previous article  SOPA Backlash – Solidarity by the faceless many.

Buckle up, kids. This new legislation is serious. Its big. Its dangerous. It affects us all, including those of us living outside the U.S.

Regrettably, it also doesn’t seem to have the large corporate backlash that accompanied the previous SOPA / PIPA legislation.  By giving virtual litigation immunity to large tech corporations like Google and Facebook, it is allowing these companies to share – in real time – your personal data and information with the U.S. government, military, SeeEyeAye, NSA, Homeland Security and anyone else who would care to profile or use your private information data against you. Or sell your data-mined information for their own profit.

How I’ve chosen to Protest

By way of protest, I posted the following entry on my Facebook account today.  After people have had time to read this Facebook entry – I will delete my Facebook Account. We need to send a message. And get our real lives back at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen. Love you all. But I urge you all to BOYCOTT FACEBOOK. It supports the CISPA legislation. See … ….. Delete or deactivate your accounts. I will. You have nothing to lose but your freedom from this anti-life, anti-human, time-wasting, sleazy data-gathering information-collection system for anti-democratic spy-gathering agencies around the world. “Friends” on Facebook are NOT something that you should accumulate like a doll-collection.

Lately Congress has attempted to sneak legislation that could change the face of the Internet as we know it, and all in the name of national security. First ..

(9 min video)

If you are a wuss, then just deactivate your Facebook Account, rather than delete it. This gives you the option to re-start it later if you conclude you cannot live without being’s be-yatch.  Click here to find out your deletion / deactivation options, and how to do it.

Internet Censorship position in Australia

Just so you are aware, recent legislation threatening to be enacted in Australia can actually soon make QuantumSniper, my ‘Blog of Protest’ essentially illegal. You can see a synopsis and commentary by Menzies House (an Australian online community think-tank of conservative, centre-right libertarians) in relation to that proposed legislation. Click here to see

Yep. Apparently, if I dare to get more than 15,000 hits per year (thats 40 hits per day) on this – my humble little journalistic indulgence I call a blog – then the Australian government could choose to shut me up and shut me down simply because my free speech might present an opposing view.

Does anybody else out there appreciate how this damages freedom in our so-called democracy?

These are the facts as I see them.  –  QuantumSniper

15-April-2012 / quantumsniper1

Some information is too important to be perfect


Click on the links below to glimpse upcoming articles being created.
Cancer Wellness – Alternative Natural Strategies – DRAFT v3.5
FEMA Camps and D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – DRAFT v.1.0
National Defense Resource Preparedness (NDRP) – Executive Order – DRAFT  v.2.0
A bunch of quantum; Part TWO – DRAFT v.5.0

(Blog Menu) 285 words. Est. 1 mins reading time

Often I get very passionate on a subject, start writing an article putting the main ideas down, but then I get inflamed by another topic and the first one goes on the back-burner.

Writing and researching articles for this blog is not easy.

After the initial inspiration for an article, I then think how to present it so readers find it entertaining and engaging, I must then do all fact-checking, add useful hyperlinks, and then decorate the story with “pretty bits” like pictures, videos and other “Bells and Whistles” necessary for readers with short attention spans.

Final editing then requires proof-reading for accuracy, legality, and overall palatability of the content for an international public domain audience. Remember; I have to do all this myself in my spare time.

Unfortunately, there are people who need certain information who can’t afford the luxury of waiting for me to make things perfect.

For example, I have been writing a lengthy article on alternative cancer treatments, but there are people who have asked for my help who suffer from cancer right now.

For situations like this, I have now decided to release a small number of incomplete / draft articles, warts and all.  Find the articles in the new drop-down [MENU] above called [TESTMENU] Draft Articles above near the top of the Blog’s front page.

Read these articles if you wish. Come back later and compare a draft with its final version for some insight into the swirl of half-articulated ideas in QuantumSniper’s head.

I will not send automatic emails out on small edits of the these draft articles. But when finalized and ready for publication, a normal notification email will be sent.

18-March-2012 / quantumsniper1

Dimensions Eleven

(Article, 464 words. Est. 2 mins reading time excluding videos)

The Eleven-Dimensional Omniverse

Ok, Time for a mind expansion:

Many people think in pictures. Pictures are usually two Dimensional objects (or ‘2-D’).

Some can imagine things in Four Dimensions (4-D). This is commonly thought of as taking a 3-D object (or landscape), which object (or scene) changes sequentially along a fourth dimension commonly called “Time” or “Duration”.

So, for example, think of some 3-D object (say a matchbox) at Time Zero (T=0 seconds); i.e. NOW. One second later, you look at the 3-D object again at T=1 (NOW), and a moment later at T=2 seconds (NOW).  OK?. You have just experienced a 3-D object traveling through the 4th dimension of Time.  i.e 4-D.

Is Time Real?

Rob Bryanton in his blog asserts that there are actually ten (10) spatial dimensions and only one extra … Read more…

26-February-2012 / quantumsniper1

Keeping up with the (Alex) Jones’es

(Article 4,243 words. Est. 16 mins reading time excluding videos)

Blue Pill or Red Pill – CHOOSE Dammit!

Character Morpheus offers Neo the Pills of Choice

Okay Neo. Are you ready? If you choose the Blue Pill you’ll just wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. But if you choose the Red Pill, I will show you just how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

(Note: If you haven’t seen the 1999 movie “The Matrix” yet, then do yourself a favour and rent it.

Like those who – before me – braved and swallowed the Red Pill and have ‘woken up’ from the confines of the the corporate-globalist matrix, I now openly embrace the painful truth and the darker realities of this modern society. I literally cannot see things naively and innocently as I once saw them. Even if I wanted to.

… or click on the image below for a 4 min. video snippet).

I am now instinctively conscious of the shadowy presence of these sinister truths. But it was not until I saw enough pieces of the jigsaw to see a “grand plan” that I formed the courage to break the shackles of my pedestrian programming / conditioning. Only then could I speak with a secure conviction. Only then could I embrace the word “conspiracy” (there’s that darn word again), using it with shameless confidence whilst others mentally scurry like mice into the corners carrying their shiny shields of shame, anger, intolerance, false indifference or some flimsy semantic fallacy to protect them.

Read more…

10-February-2012 / quantumsniper1

Carbon Tax one step away from New World Order

10% of Oz Carbon Tax goes to the U.N.

A quick reminder of a point I make on Page 1 of my article “Why Carbon Tax is Bad – SPECIAL REPORT” wherein I note that with the introduction of a Carbon Tax policy legislated by Gillard, Australians will be paying 10% of ALL / ANY SUCH CARBON TAX DIRECTLY TO THE U.N.

It is the apex of shame. This carbon tax legislation was passed in Australia despite there being no direct link between (a) consumption of fossil fuels and (b) an alleged reduction in alleged global warming of the troposphere. Moreover, I ask, which part of the Australian “informed public”, … Read more…

22-January-2012 / quantumsniper1

SOPA Backlash – Solidarity by the faceless many

Vendetta against Internet Control

Anonymous - Declares Cyber War on Congress

The fast pace of events occurring over the last 72 hours compels me to update the last post “NDAA Tyranny now backed by ‘Internet Kill Switch’ (SOPA/PIPA)

The backlash against the proposed S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A bills has been incredible.

People are angry, and they ain’t gonna take it any more.

Last Wednesday 18-Jan-2012, up to 115,000 websites including Google, Wikipedia and WordPress altered their web-pages or ‘Went Dark’ as a protest to the introduction of the the SOPA & PIPA Bills.

As mainstream media failed to cover the issues properly, it was not until the public … Read more…

20-January-2012 / quantumsniper1

NDAA Tyranny to be backed by ‘Internet Kill Switch’ (SOPA/PIPA)

Brave New World isn’t coming. Its here now.

NOTE:  Please read the update to this post. (See New news on SOPA / PIPA as at 22-Jan-2012). 

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

The U.S. may be ground zero, but Australia and every other so-called western democracy should be raising the alarm at the ever-increasing violations currently taking place against the U.S. Constitution by executives in the Obama Administration.

Yes. We are all affected by this. … Read more…

20-November-2011 / quantumsniper1

Neither OF – nor BY – nor FOR – The People

That’s funny! What happened to the Greek Referendum?

Georgos Papandreou – bidding farewell

Georgos Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister up until 11-Nov-2011, was stressed.

He could not find a way to stop the pain of the greek people.

His dilemma:  Should Greece accept another multi-billion Euro bail-out (i.e. loan) from European Banks, coupled with continuing and worseningly harsh austerity measures of higher taxation, job cuts, and reduced government spending expected to last for a minimum of 10 years?

But maybe it wasn’t HIS decision to make. After all, the 11 million people in Greece should have a say, shouldn’t they? Let’s call a referendum! A good old fashioned plebiscite. Let the people decide!

As a dispassionate Australian Born greek, looking on curiously at the “right mess” that has become of my parents’ homeland, I thought to myself :

“Gee!  When the referendum is carried out, the $#!% is really gonna hit the fan! Coz when the Greeks vote, they’re obviously not gonna be happy with another 10 years of austerity measures.

But – I suppose – if they just simply declare Bankruptcy, they can secede from the Euro currency, and then go back to economically fending for themselves in the lazy Balkan sun.

Sure, they will have some economic problems, but at least they will then live (humbly) within their means rather than being forced to pay an already-unpayable (but still increasing) foreign debt.”

Read more…

6-November-2011 / quantumsniper1

Why Carbon Tax is bad – SPECIAL REPORT

If it cant stop Global warming, and Russia China & USA wont introduce it, What is the foundation for Gillard’s Carbon Tax?

Julia Gillard planning her next move

(Article, 14,900 words. Est. 75 mins reading time excluding Videos. Take your time. Read a few bits each day. The education is worth it.)

When I first published this article 10 days ago, it still seemed like there was hope to save the day against the Carbon Tax. At the time, I asked the question “Why does this Government think a Carbon Tax is a foregone conclusion?“.

Now that the Clean Energy Bill is finally passed into law through both the Lower House and the Senate, on 8-Nov-2011, it is time to look at the question differently.

So, Why on earth has the Labor Party rammed through – so quickly – a law with such huge repercussions. And without due democratic procedure and meaningful democratic debate on the the propriety of such a tax?

Despairingly, the Senate as a whole has rarely shown the testicular fortitude to act as the democratic bastion it was originally meant to be. Yet again, this toothless Senate has rubber-stamped the decision of the Lower House following strict party-political allegiances rather than the senators themselves using the political and legal system properly and voting with their common sense and their individual consciences.

Who could have conceived that this Labor Party, that only gained power through the barest of margins just over a year ago, and effectively without any mandate for a Carbon Tax from the majority of the population, AND on the basis of an outright lie to the Australian Public, could manage to flout the democratic process and introduce this abominable law come into effect from 1-Jul-2012.

Maybe you think these words are too strong? Hmm.. Perhaps I should remind you …

It is almost too much to bear for a pummeled idealist like myself to watch all this happen in our Country. To sit dumbfounded as good people stood by and did nothing (or too little) whilst this folly came into being.  To watch the apathy spread like a fungus.

Our only slim hope now is Tony Abbott and his ” No! To Everything” Party coming in at the next election, and fixing the Carbon Tax debacle. Even then, though, he will really have his work cut out for him unraveling the horrendous mess that’s been created. He will have to  –

(a) repeal the Clean Energy Laws themselves;

(b) unwind the legislative changes to the income tax law including the new higher Tax-Free thresholds,

(c) lay to waste the millions to be spent by Gillard establishing the carbon tax, and Abbott must spend more again to compensate those businesses and companies who will seek refunds from having paid the ill-conceived  Carbon Tax already collected to that date

(d) with difficulty sell the concept of more reforms to the Australia Public just to presumably “get us back” to the status quo of today. Unless he can come up with the kind of ingenuity not usually afforded conservatives such as those in the Liberal Party.

Perhaps, below, after we take a closer look at the science, the logic, the psychology, the rhetoric, the purported solutions and the agenda’s of the big players in this little puppet show, we will be able to scrutinize more closely the motives of politicians like Gillard who don’t declare (and possibly aren’t even aware of) government conflicts of interest with big business and corporate lobbyists.

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Fluoridation: Does the debate have any teeth ?

(Article, 1211 words. Est. 5 mins average reading time excluding videos)

FLUORIDE:  It’s time to re-open the discussion

Here’s some food for thought.  Fluoride is a known and registered poison and neuro-toxin.

Fluoride is an additive to our drinking water. The fluoride used in our water is actually a waste product from the aluminium and the nuclear industry.

Fluoridation is carried out on the pretext that it is of benefit to our dental hygiene. However, fluoride treatment for teeth is more efficiently carried out by topical application directly to the teeth, and not by ingestion into the entire body where it’s dosage is uncontrolled, and where the effect on the skeletal, the nervous, the respiratory, the pulmonary, and the cardio-vascular system is known to cause illness and side-effects through hundreds of modern scientific studies.

It appears that many of the “official” sources indicating that fluoride is safe, are likely to be unreliable. This is because there is no reason to simply assume that all government funded studies should be trusted as being impartial and objective.  Unfortunately, the government of every western nation is susceptible to corporate lobbying, manipulation, and undocumented political coercion by vested interests who have their own political or commercial agenda.

Furthermore, scientists, universities or even supposedly independent research institutions often have to cow-tow to various corporations or specific government instrumentalities (e.g. the military or the carbon tax lobby) in order to receive grants or maintain their funding.

Click here to see a Search Engine search of the variety of divergent scientific opinions on Fluoride.  Or Click here to see 24 studies on how fluoride affects IQ alone.

If – on the balance – the science on fluoridation appears to be inconclusive to You (Dear Reader) then I recommend you be bold enough to unequivocally repeat to others the fact that studies are inconclusive as far as you are concerned. People in a democracy should not permit misrepresentations about the “scientific certainty” of this or that fact when it is clearly not so.  Currently, we are all today living with fluoride in our drinking water because of the entrenched biases of certain past researchers who may have skewed their results in favour of vested interests.

In light of the numerous divergent results of numerous studies, and the science is clearly not settled, why is it not more sensible to take a conservative public policy approach to this topic and to minimize risk and harm where possible by NOT including it in the water?

How to fix the problem

To stop it, all one has to do is go to the water treatment works, and turn off the spiggott that adds fluoride and other harmful chemicals to the drinking water.

No wars, no expense, no victims or aggrieved persons by taking this action (except perhaps the aluminium industry which will have to then find a safe way to dispose of their toxic waste).

Give the choice as to whether to administer fluoride back to the individual citizen !


1.   It has been claimed that Nazi Germans and Russians were some of the first to use fluoride in the 1930’s. They put it in the water in the concentration camps and in the gulags. Do you think the captors were concerned about the dental health of their prisoners ? … Read more…

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Cost of Subscribing

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Yes. Completely gratis. What did you expect? Don’t want nothin’ from you but your occasional attention on various topics you may find interesting …. Coz that’s how I roll.

So subscribe ok?

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A bunch of quantum – Part ONE

What does a dead cat have to do with Quantum Theory?

(Article, 3,829 words. Est. 20 mins reading time. Maybe need 2 cups of tea for this one!)

The mystery of Quantum Theory is to understand what happened to Schrodinger’s Cat

Mention the phrase “Quantum Physics” in casual conversation, and most people react with stunned reverence and awe ….

OR …

…. they arrogantly suggest “who cares?”, (which comically exposes their secret inferiority complex on the subject).

Well, to answer the question of who cares, I say :   “I DO ! ”

And if you want to know why, you should be prepared to look deep into yourself, because the conclusions we will draw from the quantum realm are gonna “mess with your head, Baby” Read more…

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Curriculum (or “how to read Quantumsniper’s Blog”)

Aristotle the TeacherI have decided to re-publish this menu page now as a post. Regrettably, to date, QuantumSniper is being mistaken for some kind of “magazine” that poeple can just “absorb all the contents of over a cuppa”.  This is NOT a periodical for casual observers, People!. Nuh-uh!,

My general recommendation for new readers is :  “One day = One article.”

If readers think they can absorb more that, they are fooling themselves, or NOT giving the subject matter (or themselves) the respect I am trying to bestow.

I was once told by my University Philosophy lecturer something that stuck with me. When asked about …

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Are Chem-Trails a Con (-Trail)?

The sky is falling

I have recently been switched on to the debate relating to the world-wide phenomenon of Chem-Trails by a friend who has a particular and quite intense fascination with them.  Or should I say ‘insecurity’ about them.

CLICK on the image(s) at right and below to ZOOM in —->>

UPDATE 30-Aug-2011:   Also, I strongly urge readers to check out the website and see a fuller range of Chemtrail images

At any rate, I promised I would do a little research on the topic. I must admit, there are certainly some aspects of the debate which require our closer inspection and scrutiny…

—>Next up … What changed my skepticism?. Read more…

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The importance of being earnest – The ‘on being greek’ article (Mark II)

What’s the best policy?

It’s possible that readers may be wondering what happened to the “On Being Greek” article dated 11-Jun-2011. I’ve been reviewing that article on the basis of feedback from one of my kind readers who was honest and straightforward enough to point out to me some shortcomings.

As the first published article in the QuantumSniper blog, I believe the original article is probably too broad in its content scope and ambition. It tests the reader’s patience because it tries to say and accomplish “too much” in one shot, and therefore comes across as being discursive.

Naturally, this bothers me. It actually stopped me in my tracks for …. Read more…

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Oregano Tea & Oil

Healing magic from Yiayia’s kitchen

Let’s lighten the mood a bit. Think about our health and well-being.

Here’s the skinny on Oregano (botanical name: Origanum Vulgare). Also known as “Wild Marjoram”  Originally from asia, it quickly spread in popularity through the balkan regions in Europe, and even to Britain.

Therapeutic effects

Sure. Its a pungent …. Read more…

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Wanting notification of new articles ?

How often should I check back with quantumsniper?

In short, maybe every week or two. I have a number of draft articles with a wide range of subject materials on the boil at the moment. I’m sure you’ll find them thought-provoking as each is published. Maybe they can  …. Read more…

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Russian H.A.A.R.P ?

Russian Secret Weapons

I can tell you what HAARP is, but for now I leave you to look it up privately. I will blog upon it separately in due course.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

He is an ultra-right wing nationalist. Online defines the word ‘Nationalist’ as “noun: a member of a political group advocating or fighting for national independence, a strong national government, etc.”  Hitler, for example, was a member of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party.

Above and to the right is a 2008 photo of the Russian Head of State Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Zhirinovsky. Clearly, the two operate together in the same circles.

Anyway, take a look now at this chilling footage (3 minutes). Note the disdain of the female interviewer. The interview starts off quietly. But then … (Well, you’ll see!)


When I first saw this footage, it terrified me. For many reasons.

1. because of the revelation of powerful new secret weapons, and

2. that whilst we, in the west, are peppered by mainstream media’s pre-occupation with rise and rise of China as an Economic Superpower, we forget that another (allegedly “former”) superpower Russia, remains snarling like a caged lion in the wings, waiting for its day of supremacy in the sun.

3. that all politicians should not be presumed to be sane or reasonable. As a class of people, they are not necessarily always humane, nor compassionate, nor self-less, nor communicable, nor ‘representative of their electorate’, nor professional, nor discrete.

Zhirinovsky is clearly ‘old school’, and is probably cut from the old Russion Politburo model as were Comrades Putin, Kruschev (Cuban Missile Crisis) and Stalin. They are like cowboys. Except that this guy speaks as though he has his finger on the button, and can lay entire nations and continents to waste in accord with his whims or vested interests.

It begS the question: Why have we not heard about any of this in Australian mainstream media? Why, in our mainstream news, are we being fed a steady diet of AFL Football Scores, Hollywood celebrity indiscretions, Royal Weddings and other drivel ?

I wonder which news editor actually decides what is the ‘relevant story’ to be printed in the papers and be put before us for consumption.

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Greek Flag
Image by Rupert Brun via Flickr
(NOTE: This original article being reviewed by author.)

Stand up and be counted!

Gentle Reader,

I’ve come to the opinion that life is too short. Its time to stand up in some small way and be counted. I am a Greek, tho’ I was born in Australia.

The upshot of todays blog will be to recognize massive flaws in the way we in the West perceive things. I will thereupon invite you to participate in a more robust style of cognition that …. Read more…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is the date I started publishing my blogs.